Advice for small business retailers doing it tough – from our POS software co.

In our POS software company are often asked for help when it is too late. In this article, we outline steps any retailer can contemplate from them moment they realise their business is in trouble, from the first thought that closing may be the only option.

Tower Systems is more than a software company. We are retailers too. We cherish the relationships with our retail business customers. We will help whenever and wherever we can to help small and independent retail businesses survive challenges and grow. Mark Fletcher, Managing Director.

If your retail business is in tough times and facing imminent closure, you may be able to save it if you act quickly and ruthlessly. Based on years of working with many different retailers, I have found that some basic steps can successfully turnaround a business in trouble. But you need to be ruthless.

The following tips are designed for businesses with a little (but not too much) time available to fix things. While they are not appropriate to every business, the ideas can lead to others that may be appropriate.

This advice is also appropriate or businesses not facing imminent closure but certainly facing tough times.

Crucial to saving a business from closure is to understand why it is in this situation. You have to be honest with yourself about this. How did it get to this?

  • Did you not make changes to your business when you should have?
  • Has something local and unexpected impacted your business?
  • Have you been a bad retailer, allowing the business to fade away?

Do not be afraid or ignorant in confronting these questions.

Make an honest appraisal of the state of the business as the truth can inform what you do next.

You have to own your situation. This means being realistic about what you face and what got you there. This is important as it opens you to what you need to do to resolve the situation, to rehabilitate your business.

Now, to the urgent steps you could take to avoid the closure of your retail business:

