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DOS POS software died many years ago


We used to develops sell and support DOS POS software. For many years, in fact. However, it is more than twenty years since we last sold it. Yes, DOS POS software was dead in the late 1990s.  It was old tech enology then, out of date, flawed and not suitable for modern businesses then.

We can’t imagine any retail business using DOS POS software today, not in 2020 with so many smart business needs, interconnectivity needs, integration needs. DOS POS software could not keep up with the needs of today.

From 1981 through to the mid to late 1990s our DOS POS software was terrific, suitable and evolving. However, in the mid 1990s when we started building our Windows based POS software, we knew that ur DOS POS software mould end, that it would be sold no more. Such is the evolution of software development.

Knowing when to lay softer to rest is a skill, important to software companies and important to users of POS software.

We knew in the mid to late 1990s that DOS POS software had no future given the then emerging opportunities for small retailers beyond the traditional. That is when the generational shift of Windows POS software for small business retailers came into play.

While we supported the old DOS POS software and never forced anyone to shift, the software itself did not evolve. It had reached end of life in that sense. We helped our customers and made sure they were protected and we offer an easy path to the new Windows based POS software.

Today, we look back on the days of DOS with a fondness, just as we look back on our Apple II+ days and our old CP/M days. These are nostalgic thoughts. But, our focus is on what 2021 and beyond bring for our software as well evolve into new areas, delivering to retailers facilities built with new technology.

This year has been exciting. Next year will be even more so for reasons people will see emerge.

In the meantime, we are thankful for the DOS POS memories and grateful that we left that world when we did.

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