Tower Systems offers its POS software customers unlimited one-on-one training.

The unlimited free one-on-one training is very popular with our software users. However, as these things go, only around 20% of our users take up the opportunity.

We thought you might be interested in some of the topics people have asked us to cover in this very personal training: Here is a partial list of topics requested:

  1. Can you review how I put stock in to try and reduce mistakes and streamline what we do?
  2. My stock is in a mess. Can you help me with a plan to get it right?
  3. Please show us how to do the end of shift 100% using the software.
  4. How can I put marketing messages on receipts based on what people purchase in a transaction?
  5. Can you please audit my system, looking for possible employee theft?
  6. I want to start selling items by bundles, can you please show me how to do it?
  7. The software has lots of loyalty facilities and I cannot work out the best one for me. Can you talk each one through with me?
  8. Can you please log in and show me how to setup and run discount vouchers?
  9. I have a new staff member starting and I want them to take over ordering stock. Can you please train them in this?
  10. I just bought the business. Can you please schedule three or four training sessions to bring me up to speed?
  11. My system is slow. Can I schedule a session where we try and find out why?
  12. I am scared of the fast sellers report. Can you please help?
  13. Can I book a session to work out the best two or three reports for my specific type of business?
  14. I want to setup something like a coffee card, which I know the software can do. Can you please train me in this?

To book  free one-on-one training, please email

There is no limit to how many of these free sessions you have in a year.

Tower Systems is grateful to its community of small business retailers and their keenness to learn abut the software and the benefits that can be be averaged from it.