  1. Know your truth. If you run a computer system, analyse the data it collects. If you don’t know how to do this, find out. Look for surprise information in your data, things you did not know about your business. For example, look at the top selling items. If there are surprises there they could inform other decisions you make to urgently address your situation. Talk to your computer software company, ask for their assessment. Knowing your truth is key to owning your situation.
  2. Quit dead stock. If you have stock on the shop floor which is old – ‘old’ can vary between product categories – and for which you have already paid, quit it. However, stock that is greater than six months old is a reasonable guide – then take action to sell this at a substantial discount. Move the stock off display units. Line it up to look like clearance stock – stacked up on tables. Setup plain and simple signs indicating the discount prices. Create signage to show it as clearance stock. If you have enough clearance stock in your business, consider signs across your front windows. Give your sale a name that is unrelated to your situation. Here are some suggestions: MEGA SALE, FIRST EVER MARCH SALE, AUTUMN SALE, SMALL BUSINESS MIGHTY BIG SALE. Give it a name you can theme around.
  3. Run a loyalty offer. Immediately setup and run a loyalty program rewarding shoppers with dollars off their next purchase. The most successful loyalty offer in recent times is discount vouchers whereby vouchers are included on receipts offering an amount which is cleverly calculated by your software based on the items in the purchase. The goal has to be encouraging shoppers to purchase again soon based on the offer on the receipt for items they just purchased.
  4. Move things around. If your business is in trouble it is likely that it has not changed much in recent years. Change it. Move departments around, shake things up so your customers trip over things they did not think you sold.
  5. Review prices. Look at the common items you sell, consider a small increase in your prices. It could be a small increase will not hurt sales volume yet will add profit to your bottom line.
  6. Upsell well. At the counter, work to extend the basket for every sale possible. Do this with clever counter product placement and witty and engaging banter with customers offering upsell products. You goal has to be to make more from each customer.
  7. Stand for something. What is different about your business? What is special about it? What makes people want to come back? If you don’t know the answer to these questions you’re in trouble. If your answer is we’re the only shop of your type nearby you’re in trouble. If the answer is people have always shopped here you’re in trouble. You need to have a difference that people want and will talk about to others. It could be a product or a service. However, it cannot be a product line that is traditional to your type of business as that will not add value to your shingle in the way you want or need. What do you stand for?
  8. Market within your budget. Photocopied black and white flyers designed with care can be cheap and effective.
  9. Attract people who don’t know what you sell. Run a no-cost or low-cost campaign to reach out to shoppers who have no ideal what you sell yet which could appeal to them. They are not to blame for not knowing what you sell.
  10. Different retail options.
    1. Consider becoming an outlet shop selling items from a supplier keen to quit bulk items.
    2. Rent space in your shop to another retailer.
    3. If you have higher priced items consider offering employees commission on sales.
    4. Maybe become an outlet for local artists taking on items on a consignment basis.
  11. Stop unprofitable behaviour. If you are doing things in your business which lose money or do not contribute to a good future for the business, stop doing them. Regardless of history or what your business might stand for, continuing with unprofitable activity only makes your situation worse. If you know something to be unprofitable and yet you say you can’t stop it, think carefully about that, about why you can’t stop losing money.
  12. Get suppliers to help. Suppliers often have old stock themselves which they want to quit at a substantial discount. Buy items you have not stocked before, negotiate good prices and put the stock out with a healthy margin but still at a discount to what others would be charging. Negotiate to pay once you are paid by customers.
  13. Trim employee costs. Cut employee hours and work more in the business yourself if you are not doing so already. While this can have a significant personal cost, the less you pay others the more be business benefits in financial terms.
  14. Trim overheads. Cut everything you can: cleaning, power usage, insurance, freight, banking. Look at every supplier relationship you have and see if you can negotiate a better deal to cut your operating costs. However, do not turn off lights as darkness is death in most retail businesses.
  15. What assets can you sell? Do you have computers, retail fixtures, vehicles or other assets you no longer use in the running of the business? If they are not being used, turn them to cash as quickly as possible.
  16. Get a job. If you have a partner in the business with you and the business can run with one partner, one of you should get a job outside the business. This is especially helpful in a husband and wife situation where the family income can benefit.
  17. Talk to your landlord. A good landlord will prefer a good business to stay rather than have then close down and a new tenant having to be found. Talk to the landlord, be honest with them about your situation. Given the landlord all of the information they need to make the decision you need them to make. This information will include sales figures, expenses and margin information. Usually, the more transparent you are with the landlord the more they will support your business.
  18. Talk to your bank. While banks tend to not get involved in lending to businesses that are struggling, it may be that they have contacts that can help you navigate to a solution. Maybe talk to another bank.
  19. Talk to colleagues. If you have nearby business colleagues in the same line of business, they might have stock they are happy to provide you for free or at a discount to give you stock to move for a good price.
  20. Refresh the business. Make the business look, smell and sound fresh. Beyond the products you sell and where tings are located, change the environment itself using scents and sounds. Too often when a business is struggling, those involved let standards slip and the business does not look attractive to shoppers. Avoid this laziness at all costs.
  21. Deliver amazing customer service. When serving customers be the perfect shop assistance and not the owner of the business facing closure. Keep your mind on the job at hand and not the cliff you’re worried might be a few steps ahead.
  22. Whoever is pressuring you the most to close or contemplate closing, talk to them. If it’s a supplier, the tax office or some other organisation or individual pressuring you about debts, be upfront with them, lay out for them your plan detailing the action you will take to turn your situation around, be clear about what you are doing and outline a timeline step by step for them. Seek their support.
  23. Set a timeframe. Decide where you want to be in a week, four weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks. Set realistic goals. Measure yourself against those goals. Know what you will do if you fall short.

What I am suggesting here is general advice. It is intended to get you thinking of ideas that could work for you.

No two situations are the same. No situation is impossible. No business is dead until the doors are closed for the last time.

Never give up. Fight hard and fight smart to turn your business around.

Facing tough circumstances in retail can be like the deer in the middle of the road at night facing the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Don’t freeze. Take action to mitigate your situation. A series of small steps could be the difference between closure and trading out of the problem.

I have prepared this in response to a comment from a retail colleague who asked for advice on how to deal with a business facing closure.

