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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for adult shops help drive sales, safety and professionalism in a competitive retail space


The Adult Shops POS software from Tower Systems is finely tined to serve the needs of specialty adult product retailers. The most recent release of the software serves this niche retail channel well, helping adult shops to better serve patrons.

You can rent our Aussie designed and supported POS software made for Adult Shops for $155.00 a month. This provides access to awesome software that helps unique needs of adult shop businesses:

  1. Age checking for products sold that require age checking.
  2. Product care instructions provided on receipts.
  3. Managing credit for return for products that can be returned for a new purchase.
  4. Tracking products by tags and thereby enabling a flexible horizontal view of product sales.
  5. Tracking sales by time to enable fine-tuning late night shifts.
  6. Tracking sales by employees.
  7. Offering commission to employees for sales.
  8. Handling special orders.
  9. Discrete receipting.
  10. Tracking serial numbers.
  11. Say goodbye to LayBy pain. With our buy now pay later options.
  12. Customers will love the product use and care instructions on receipts.
  13. Make more money offering special orders that you can easily track from the counter and notify shoppers by email or text when the goods arrive.
  14. Get one-time-only shoppers spending more with an awesome and differentiating loyalty facility.
  15. Sell online easily, direct from your POS software.
  16. Bring customers back with reminders on key dates.
  17. Save money on bookkeeping by integrating with accounting software.
  18. Make more money from the one time only shoppers.
  19. Save time, load electronic invoices from suppliers.

Adult shops do have unique retail business management requirements and Tower Systems has tuned its POS software to serve these. We work not only with retailers but with suppliers too, to help them connect well with each other, serve each other and mutually benefit.

Taking this adult shop POS software connection further is our web store integration through Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. As a partner of each, we are able to provide adult shops with an online sales experience that is seamlessly connected back to their in-store POS software.

Being a POS software specialist in the adult shop retail management space helps us serve these businesses to guide better business performance and greater enjoyment for those in the business and those who rely on the business.

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