If you are a collector of teddy bears and love especially the handmade teddy bears in the UK from genuine limited edition runs then the Willow bears website www.willowbears.com.au could be the website best for you. These handmade collectible bears are true one of a kind, unlike any bears you will see elsewhere.

Through the Willow bears website you can see these gorgeous bears that are located in more than 100 newsXpress shops around Australia, where collectors can hug, love and buy the Willow Bears.

From the website you can shop with certainty and it is directly connected to each shop selling the Willow bears, each shop with accurate stock on hand data that makes buying fun, certain and fast.

Plus there is the opportunity to buy now, hug now and pay later thanks to the website integration with Oxipay.

Collectible bears are something to love and hug. These Willow bears are more special than most because:

  1. They are not made in an asian factory with low labour rates.
  2. They are not factory produced in large numbers.
  3. They are not sold on TV.

No, these are genuine limited edition hand made by artist bears from the UK, 100% from the UK. This is a big and important point of difference for the collectors who love unique works of art, bears they can pass on through generations. Bears that are made ethically, for real collectors. Beautiful teddy bears are to be cherished.

Collecting bears is personal. It is different for everyone. There is no right or wrong way, only your way.

Collectors can be young or old and anything in between. They can be girls or guys. They can be couples. They can be whole families.

We have put together here advice for anyone new to bear collecting that we hope will help you start. We have included tips and advice based on personal experience with collecting, to help you avoid disappointment.

Buy what you love. While for some collecting is about the long-term investment, it is more fun and more personally certain if you buy what you love as a starting point. This gets you going. It connects you with the collection. It results in a collection you are happy to look at and share with others.

So, when starting out, buy what you love.

Take your time. There is no rush.

You could choose bears based on a style, a colour, a size, names or some other factor that has deep personal meaning to you. There are many different reasons for collecting, each is personal and each is equally valid. Be sure about your reason for starting out as this can guide you to buy bears that give you the most pleasure.