Each time a small business retailer switches from one POS software package to another there is a cost beyond the software itself.

We understand this because switching retailers to our small business POS software from other software is something we often do.

Retailers switch software because the software they have been using has not kept up with the times, it is no longer supported, the annual costs are too high, the support is poor, the company behind the software is not developing for the future – or a mixture of these things, or, indeed, other factors of personal interest to them.

Regardless of the reason, Tower Systems welcomes retailers who wish to switch software.

Our commitment is to help retailers enjoy a smooth transition. Here is how switching POS software to that from Tower Systems could help your retail business:

  1. Your software evolves. Here at Tower Systems we are serious abut evolving our software to serve the evolving needs of businesses in the retail channels in which we serve.
  2. It’s easy to access support. From the help desk to senior management, support and service access is easy at Tower Systems. Even customer is important to us. Every query matters. We do our best, with every contact.
  3. Training is limitless. We understand retailers and retail employees learn at different paces, often when a need arises. Were provide multiple access points for training in groups, individually, online, over the phone and in-store. We make training how to use our POS software easy to access and free.
  4. Connected. Our POS software is connected to world-class facilities that matter such as Xero the beautiful cloud based accounting software, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce – world class e-commerce platforms, Tyro the amazing broadband EFTPOS platform, Oxipay – the buy now pay later facility that replaces LayBy and plenty more. We are masters of integrations.
  5. Facilities. Often times our software does now, and we are proud of this.
  6. Cost of ownership. With Tower Systems there are no locked in fees. If you want keep using the software but not have a mandatory software support fee, we are the company you will like.

We help small business retailers switch to our POS software for better business outcomes. We have many customers who have switched from many different systems who can speak to =their experiences with this.