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POS software helps small business retailers through COVID-19


The POS software from Tower Systems is helping small business retailers through COVID-19. It is doing this through flexible facilities, which are backed by easy access to training.

Retailers are leveraging the POS software to help them pivot in response to what they are seeing in their communities as COVID-19 impacts are better understood.

Small business retailers are using the POS software to pivot in myriad ways including:

  • Moving online.
  • Taking on new product categories.
  • Adding more services.
  • Offering safe click and collect.
  • Offering home delivery.
  • Bundling products for more efficient shop[ping.
  • Including COVID-19 care and advice information with products.
  • More carefully tying the business needs to match changed shopper engagement.
  • Dealing with suppliers remotely and ordering based on sales history.
  • Trading contactless.
  • Operating a secondary business online that leverages the physical space in a different product category.

COVID-19 has challenges many retail businesses and those that have done best have embraced change, embraced opportunities revealed through change. The POS software from Tower Systems has tools and facilities that help small business retailers with this.

If we have learnt one thing from 2020 it is that what you think may happen is unlikely to happen. hence, the need to have POS software that allows the retail business to respond to change, to pivot.

Tower Systems backs these facilities up with personal one on one training for its POS software customers. We help them understand their options and then to implement these through the software, to help retailers make the most of the road in front of them.

This is smart POS software but for specialty retailers in the independent small business retail space.

We see the changes continuing, into 2021, with retail being different, forever changed in some areas and in some marketplaces. This is where the flexibility of our software, from our service across multiple marketplaces, comes into play. It is what helps us help the retail business today be a cafe tomorrow and something else down the road. We can do this without the business having to purchase additional software.

We are grateful to serve small business retailers in this way.

While 2020 is challenging;loenging, it is also exhilarating and exciting for what we have learned and how we have evolved.

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