If your business data there are bound to be opportunities and insights around which growth can be achieved. If you are not sure where to look or what they could mean, ask us. We will help.


Five positive management tips for small business retailers

Too many businesses treat customer service as secondary to the routine processes of the business. By investing in customer service and getting all your staff to think positively, you will improve your business. The following five suggestions give demonstrations of positive customer service from the point of view of the customer, including some specific examples you can try today:


A greeting doesn’t have to be verbal. An acceptable greeting in today’s workplace can be a head nod or a smile or just eye contact. It can also be a social approach or a merchandise approach. It just requires that the associate make a quick decision on how they will “plug in” to start the energy flowing. The social approach can be something as simple as, “What brings you in on such a gorgeous day?” The merchandise approach could be, “I see you have a roll of film that needs developing. Do you need that in one hour or would you like to save a little money and have it sent out?” Oh, I feel a little spark!


90% of unhappy customers leave a place of business because of inattentive, impolite employees. And almost all of them never tell anyone in management, they tell everyone else they know. The way to avoid that is to start the connection in a positive way. Make eye contact first before you start the conversation. Find out why I am there in the first place before you start to tell me how bad your day is. You see, the customer doesn’t really care about YOU; they want to know how YOU are going to solve their problem. That’s where the “plug” comes in!


Plug in to what I am saying and really listen to me. Be able to repeat back my needs, wants or even my problem so that I know you are really listening. Practice listening with both ears and both eyes. Good listening skills can outwardly show how much respect you have for the other person you are speaking to. I have many choices of where else I can go, so make me feel like you care and you want to help make the connection!


Share your knowledge of your product and services with me. Customers keep coming back based on the trust they have built with you. They know that they can expect prompt, efficient and knowledgeable service. When you have a new system or new products, it helps to inform the customer. When an employee shares valuable knowledge, an “I understand” light bulb goes on in the customer’s eyes!


If a customer likes the connection they have with a business they will come back. But if that energy is powerful, the customer will become that business’ cheerleader! It takes so little time to say, “Thank you for shopping with us today” but those words make a big positive connection in the customers’ mind. Imagine, thousands of happy customers, all cheering for your business and advertising your service through word of mouth.


AFL Grand Final Holiday weekend

We are resting office based help desk support on Saturday October 3 as it is AFL Grand Final Day and the world stops. Also, the Friday is a public holiday in Victoria and the Monday is a public holiday in QLD, NSW and ACT. We know from call data that the weekend next to a public holiday is very quiet for the help desk. Our after hours numbers will be running all through.

With a pre AFL Grand Final holiday Friday October 2, the office will be closed. But never fear – our interstate offices will be open meaning the help desk will be available without interruption.


Tower Systems hosts POS software user meetings around Australia

Tower Systems is thrilled to have launched via our website user meetings for most capital cities where we will preview the next release of our software plus share with you news of two new products. These sessions are for all customers, no one particular retail channel.  We will cover marketing your business, using MailChimp for email marketing and plenty more. More on these soon. Here are the dates you can book via our website now:

  • Oct 26: BNE
  • Oct 27: SYD
  • Oct 28: ADL
  • Oct 29: MEL
  • NOV 5: PER

We will add dates for regional centres and New Zealand at a later date and there will be online sessions.


The value added by POS software company Tower Systems to small business retail partner businesses

Beyond good POS software and what users of POS software expect from their software company supplier, Tower Systems provides small business retailers with services that delve deep into their businesses.

POS software for Tower System sis the mechanism for helping small business retailers to more effectively compete. It is the platform, if you will, for delivering a suite of services about which the folks at Tower are most passionate.

Only serving small business retailers in selected specialty retail nights, Tower Systems wants to see independent retailers in these niches succeed against big businesses. It achieves this by overhang services and assistances beyond the software, that are facilitated through the software.

This is unique for a POS software company – to say the software itself is not the end game but, rather, a tool through which to offer and support the more important end game – helping small businesses more effectively and successfully compete with big business.

