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Failure of leadership at Parliament House in response to report of rape


Failure of leadership at Parliament House in response to report of rape.

The handling of the report of rape in ministerial offices at Parliament House in Canberra in 2019 reveals a failure of responsibility and care from ministers in the government, others in leadership positions in the government and some in the press gallery.

The Prime Minister’s comments earlier this week disgusted me. Who knows what Jen might have told him if they had sons.

Now, a week on from the story surfacing, we are slowly getting more evidence that reveals how appallingly this report has been handled by the government.

The victim comes first. Care for them ought be paramount. Instead, we have had obfuscation, denial and backgrounding to journalists against the victim.

What has been on show in Canberra is dreadful leadership that disrespects victims and women more broadly. I would be ashamed if this happened in my business.

We need better from our politicians, those who work for them and journalists.

Shame on us if we let this story pass us by without speaking up.

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