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Cloud backup service helps retailers save time every day


Tower Systems offers its POS software customers a safe, secure and time saving clod backup service that backs up POS software data.

There are two backups, one in-store on a fast NAS device and one stored at a secure server located in a server farm that has awesome protections both physically and technically from a data access perspective.

The POS software data cloud backup service offered by Tower Systems helps retailers:

  • Save time as the end of shift backup is a thing up.
  • Easy recovery thanks to moment in time snapshots taken.
  • Peace of mind because back-up happen without human intervention.
  • More peace of mind because we keep an eye on backups for our customers and proactively notify them if were to discover an issue.

Data is gold in any business. the Tower Systems POS software cloud backup service treats business data with the respect it deserves.

Tower customers can also setup their own cloud backup arrangements – they are not locked into the Tower Systems POS software data cloud backup service.

The NAS device.

NAS stands for “Network Attached Storage” and a 2TB NAS* is included in your initial subscription and setup fee for the service. This device is like an extra hard disk but rather than being inside your computer it is attached to your network.

* Supplied device may change depending on availability but will be of equal quality and value.

How does the Tower Systems POS software data cloud backup work?

The software performs an incremental backup every fifteen minutes. An incremental backup is a backup of files that have changed or are new since the last backup.

These incremental backups are catalogued on your NAS device. They are then collated to create your full system backup. This process allows access to backups from a particular point of time – even at the file level. Because backups are stored on the NAS device you have immediate access in-store as well as being sent to the Tower Systems Data Storage Centre in the cloud where a secure additional offsite copy of your data is kept.

So how is this different to the old daily or end of shift backup approach?

The Tower Systems POS software Retailer Backup ONLY backs up your Retailer Data leaving your other business data, accounting data, important documents and emails at risk. Safe Backup backs up your entire main PC, meaning all your business data is safe and secure. A copy of your business backup is also securely sent via the Internet to our secure data storage centre, giving you a safe off-site copy for protection.

Once Safe Backup is implemented you will no longer need to perform your daily backup. You or your staff will no longer need to wait for the daily backup to complete.

Our cloud backup service is optional for our customers.

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