How we handle a support call from a small business user of o0ur POS software is a differentiator for us and for our customers.

Here is the process, as it unfolds for our customers:

  1. Customer calls, emails, logs request for help through our website or our software.
  2. The call is immediately logged into our CRM system.
  3. The call often handled immediately, with the answer provided.
  4. If appropriate, the client site is accessed, with permission of the client.
  5. Advice is provided or other work done to fix the issue.
  6. A call close email is sent with a summary of the assistance provided, so the client can confirm that this did in fact fix the query.
  7. A second of the call is placed on the client digital file, for future reference.
  8. A random num bee of calls are peer-reviewed to ensure best practice is followed.
  9. A random selection of support alls are followed up for a customer happiness check.

All through the process, no matter how long or how short, our service is personal. Real people. Real names. 100% based in Australia.

Customer service is vital for small business retailers when considering POS software for their businesses. We understand that. We recourse our team to be able to deliver quality customer service as and when customers want it.

We call what we do the Tower AdvantageTM. It is a differentiator for us and we love it. We think our customers do too.