Not all POS Software Magento links are made equal. Some POS software Magento links are slow, out of date, not direct and / or cumbersome. Some make doing business online and in a bricks and mortar store from the same stock data set cumbersome,

Thanks to relationships developed in the US with the Magento team over years, Tower Systems offers a best-practice solution, one powerful, easy to use and ideal for independent retail businesses.

Linking directly with the Tower POS software it is a breeze to use – as the many e-commerce sites already using it can attest.

A weakness we have seen in some other products is their use of an old version of Magento. By using the latest release, we are able to deliver something far more useful and valuable to small business retailers. Indeed, we can show the difference live through sites we have developed even for our business retail and e-commerce businesses.

This use ourselves of our own software enables us to speak with experience and authority on these things. We are not selling you something thinking how it should work. No, we are selling something we use ourselves for our own retail business, something that meets our own exacting needs, something of which we are most proud.

Using our Magento link it is easy to share data, images and other vital content between your shop and your online store without extra time or technology overhead. The Tower Systems approach is a breeze to implement and manage.



We are thrilled with the growing revenue being achieved by small business retailers using websites we have created, websites that seamlessly connect with the bricks and mortar POS software used in retail businesses that we serve.

While some retailers we are working with are new to online retail, for others our involvement in second and third generation for them. In each situation we are able to bring diverse experience to the table to help all sorts of small independent retailers to enhance their online e-commerce situation, attract new shoppers and drive the value of the retail business.

Our diverse experience in several retail channels sets us up to be able to help retailers reach beyond what is traditional for their specific channel.

With our Tower created website pool growing we have excellent reference sites to share to show indie retailers what is possible.


POS software Magento link to help more retailers online

Magento is the world’s best online shopping cart, retail website tool in our view. We say this having worked with a host of platforms and gaining considerable experience ourselves and through people we work with.

Our POS software links to Magento through the Magento API, directly from our software into Magento for shared real-time data. We link from our software to Magento ourselves and have small business retail clients using it too.

Developed in addition to our well-established web-store link, the Magento link is deep, comprehensive and tremendously valuable.

High street retailers serious about an online presence will find it easier and faster to achieve through our Magento link, something we have been using ourselves for all this year and something with which we have excellent experience and knowledge.

Our web development team has developed multiple sites, providing us with excellent reference experiences for retailers contemplating an online presence connected to their high street POS software.


Amazing Tower Systems webstore integration a small business retailer first

A Tower Systems exclusive multi independent retailer webstore integration is bringing small business retailers together in a fresh way, negating the need for small business stand along websites. In fact, this new approach is a game changer in several small business retail channels – delivering new traffic thanks to a high-profile national website than is achieving more than a local small business website might.

This is Tower Systems working for its small business customers in a fresh and exciting way.


No one has done what this site and the Tower Point of Sale software back end is achieving.


Enhanced webstore integration

We are completing development on enhanced webstore integration for a wholesale business which is about to install our retail business management software.  This latest work has come out of discussions with two new customers. We have been able to satisfy both needs by developing an extension to our original webstore software plane.

The webstore module is a an extension of our software which makes it easier for retailers to manage inventory in a retail shop, or shops, as well as for an online business using an e-commerce platform.

With development coming to an end it will not be long before the enhancements are available with a software update.