Helping a competitor lift their game

One of our competitors is in a tough situation with several customers complaining about support and software problems. We know about this as the customers have come to us.

In one situation we have been involved for two months, providing the customer with guidance on how to get the matter resolved with their software supplier. Our work has involved troubleshooting the issue to help focus their communication and translating some of the technical responses they have received -into non. tech language.

We have not used these situations to switch the small business to our software as we see that as something for them to consider when they are ready. Our focus has been on helping them get the immediate problems with the software and support resolved. Sometimes, a competitor being aware of our involvement is enough for them to lift their game.

POS software companies serving small business retailers need to quality check their contact to ensure they are genuinely helping customers in the way the customers want. While we’d be happy to win new business, this should not be needed if the sales and marketing promises made pre-sale are kept.

Category: Ethics

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