Connecting your high street retail business POS software to a website is straightforward if you are connected with software businesses that understand the importance and value of such a connection.

Tower Systems offers POS software to webstore direct connections for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce – directly between its software and each of these e-commerce platforms. We have used the development APIs for each of the platforms to create three separate links.

For retailers using a lesser known webstore platform, we have a generic link that also works well to sync transaction and inventory data across two technology platforms.

The best link is tight, accurate and driving online and in-store business. We can demonstrate the value of this through many store connected websites we have crated for single businesses as well as for group businesses. We can shop the value of implementing online LayBy, click and collect, carious payment options, handling freight, handling customer special orders and handling preorders for highly sought after lines.

All of these things and plenty more have been addressed in the POS software webstore integrations that we have delivered to our small business friends.

As a POS software developer with a terrific team of web developers we are well positioned to provide a complete one-stop solution for in-store and online. This ensures small businesses are not lost in a battle between two software companies that point at each other as the cause of any issue. Providing both the website and the POS software there is one go-to place, one way to make the relationship work, one business responsible.

The Tower web team is also skilled at SEO and SEM services that help raise the website rankings in key search engines, ensuring the site is found ahead of others.

But best of all, Tower Systems provides professional advice and guidance to small business retailers keen to build their online presence. Our commitment is honest transparent advice on which any small business retailer can rely.

The Tower Systems web development team is Australian based, working out of the company’s head office in Hawthorn. This is important as many web development businesses are overseas. While you might have a locally based contact person development too often is done overseas, leading to challenges with delivery and usefulness.

Go to our website to find out more about our POS software webs store integrations.