As small business retailers as well as being a software company, the people running Tower Systems understand more than an average POS software company about retail and how retail operates. Knowing how the software is used from inside a retail business helps drive enhancements to better serve the needs of retail businesses.

Here are some of the value added options supported by Tower Systems – beyond the POS software itself:

  1. Employee theft check service. We delve deep into your data using pattern matching and other techniques to uncover possible employee theft situations – helping you act in a timely and certain matter to reduce the cost and impact to the business.
  2. Business performance analysis. Analysing your data, looking deep into your business, developing understanding and building certainty to support business plans. This fresh eyes look at your business from deep inside can deliver outcomes unexpected for small business retailers.
  3. Free backup check service. A data backup is useless in any business if the backup has failed and often you will not know if a backup has failed unless you check it. This free service from Tower Systems offers small business retailers certainty and surety as to the quality and usefulness of backups.
  4. Supplier performance comparison. Looking at how suppliers perform can help small business retailers to make better, fact-based, decisions sooner in business.
  5. Retail channel performance benchmark. The regular thorough business performance benchmark studies undertaken by Tower Systems are used by brokers, analysis and others in businesses researching the specialty retail channels served by Tower.
  6. Business advice. This is the most important service as it is free-from and based on specific business needs and queries. Tower Systems provides access to a range of people in the business to be sounding boards providing advice, insights and suggestions based on discussions that can lead into almost any part of a business.

POS software companies are not all the same. Often it is the services provided outside of the software and away from what is traditional that can make a big difference between POS software companies. This is where Tower Systems excels – in leveraging comprehensive skills and experience from decades of service to help small business retailers achieve more from their software, much more than they ever expected.

You only have to sit in on the Tower Systems help desk to hear the calls that are not traditional for a POS software help desk and to find out first hand ow different the company is and how valuable its services can be – beyond the software itself.


Sunday retail management advice: how to create a buzz for your small business retail shop between major seasons

The major retail seasons of Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and others work a treat at bringing shoppers out, depending on the type of retail store you have.

It is not enough in today’s retail climate to expect these major seasons to lure the traffic you need in your business. You have to do more by being bold, engaged and relevant.

Local small business retailers create their own buzz through a range of activities to bring shoppers in during quiet times. They can do this locally and from far afield – reaching beyond the usual catchment area for their businesses.

Small and independent specialty retail businesses have an opportunity to play outside the major seasons as the larger retailers tend to ignore these times.

The keys to creating your own buzz for your retail business and for this to pay off financially for the business are to:

  • Engage with your local community. Seriously and genuinely and in ways big businesses cannot.
  • Have a relevant offer, an offer with context between the major seasons.
  • Being smart beyond offering a traditional sale or some other price based offer.
  • Have a marketing strategy for promoting your event and creating local buzz without the cost of a major campaign.

Here are some simple ideas for creating a buzz between major seasons.

  1. Engage your suppliers. Suppliers often have product they want to move. You can be the place for achieving this. They should provide stock at a huge discount. Pass this on. Consider reconfiguring your store into a warehouse for the event – bring the outlet to the town or something along those lines. Connecting with a temporary outlet idea enables you to play in the price space without calling what you are doing a SALE.
  2. Have a competition. Get your suppliers to throw in some prizes. Run a competition for those visiting your retail store. This could be a great traffic driver. Half the battle with retail is getting people through your front door. A good competition with great prizes can achieve this.
  3. Connect with the community. Find a way through the offer of raising funds for a local charity. By supporting a local charity you engage the members and supporters of the charity to support your efforts of raising funds for them.
  4. Change the look of your shop. From the front window and throughout, create a different look so that those walking and driving past notice the difference.
  5. Be different. Look for opportunities to genuinely innovate. The bigger the difference between what you do and how you do it and a usual sale or the efforts of your competitors the more you will be talked about and, hopefully, the more traffic you will generate.
  6. Kick off with an event. Host and event outside your usual trading hours. Make sure that the event itself has some buzz. Get local identities to attend. Connect back to the local community group you are supporting. Invite the local media outlets. Make the event a fun night.

