Why there is no such thing as Australia’s fastest POS software.

If you see a POS software company saying they have the fastest POS software we suggest you approach them with scepticism. If they say their software is faster than other software, ask them for the basis of their claim, ask them to prove it to you. They will most likely obfuscate or engage in smoke and mirrors. But ask them to prove their claim.

What does fast mean anyway?

The speed of software is a function of hardware=. Good current hardware can many any software fast.

What should really matter is software design. You want software designed for efficiency, good workflow, reduced keystrokes, accurate data collection, accurate data management. These are all speed related factors, they can all feed into an understanding and appreciation of speed of the software.

This is why we think it could be good to compare software on a table, compare two systems by function and see which is the mo9st time efficient for your business. This will help you reach your own conclusion about speed with a sales person telling you something they will either be unable to prove or will not want to prove with a desktop comparison with a competitor.

The most important aspect of speed of software is workflow. This is why a live in-person demonstration is best as you can learn the most about how to use the software from an expert, become an expert yourself and them make a truly informed decision about the most time efficient and best software solution for your specific business.

What is fast for one may not be fast for another given the differences available in how software might be used.

In conducting a speed and operational efficiency test of POS software, choose a function that is important =to your business. Load the systems you are comparing with your business data. Then, use them, put them through their paces. See for yourself how they perform. Measure them. Assess them. Gather your own data and be guided by your own, lived, experience. This will help you make the best decision for your business, it will help you draw your own conclusion about speed of the software.

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