Integrations in POS software are the facilities to which your POS software connects. These could be web based services, suppliers, hardware and more. All good POS software packages have integrations as no one system does everything itself. Integrations offer you flexibility.

A good integration can be far better than something home grown.  For example, some POS software companies want you to connect POS software to websites based on technology they have developed. The best practice approach is to connect (integrate) your POS software with websites developed in world class platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. Integrating to any or, preferably, all of these offer more flexibility to the retailer than an integration to a locally developed, and often little used, web solution.

Choosing POS software that is flexible with integrations and that offers a host of integrations is good for your business. Integrations such as:

  1. EFTPOS handling through Tyro.
  2. EFTPOS handing through any bank.
  3. Linking to third-party loyalty tools for marketing group members.
  4. Linking to third-party loyalty tools for broader loyalty option offerings.
  5. Easy selling of fishing licences.
  6. Easy selling of toll road access.
  7. Easy selling of mobile phone recharge.
  8. Scales, for selling by weight.
  9. Web such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.
  10. Linking to multiple stock take devices.
  11. Linking to multiple scanners.
  12. Sales data feed to engaged suppliers for auto replenishment.
  13. Inbound processing of supplier invoices to eliminate manual data entry.
  14. Connecting to a business intelligence platform to facilitate officiate business performance analysis.
  15. Fuel pumps for managing fuel dispensing.

It is important you come to your consideration of POS software for your business with knowledge of the integrations that are important to you and will be valuable for your business. Talk to suppliers and others to determine this list for you. It is far better to have this information before you start considering PO software than after you have installed a system.

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