These ideas are designed to get you thinking of different ways you can creatively promote your business outside major seasons. Too often, retailers do what is expected and then wonder why their sales performance is just average.

Go all out and create a between season buzz which you own and off of which you reap wonderful rewards.


How smart Point of Sale software helps small business retailers compete with big business

Small business retailers often feel overwhelmed y the sheer size of big business competitors, that they are national, on TV, on billboards and embedded in the habits of shoppers.

You can feel unprepared for the competition, unable to cut through and gain the attention necessary to build a viable business.

Indeed, worrying about the competition can be debilitating to small business retailers.

Our advice to small business retailers is to focus on how you can compete, on how you can show the value of shopping in your independent small business and how you better serve your shoppers – in a way that pitches your competitiveness against big business retailers.

Smart POS software helps independent retailers achieve this. It does this in a range of ways that empower small business retailers and encourages them to focus on the optimism within their businesses rather than being drawn to what is happening in and for a big business competition.

Here are the practical everyday ways small business retailers can compete with big businesses using smart POS software to maximum advantage. These ideas work for any type of specialty small business retailer in any situation:

  1. Professional and accurate selling at the sales counter.
  2. No out of stocks of popular lines.
  3. Identifying growth green shoots so the business management and owners can concentrate on these good news points.
  4. Offering shopper loyalty options that resonate with your shoppers. having a choice of loyalty options can help you better serve customers. Options such as:
    1. Points based on purchases.
    2. Discount vouchers offering $$$ off the next purchase in a set period of time.
    3. Buy X get Y FREE to drive volume purchasing over a target period of time.
  5. Offering LayBy or LayAway with professionalism and consistency.
  6. Offering value-add information, care instructions and product advice on receipts with purchases.
  7. Professional management of refund requests.
  8. Tracking sales associate performance with the ability to reward based on performance.
  9. Tracking supplier product performance so you can focus more on suppliers who drive success for the business and less on suppliers who do not drive success for the business.
  10. Tracking shopper purchases and thereby better understanding the value of a shopper over time.
  11. Theft management at the employee and shopper levels – top mitigate the impact of theft on the business.

Small business retailers can compete with big business by using good tools in their businesses, tools that are fine tuned for their type of business.

This is what Tower Systems offers speciality retailers in a range of retail channels.


New ink and toner site launched by Tower Systems

Tower Systems earlier this month re-launched Inkfast, an online ink and toner business serving small businesses and indoivuals in the efficient and cost effective supply of ink and toner to anywhere in Australia.

Developed as part of a broader e-commerce strategy, this new version of Inkfast leverages the latest e-commerce platform tools as well as automated supplier integration, secure payment processing and fraud mitigation resources.

The learnings developed in-house by Tower Systems in developing Inkfast play into the e-commerce strategies used by Tower Systems in its work with small business retail customers. Inkfast is Tower Systems walking in the shoes of its own customers. When we advise someone about an e-commerce website, we draw on our own experiences from Inkfast and other sites we have developed and that we operate.

Too often software companies develop in a lab without real world experience. Tower Systems is different. Online and offline we use our software ourselves, driving it to the end and developing the software to go beyond the edge and serve in unique and valuable ways.



Tower Systems launches website development for #smallbusiness retailers

Small business POS software company has launched a POS software integrated web developer service, bringing online and offline together in a common technology platform.

Built around leading e-commerce technologies, the Tower solution enables high street retailers to setup online stores populated with some or all inventory from the high street store.

Developed using best practice techniques, the Tower solution offers small business retailers a fast, easy and appealing route to market for an online store that is desktop, tablet and mobile friendly.

With several e-commerce sites already live, the online retail team at Tower Systems has personal experience they can point to to reference their capabilities as well as business learnings that will be useful to small business retailers.

