Tower Systems was the first POS software company to integrate with the Oxipay by now pay later platform, offering g over the counter instant lay-by like facilities wherein shoppers can take the goods immediately.

Our Oxipay integration is seamless, easy and beneficial for shopper and retailer.

We are grateful to our friends at Oxipay for their support and encouragement and to our retail partners for their active engagement.


Oxipay works like AfterPay. It is a buy now pay later offer. Interest free. Easy for you and your customer. You are paid right away. You carry no obligation if the shopper does not pay. Shoppers can pay over 8 weekly payments. Here is how it works on a $160.00 purchase: they pay $20.00 on purchase and 7 payments of $20.00 each. You pitch: $20 today and 7 $20.00 payments interest free. People see this as achievable whereas they could baulk at a $160.00 purchase.

Oxipay is integrated with Retailer. There is no extra cost. Here is what you need:

  1. Ensure you are running Retailer version 2.7.4.
  2. Print our Oxipay setup instructions article from our knowledge base.
  3. Email and ask for Oxipay to be turned on.
  4. Sign up with Oxipay for a merchant account. Go to to start this. If they do not respond in 2 business days, email us.
  5. Once you have your Oxipay account you are good to go.

We use Oxipay in our shops and online. It is tracking at 14% of sales on one site doing $500,000+ in sales in a year, with an average transaction value of $75.00.