Helping small business retailers express gratefulness to shoppers

In the Tower Systems POS software we offer facilities through which our small business retail customers can express gratefulness to their customers.

Expressing gratefulness is another way small local retailers can differentiate their businesses from big businesses … because small can be personal and in the moment whereas big is all about being systemised, structured and predictable.

But how can POS software help you express gratefulness when doing so is best done in personal, human, ways?

This is a good question, which we will try and answer here. The best and most personal answer, however, will be provided one on one to our customers, through personal help desk interaction. because, you see, being personal, indeed, being personally grateful, is key here at Tower Systems too. Our business serves only small business retailers. So, we understand about the need to be in the moment, to be personal with our customers.

In our software, the opportunity to be grateful stems from knowledge. The software can help retailers understand the value of a shopper and each shopper engagement. It can draw to the attention of the business owner or manager interactions with shoppers and these can be leveraged and appreciated, in personal ways.

The smart POS software can, for example, provide a list of email addresses or phone numbers that can be used for personal contact to express appreciation. These databases can be created based on a range of selection criteria, over which the software user has good control.

The Tower Systems POS software also offers prompts, reminders, at the counter that can encourage a team member to make a comment about a product. This additional information and lead to conversation, which opens the opportunity to express gratefulness.

Personal interaction across the counter in small business retail is critical in opening opportunities for appreciating customers. Software that guides and encourages personal interaction is critical to starting this, to making the opportunity available. We have built these opportunities into the Tower Systems software – way beyond the anecdotes shared here. We are n to going into details for competitive reasons.

We appreciate our small business customers and the advice they provide for it is this that has really helped us develop the ability for sharing gratefulness using our POS software as a tool.

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