The seamless and live link between the Tower POS software and the e-commerce site is a winner.


Loyalty software for #smallbusiness retailers offers flexibility

Flexibility is the key to success of the small business loyalty software for retailers from Tower Systems. refined over many years in close consultation with small business owners and managers, the loyalty facilities in the Tower software are proven from the traditional points based facility to the lucrative discount vouchers to the buy X get Y FREE tools. Flexibility is the key here.

In addition to the valuable suite of loyalty facilities for retailers, Tower Systems links to external services such as FlyBys and other loyalty solutions used by groups and others for connecting stores and making loyalty more valuable than only for one store.

But wait there’s more as they say. There is more quality thanks to the links in the Tower software for connecting small business retailers with their suppliers, often the businesses funding the loyalty offerings.

Flexibility, maturity and and commercial value sit at the heart of the loyalty facilities included in the Tower software. Small business retailers who want to purchase a POS software package and not have to rely on other partners to run loyalty facilities can achieve this by partnering with software company Tower Systems. They can rely on Tower to not only delivery excellent loyalty facilities today but to enhance them tomorrow, next year and beyond as the company maintains its software as a best practice solution for small business retailers in a range of specialist retail fields.

This is what Tower does – serving specialist retailers with exceptional software on which they can rely to grow their businesses thanks to loyalty facilities and more.


Whole food store software helps small business retail whole foods stores drive growth

The whole food store software released by Tower System is proving to be popular in helping whole food stores across multiple parts of their businesses. Our latest whole food store customer was installed last week in Tasmania – a beautiful part of the country.

Whole food stores use our software in many ways including traditional point of sale functions such as scanned based selling, tacking customers, reordering product, loyalty programs and more.

In particular, however, whole food  stores use the software for these areas:

  1. Scale integration for selling produce.
  2. Flexibility in handling multiple package sizes for each product.
  3. Splitting items purchased in bulk dow to retail packs of your choosing.
  4. Packaging several items together to create a pack – and reversing this process, which is most important.
  5. Multi-buy pricing.
  6. Including product nutrition and or instructions on shopper receipts.
  7. Multiple loyalty program options.
  8. Creating your own barcodes for items you ‘make’ for sale.

Whole food stores of all sizes and in a variety of situations use the software to improve efficiency, consistency and enjoyment. What is even more important is that the software will continue to evolve to meet the evolving needs of whole foods retailers. This is important. It is where locally developed software works well – evolving to the needs of local retailers.

Tower Systems currently serves in excess of 3,000 small business retailers in a number of retail niches. We are a specialist software company developing and selling specialist software. The software we sell to whole food stores is software tailored to their needs, to serve needs specific to that retail channel.

This focus on specialisation is something we do with care and attention – it comes from decades of service to multiple retail channels.

The software we sell we develop ourselves. It is fresh, and current – completely different to what we sold years ago thanks to the advice and guidance from our engaged customers who make suggestions for new areas we can serve in the software. We release updates several times a year – keeping your software up to date and ready to serve your current needs.

Sometimes, our software is not the right fit. We respect this and do not pressure people to purchase software that is not right for them. Our reputation is too important to strong-arm people into buying something that is not right for them.


Small business retail advice: Navigating to the New Paradigm in Retail guided by your POS software

Everywhere retailers look today they are confronted with a new paradigm, a new approach to doing business, regardless of their area of specialisation.

Over recent years the fundamentals of retail have changed and some retailers are yet to notice and embrace the change.

The new paradigm, while impacting all retailers, is not universal. There are nuances by channel and there is where specialist Point of Sale software can help a retailer navigate to the change in circumstances.

The customer is at the heart of retail today, more so than ever before. Thanks to universal access to pricing, product and other information, the customer is more informed and powerful than ever before.

Whereas in the past a retailer knew of their key competitors based on their geographic location and could therefore research and understand them, today’s competitors could be anywhere in the world. Indeed, many shoppers are spending time with a competitor of a retail business while actually in the business… such is the power for the customer thanks to smartphones and easy access to the online world.

