There are factors you could consider when comparing POS software packages and POS software companies beyond what you might think are the important points of comparison. The factors to which we refer here are those people tend to not consider, factors often overlooked. These can be differentiating factors for you. Some may matter, others may not.

  1. Retail experience. Tower Systems owns and runs several retail businesses and has done since 1996. These shops provide us live test sites where we can experiment. They have helped us develop points of difference workflow and functionality that would not have been achievable had we not owned these businesses. Our shops provide us with a reference point. They also offer us places where we can train our customers and demonstrate our software where we use it to the fullest for efficient and successful business operation.
  2. Democracy. Too often POS software companies choose the content of software updates based on what they think matters, paying little attention to what customers want. For years, Tower Systems has offered a transparent process for customers to suggest software enhancements and other customers to vote on these suggestions. Most software update content is determined by the voting by customers on these customer suggestions. The process is transparent and 100% customer driven. It si a rare approach in POS software development.
  3. Learning. Too often POS software companies pack all their training into when the software is installed and setup. In our experience this fails retailers as they only know what they need to learn usually some months into working with new software. Ensuring you have easy and free access to POS software training long after the software is installed matters in our view. It is a critical factor to your long-term enjoyment of the software.
  4. Escalation. Every retail business at some point is unhappy with an aspect of the POS software they have chosen or a help desk call experience. It happens. What matters most is how such situations are handled. It is important to understand if a POS software company you are considering has an escalation process. Get them to take you through it for you to be comfortable that if things do go wrong you have points accessible where you can have issues resolved.
  5. Seeing what you do not see. Some POS software companies sell and support software and stop there. others, like Tower Systems, offer to go beyond through business performance analysis services. A Tower Systems business expert can analyse your business data and provide their view of insights revealed in the data. Often, we find the experience shines light on parts on actions the business owner either ignored or was not aware of.

Tower Systems in an Australian based POS software company serving more than 3,500 small business retailers in Australia, New Zealand and the broader pacific region. The company makes what it sells and it supports what it sells.

Tower Systems only sells to small business retailers. This ensures our focus is not drawn by the needs of one very large client over another. In our world, all our clients are equal.

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