Neto POS software was in the news recently with Neto customers complaining about unexpected price hikes from Neto that were impacting their businesses. This could be a challenge for small business retailers on tight budgets and now having to find additional funds to support their use of the Neto POS software.

Daniel Kofoed, owner of Golfers HQ, says his monthly bill will increase by 218% from $88 a month to US$199 ($280), not including currency conversion costs. “As a small business owner, it’s just not something I can absorb,” Kofoed, who has been a Neto client for six years, tells SmartCompany. “An increase in costs in an ever-competitive market where customers are demanding lower pricing is discouraging your average small-business owner from going into business,” he says. “It’s price gouging their loyal Aussie clients.”

We don’t know if our specialty retail business Point of Sale software is better than the Neto POS as we have not used Neto, nor have we seen the software functioning. So, this post is not about whether Neto is good or not. What we do know is our approach to pricing, customer service and customer communication.

We know where we stand and what we do.

We are proud to be available when our customers need us. We are proud to be transparent on any pricing change.

For example, when we last increased our support fees, a less than CPI increase and our first in two years, we provided several months notice and the opportunity for customers to lock in support coverage for the next year and the pre-increase price. Tower Systems can help Neto POS software customers with an alternative POS software solution that is available for a fixed price, a certain price, that businesses can budget for and count on.

While the best outcome here would be for Neto to reconsider their pricing situation, to provide its Neto POS software customer price certainty in the context of that whey had already budgeted.

Tower Systems has delivered price consistency to its customers for many years.

Retailers choosing the Tower small business specialty retail POS software can rent, purchase outright or lease the software. Annual software support coverage is optional. Customers can pause software support coverage and restart at a later date. These cash flow management options are appreciated by customers. Anyone interested is considering the Tower Systems solutions can see the software in-store.

Tower has retail professionals who will come to the shop and demonstrate the software, comparing it function for function. If we do not think our software is a good fit for you, we will say so.

Talk to one of our experts about an obligation free personal demonstration of our POS software to see if we could be a fit for your business.

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