Many retailers have made them mistake of thinking that the new paradigm is merely about bricks and mortar retail versus online. That is barely the beginning of the new paradigm. Indeed, it goes way beyond such a basic comparison.

The only way to compete in this new world of retail is to genuinely and wholeheartedly place the customer at the centre of everything you do. From the moment they step near, physically or virtually, your business you need to embrace them with an embrace unlike ever before. No, not a hug, nothing physical.

The customer embrace in this new world of retail is about value, from as soon as a customer is nearby. Value in service, advice as well as price. This is where bricks and mortar businesses can win against online… if they understand how to demonstrate value through a range of touch points in their business.

Central to delivering value is the core efficiency of the business itself. Retail businesses need to operate at a level of efficiency which enables them to compete on price. At the same time they need to ensure that all sales associates are able to transact with shoppers wherever they are in the store. They need to be able to be the most knowledgeable people in the store without necessarily having the most experience.

This is where good Point of Sale software, ideal software for the type of retail business, can provide a retailer with a point of difference and a structure through which to embrace the new customer-centric paradigm.

It is not enough to operate a basic cash register type system as that will deliver only basic results and basic will not cut it today with competitors around the globe. Retail businesses which specialize need specialist software. The result is a stronger, smarter and more nimble retail business.

Good specialist Point of Sale software will, if used well, enable a bricks and mortar business to not only compete but grow in this world. This is an opportunity for retailers, an opportunity to embrace change and to thrive against what may seem to some like insurmountable odds.

Drive your relevance, use your software, chase change.


#smallbusiness retailers embrace cloud based data backup service

The automated cloud based backup service offered by Tower Systems is popular with retailers keep for the ultimate in protection. Thanks to best-practice infrastructure in-store and a secure data storage location in a remote server farm, Tower Systems is able to offer its customers the type of data protection usually only seen in big businesses.

Accessed through a cloud based platform developed by Tower Systems, retailers partnering with Tower are able to leverage a peace of mind not usually offered at the small business level. They are able to tap into this for a low that is considerable less than the cost of daily labour they save.

The Tower Systems cloud based backup service is cash-flow positive for any retail business. It is part of the Tower AdvantageTM service.


Loyalty software helps #smallbusiness retailers

The small business loyalty software in our POS software is helping more and more specialist retailers such as jewellers, bike retailers, garden centres, pet shops, newsagents, gift shops and homewares shops to compete with big business.

Indeed, smart loyalty facilities in small business software are crucial to helping independent and small retail businesses to win against ferocious national competitors.

The small business loyalty facilities in our software are flexible and powerful, offering:

  1. Points based loyalty.
  2. $$$ off the next purchase.
  3. Buy X, Get Y.
  4. Preferential pricing.
  5. And, a mixture of the above configurable to the needs of a business.

The flexibility and options embedded in our small business loyalty software win us ne customers and help existing customers derive better outcomes from their own customer relationships.


More free POS Software training for #smallbusiness #retail

In five minutes Tower Systems kicks off another free live online training session for small businesses using its POS software. Today’s session us Using Targeted Marketing.

Consistency is everything in software, especially small business POS software. Tower Systems demonstrates its consistency in offering these weekly free online training sessions years after they first started.

We are committed to helping our small business retail customers derive greater value from their IT investment and training is one key to achieving this.


Being local matters to our #smallbusiness POS software company

Local small business retailers know this more than most.

Customers like supporting businesses that support their local community. Living and being local is a valuable point of difference for local small retail businesses.

The same is true for software companies serving small business retailers: being local matters.

Tower Systems is local. We develop POS software in Australia and New Zealand for specialist retailers:  jewellersbike shopsgarden centresnewsagentspet shops, toy shopsadult shopsgift shops and firearms retailers.

We support local suppliers, local marketing groups, local industry associations and make our management and software teams available for local business interaction.

