Just about every couple of weeks we receive an email saying we are in the top 10, top 5 or better of POS software companies as determined by some unknown publishing business. They write and say how awesome we are and then ask us to pay for advertising or co-sponsor a feature article.

We are pleased to say we have never fallen for it, never paid to be on such a list. Doing so, in our view, diminishes the participating businesses and, potentially, dupes shoppers for good POS software.

In our opinion, these assessments are not real, not based on evidence. Rather, they look and feel like ad revenue raising campaigns for the platforms and nothing more.

Here is an email we received this morning:

This is typical for this type of ad-revenue you’re a top software company approach. You can tell it is dubious in that the publication is not well known, has never been on our radar, is not aimed at customers who would appeal to us and has content that does not feel it has been written by a journalist. The whole thing feels like PR, paid-for PR.

The only assessment that matters to us is that from customers, people using our software. We serve them. They provide us with income.