Independent to retailers are vital to local shoppers and the local communities in which they live. They bring to town product knowledge and skills that help bring toys alive. Whereas big box retailers sell and only sell, indie toy retailers educate, nourish, train and play. Playing with customers is vital to local toy sales success.

Through the Tower Systems toy shop software, toy retailers are able to help retailers better serve local communities. They can use the software to leverage their point of difference and to demonstrate the value of being local. For embedded within the toy shop software are facilities that make these things happen.

Developed solely for indie small business retailers, the Tower systems toy shop software is specific to the needs of the toy retail channel. It is specialty software for these specialty retailers. Using the software you can easily and seamlessly handle:

  1. Customer special orders.
  2. Customer birthday reminders and celebrations.
  3. Followup based on products purchased and when.
  4. Email and text marketing based on purchase history and other details specific to customers.
  5. Handle bundle offers where customers could buy a hamper or pack of goods for one price but the software tracks every item included.
  6. easily tracking customer purchases that accrue to a benefit – just like a coffee card that gets you closer to a FREE coffee.
  7. Buy now pay later.
  8. Traditional LayBy
  9. Providing product care instructions.
  10. Ensuring products for a certain age are sold appropriately.
  11. Tracking serial numbers.
  12. Providing sales data to suppliers who like this so they can track success.
  13. Loading electronic invoices from suppliers so that data mistakes are reduced.

This list is only a start. The Tower Systems Toy Shop software does more, much more. And it continues to evolve, thanks to advice and suggestions from customers.


Toy retailers and their staff respond well to personal in-store face to face training. That is what Tower Systems provides. This way, the Tower Systems training professional can see the business first hand, understand the needs and tailor software settings and training to serve the specific needs of the business.

In our view, for indie retailers, personal in store training provides the best outcome for indie retailers using our Toy Shop Software.

It is like training someone how to play a game. Playing with them is the best way for them to learn. That is what we do with our software training.