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Doing jigsaws is good for the health of your brain according to medical experts around the world. It exercises your brain in a number of ways, helping to make you healthier and happier.

The benefits include hand to eye co-ordination as you look for pieces to match into the picture you are creating for a completed jigsaw. The more you do of jigsaws the better you get. It is like any form of training.

Another benefit is the feeling of accomplishment. That can help in so many other parts of life.

While you are doing a jigsaw you mind can subconsciously wander off and contemplate other challenges. Doing a jigsaw can help you resolve complex issues that otherwise you might be challenged to address.

Doing a jigsaw at work while working through difficult issues can make the difficult issues seem less difficult as your mind is taken off them and focussed on completing the jigsaw.