Tower Systems is grateful to offer local gift shops locally made and supported POS software for their niche retail businesses.

The needs of gift shops when it comes to gift shops POS software are unique. Too often, gift shop owners are told that any software can serve their needs.

The thing is, software can only do what it can do. A specialty retail business does not want to be limited in what it can do by the limits of the software it selects.

There is where the Tower Systems specialty gift shop POS software plays. It has been made for gift shops and is used by gift shops to serve unique and specialty needs of these specialty retail, businesses. It does this for physical businesses as well as online businesses thanks to a seamless integration with platforms like Shopify.

This gift shop POS software does not stand still. It is regularly enhanced to serve evolving marketplace needs. Gift shop owners often find ways to evolve their businesses thanks to opportunities in the software.

being locally made and supported helps local small business gift shops to serve their local communities. This is software made for your situation. It’s not from an overseas software chop shop that uses different lingo or from nerds who expect you to meet them on their nerd platform.

The Tower Systems gift shop POS software is make for local gift shops. But what does this mean? Fair question. It sounds like marketing spin. How is this gift shop software made for gift shops.

Okay, let’s explore that, let’s consider how this gift shop POS software is made specifically for gift shops. here are a couple of examples.

  • Special customer orders. A good local gift shop will offer to get in items for specific customer needs. Often, the details are written in a book, starting a manual process. Using our software and the special customer orders facilities in our software, handling these is structured in a way to save a business time, better serve the customer and cultivate data that can inform business decisions to leverage customer requests and needs beyond the one sale. Plus, you are set up to encourage that customer to return through several operation embedded in the gift shop POS software.
  • Infrequent shopper loyalty. Local gift shops tend to not have the daily or weekly visits from shoppers. Yes, shopper visits are usually less frequent. This challenges traditional loyalty offerings. In our gift shop POS software we offer a unique and easy to setup and run loyalty solution that targets these infrequent shoppers, to maximise the opportunity of their infrequent visit.

These are two of the many gift shop specific facilities in our POS software on which local small business gift shop owners can rely to leverage their businesses for greater local success.