Tower Systems develops, sells and supports POS software for jewellers. This is a differentiation for us. We are a software company first. Not a consulting business, not seeking to sell consulting services, not selling software that we have sourced from another software company.

We make what we sell.

We support what we make.

Our customers help us make better software through their suggestions. We love and appreciate this as it results in better POS software for jewellers.

There was a time when jewellers wanted to pay consultants to advise them on business management and strategy. We have seen interest in paying consultants decline. Jewellers are smart, they want access to accurate business data so they can set strategy for themselves. This helps them differentiate their businesses, spot opportunities, be local in a way that is engaging, smart and commercially valuable.

Tower Systems is a tools builder. We create the tools and train jewellers and their staff in the use of the tools. This cuts the cost of the consultant from the business, which can be thousands of dollars a year. And, every year, our Jeweller POS software gets better and better, thanks to guidance from our hundreds of customers.

The latest u0date to our jeweller software delivers wonderful enhancements targeting their businesses, delivering efficiency gains as well as completely new functionality and flexibility. The scope of change in recent updates is considerable, reflecting a chunky investment by Tower Systems in its software for jewellers.

Ad retail has changed, so has business for jewellers. Evolving software plays an important role in helping jewellers deal with the changes they see in their businesses and around their businesses. Sitting at the heart of much of the business, the Tower software today is, appropriately, very different to what it was even two years ago. This helps jewellers improve their business operations and unlocks a better return for them.

2019 will be a big year for the Tower Systems Jeweller POS software. We have further major updates in development, which will add more value to the tech investment of our jeweller customers. We are grateful for their support that enables us to do this.