Good POS software is valuable for a retail business, especially a small local business like a gift shop. Our gift shop POS software has been made to nurture value for any business using it. By value, we mean bankable results in terms of sales, margin and, ultimately, the valuation of the business itself.

Our gift shop POS software is made to focus on guiding you to nurture value from the business. It does this through facilities built into the software to help you on this path.

if you have a spare 22 minutes, here is a video in which we look at several of the facilities included in this gift shop POS software, facilities that differentiate it from other more generic POS software. We shot this video in August 2020. While the software continues to evolve, what we discuss in the video is in the software today.

This video is designed to briefly overview this gift shop POS software. Any of the Tower Systems sales team can show you more of the software, in as much detail as you would like. However, before they do that, they will want to know about your business needs as your software choice is 100% about you and what you need for your business.

We are grateful for the many hundreds of gift shop owners, managers and retail team members who have contributed and continue to contribute ideas and feedback on the software for it is their engagement that guides where we take this software.

Each year we release several gift shop POS software updates, bring new facilities and enhancements to the software to ensure its service to our customers grows … as you’d expect from any business.

This is specialty POS software made for gift shops, specific to their business needs. Too often we win business where a gift shop wen with a generic software product only to find that it does not serve their specialty retail needs.

If you think your retail business is unique in any ways, look for software that serves your uniqueness. This is important. Software sits at the heart of any retail business. It is critical to how you see your business that you match your view with tools up to the task.

Our gift shop POS software has been make for local specialty retail gift shops.