Our local relationships help us make better software and back this with better service.


Australian #smallbusiness POS software on show at Sydney Gift Fair

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.43.35 amTower Systems is proud to have its #smallbusiness POS software on show at the Sydney Gift Fair at Glebe Island from this weekend. We are bringing new software and new facilities to the show to share with attendees. It appears from the roster of suppliers that ours is the only Australian designed and developed POS software product on show.

Serving well over 3,000 retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand, Tower Systems is well resourced to serve specialist retail businesses in a range of niche retail channels.

We are on stand P61 at the Sydney Gift Fair.


Repairs software helps improve customer service & workshop management

Here at Tower Systems we serve a number of specialist retail channels with repairs management software tuned to the needs of businesses in those channels. It is a core part of our smart small business POS software for these retail channels:

Workshop management software, or repairs software as we call it, can be used for managing other parts of business where services are provided including where you may outsource services outside the business. We provide tracking, billing and other tools in facilities developed with several different types of businesses offering these services.

Serving a number of specialist retail channels as we do helps us provide more comprehensive and flexible software.

Using our software for your type of business you can systemise the promotion and management of repairs services and through this drive more business for your workshop.

A good workshop is a valuable point of difference – hence the importance of promoting this and bringing consistency to the use of the services.


Is your #smallbusiness POS software help desk open on a Saturday?

The Tower Systems small business POS software help desk opens for business in five minutes, like every Saturday. This live, office based, service has been a fixture of our customer service for many years. It is in addition to our 24/7 help desk service managed via mobile phones.

The office based POS software help desk service on a Saturday service helps us deliver a more complete service on a busy day of the week, logging into client businesses at their request and under their watch to resolve questions and issues. The service also includes providing personal training and business management assistance.

The Saturday help desk service provided by Tower Systems is another point of difference for us, a point of difference of which we are most proud.


Helping small business retailers transact with structure and certainty

IMG_9366Small business retailers can offer shoppers clear communication and certainty of Lay-By and trading rules by using smart receipts in the smart POS software from Tower Systems.

It is easy to include transaction rules on receipts for all manner of transactions. This is a core facility from the Tower software and has been for years.

What separates Tower Systems in the POS software space is the flexibility of these and other receipt presentation and management tools.

Ensuing customers receive terms and conditions, care instructions, offers and other communications appropriate to their purchase provides the Tower Systems community of 3,000+ small business retailers with certainty. Retailers, their employees and their customers love this.

This is another way smart POS software helps small business retailers compete with big businesses.


Tower Systems is Platinum Sponsor for Pet Expo next month

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.37.52 pmTower Systems is the proud Platinum Sponsor of the 2015 Pet Expo national Trade Show on the Gold Coast next month.

We appreciate the opportunity and the recognition for our industry standard pet shop software.

We will have new software on show and exciting announcements to share with pet shop owners and managers at the expo.

Tower Systems is grateful for another opportunity to demonstrate practice support for independent business operators in the pet products retail channel.

Pet shop owners looking for the best pet shop software respected across the country and backed by excellent support are welcome to reach out to us at the expo, online and in-store to see more of how Tower Systems can help.


Aussie POS software helps specialist retailers improve customer service

The POS software developed by Australian POS software company helps retailers pursue better customer service experiences.

From fast and accurate processing of sales to easier reordering to easy handling of customer queries, retailers are able to use the software to drive outcomes that focus on the customer experience.

With customer service being a key differentiator for retail businesses, having access to customer experience centric tools can be a competitive advantage.

Tower Systems goes beyond providing access to excellent customer service tools. It provides training and personal business integration assistance to help retailers themselves leverage the benefits Tower promotes as being in its software.

Owning and operation retail businesses ourselves, we understand the demands for better customer experiences and the commercial value to a retail business.

Every week we offer free training opportunities, access to useful articles and access to training videos all designed to help retailers improve the customer experience in their shops.