Gift retail has changed.  What people buy, why they buy, how they buy and when they buy … has all changed.

It is hard to know what we gift retailers don’t know.

Independent, locally owned, gift shops help people express themselves. The challenge is to be there, at the right time and with the right gifts to leverage the what,why, howand when.

We own and operate three retail shops in the gift space. They are live test sites for us. We play in the intersection of technology, in-store retail and online retail … for us and for our POS software customers.

We share with our gift shop POS software customers what we learn, in addition to enhancing the software. We also actively embrace ideas from our 3,000+ small business retail customers.

This month, some of our team were in Atlanta for the AmericasMart – a large and truly unique gift trade show experience. We are there as part of our supplier engagement commitment, to spot trends and to learn from US gift and homewares retailers.

Through our software, through our own retail experiences and through retail study tours overseas, we are committed to helping our customers…

  1. Make their businesses more valuable today and when they sell.
  2. Enjoy working and working on their businesses more.

More than POS software, we offer help designed for your type of business.

We do all the regular POS stuff you’d expect, and we serve gift and homewares specialist opportunities, like…

  1. Green shoots. Our reporting and business intelligence tools help you see opportunities you can nurture for more success.
  2. Remote management. We offer tools through which you can run the business away from the business.
  3. Collectors. We help you manage people who collect.
  4. Stock Notes. Show product care info on receipts, based on product.
  5. Market to Your Customers. Keep in touch with customers based on their purchase history, interests, club membership, birthday, & more.
  6. Customer Loyalty for 2019. From points to vouchers – we offer loyalty flexibility designed to help you bring shoppers back sooner.
  7. Receipt Coupons. Offer further discounts when certain products are sold or advertise services when purchasing in specific departments
  8. Automated Reordering. Reorder on min/max levels or seasonal.
  9. Stock Images. Images loaded against products can appear at point of sale to assist in the process, and can flow through to your website.
  10. Special orders.Track special orders and print a label with the customers details and sms them when it comes in
  11. Staff Tracking. Track all suspicious transactions, cancelled sales, discounted sales, deleted sales, quantity changes and more.
  12. Gift Cards & VIP Cards. Our scanable cards enhance professionalism.
  13. Website Integration. We connect with Shopify, Magento & Woo.
  14. Accounting Integration. We integrate with Xero, MYOB & Reckon.

Our training is one-on-one, in your business. Our help desk support is personal, based out of Melbourne, and personal too – because we know personal service matters in small business retail.