Cloud based POS software for small business retailers.

Tower Systems offers small business retailers in specialty retail channels beautiful cloud based POS software.

No software to install. No software to maintain. No hardware to host the software. This is all taken care of for you. And it can be rented, pay as you go, with no capital outlay. It is easy technically and easy financially. We know plenty of small business retaile4rs who like this approach.

As you grow, add terminals without a challenge.

You can establish on your own cloud server, a dedicated server Tower sets up for you or on an existing cloud based server from the secure pool of tech available from Tower Systems at a moment’s notice.

Tower Systems can do all the work for you or work with technical people you have already in your community of service providers. We are genuinely flexible on this and are here to help in whatever way you want in establishing your cloud based POS software. The flexibility we o9ffer is based on many years of service to small retail businesses from single register operators to those with twenty and more registers from one location to fifteen locations.

This is available now and has been for some years. Tower Systems serves customers who operate their POS software wholly in the cloud. We can put you in touch with them and you can see if the hassle free managed cloud based approach is right for your business.

Cloud is popular for some businesses and not for others. This is why we say it needs to be a people’s choice, something a business owner chooses based on their specific set of circumstances.

When we so establish a cloud based POS software solution for our customers, we offer seamless backup and valuable security on which you can rely for a best-practice approach to securing the data assets of your business. We know this matters and are committed to delivering.

Oh, and if you want to run in a desktop situation, you can. The choice is yours. We have many customers happy with in-store desktop for the lo9ng term and o0thers who migrate to the cloud. It’s easy.

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