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Help for Access POS software customers


We have a structured approach for helping Access POS software customers to migrate to our modern POS software. This includes data conversion if that is appropriate, comprehensive training and guidance on establishing business practices to drive data integrity and consistency.

It’s our work helping Access POS software customers make the move to our POS software that has informed our processes and guided us on the advice we provide once a business has made the decision to move.

Sometimes, a thorough data assessment means that an Access POS software user is better off starting detain, with a clean dataset and thereby not conversing data problems that has built up in their old software over time. It’s up to the customer, once they have the facts, they can decide what is best for their business.

Access POS software customers can expect to benefit from:

  • Access to a broad team of professional on our professional help desk.
  • The opportunity to suggest product enhancements.
  • Easy access to customer forums, which are held online.
  • Online access to a knowledge base, a searchable manual, with 700 or so articles covering how to use the software and how to leverage its facilities for better business management.
  • Access to our leadership team, and it is a team – five people who lead each core part of our business.
  • Access to comprehensive training long after the software is installed and the data converted.

Good POS software can benefit a retail business in many ways. Our goal when it comes to Access POS software customers who convert to us is to land them comfortable and confidently in their new and current tech environment, to help them make the most of the opportunities opened to them through the move.

Whether you make the move from Access POS is up to you. We don’t know their software. we have not used their software. This is why we say the decision is 100% yours to make.

Our message is that we are here with an alternative, an alternative that others before you have gone with. We can connect you with them, so you can see for yourself whether this move could be right for your business.

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