Time matters in any business but especially in small business retail and independent retail where staffing is usually tight. You want things done efficiently to benefit the business and the customers of the business.

In considering the right POS software for your business you need to consider the efficiency of each POS software package you look at as there is a vast difference in the efficiency of different systems in the marketplace.

Efficiency includes how things are done, the number of keystrokes involved, the ease of using a facility, the confidence of using a facility and more. Ultimately, efficiency is about the efficient use of labour in your business and the efficient flow of shoppers in your business.

Inefficient software will have you pressing too many keystrokes or have you process in a way that does not match best-practice workflow for a task.

Efficient software wills save time, improve shopper throughput and offer the business opportunities to cut labour costs without negatively impacting services.

Our suggestion is that you test efficiency by looking at several labour intensive parts of your business. Look at each and how you operate today. Put together several scenarios for each with real business data you use in each scenario and ask each software company you are considering to demonstrate how the software handles each. Assess each based on efficiency.

We suggest you consider looking at the efficiency of any or all of these:

  1. Over the counter sales.
  2. LayBy handling.
  3. Arriving a new supplier invoice.
  4. Undertaking a stock take.
  5. The end of shift process.
  6. Reporting on the comparison of two trading periods.

Judging efficiency requires you to look at the software. Not a consultant, not a friend, but you. You need to determine that the software is efficient to the needs of your business. Getting this right is a big win for the business operationally and financially.

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