Omni channel retail has been all the rage in business for a few years. Consultants like to talk about it, to boost their fees. Tech companies like to talk about it too, to bedazzle you with excitement.

Omni channel is nothing new. It is about selling from your business through multiple facings, multiple routes to the shopper.

Today, Omni channel, if you want to call it that, is about selling online and in-store and blending both so customers can act as they want. For example, they can buy online and pick up in store. They can buy in-store and return online. They can buy online for delivery to another location. They can pre-order online for pickup when a product is released.

Thanks to our POS software connecting beautifully to Magento, Shopify and WordPress (WooCommerce), we a4re able to deliver wonderful and useful omni channel solutions to small business retailers, making it easier, faster and more valuable for shoppers and for small business retailers serving those shoppers.

Tower Systems offers small business retailers several omni channel solutions based on our POS software and the web platforms to which we connect. We can show these live in plenty of retail businesses in different retail channels. Small business retailers can see live what we are talking about, they can see the results of our tech software development and web integration.

We have bene delivering omni channel solutions to retail businesses for years now and while we mock and do not like the buzz word, we are in the space, serving the need, delivering online and in-store connected solutions for businesses, helping them capture revenue where shoppers are.

In developing solutions for retail business customers in this area we find out about the needs, fully understanding them before we start off as it is vital we do fully understand. We have been in situations where a customer uses a buzzword with an understanding o9f a meaning that is not the same as ours. Hence, we ask questions, lots of questions. It is like measure three times and cut once for carpenters. We like to get it right. So, we talk, deter mine needs and then proceed to create a solution for our customers.