Tower Systems offers easy LayBy management embedded in its smart POS software. This is in addition to integrations with buy now pay later options that many shoppers prefer over traditional LayBy. However, traditional LayBy remains strong in a range of specialty retail sectors.

Recently, we shot this training video in-house for the retailers using our POS software, to train them in the use of the LayBy facilities embedded in our POS software. This video was not created for sales or marketing purposes. It was shot solely for training new and existing customers, as part of a broader suite of POS software training tools.

Using the LayBy tools in the Tower Systems POS software, small business retailers can offer professional management of LayBys including:

  1. Structured terms and conditions.
  2. Collecting a deposit every time.
  3. Managing payments.
  4. Handling the adjustment of what is in a LayBy.
  5. Managing the collection of the LayBy.
  6. Understanding the total LayBy situation of a business.
  7. Knowing the location of a LayBy.
  8. Feeding LayBy data through to any connected accounting software.
  9. Giving even casual employees a structured process through which they can be certain with LayBys.

Best of all, the LayBy facilities in the tower Systems POS software help a retail business to bring structure, certainty, to the LayBy offer in a business and this leads to good business, efficient business, profitable LayBy business.

For many small businesses, offering LayBy can be a grind, problematic to manage. Using our LayBy tools we offer structure. many retail businesses in our POS software community find this useful to LayBy being a more enjoyable part of their businesses. We like this. One of our goals is to help small business retailers enjoy their business more.

Gone are the days of paper based LayBys. using this POS software integrated LayBy solution, small business retailers can be confident to promote LayBys, to offer them as a safe and certain pathway to purchase of items in the store.

Even in these days of the buy now pay later schemes, the LayBy solution from Tower Systems has a strong place in service of local small business retail. We continue to evolve our LayBy facilities, to deliver to retailers and their customers a LayBy platform they can trust and enjoy.