Another twenty one newsagents have switched from other newsagency software to the Tower Systems newsagency software. This is on top of newsagents installing our newsagency software where they did not have a newsagency system in place.

Many hundreds of newsagents have switched to Tower Systems as they have seen our software bring new opportunities in new revenue and new traffic areas that are valuable to evolving newsagency businesses.

Serving close to 1,800 newsagents, Tower Systems serves more newsagents with its software than all other newsagency software companies combined.

We are grateful for the support of our customers. This means the world to us, to all who work here, and to the broader Tower Systems newsagent community.

In the latest update of our newsagency software we have enhanced facilities that enable newsagents to grow their businesses. This is good news. We back the software with practical help and advice, helping newsagents engage with their businesses in more valuable ways.

While we continue to support legacy category requirements, it is in new revenue stream areas that newsagents love what we do the most.