The Tower Systems software for jewellers continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of independent jeweller businesses.

The latest release off the software delivers a suite of enhancements, extending the reach of the software into jeweller businesses as they transact today.

You can’s stand still in this marketplace, not in retail, not in software. This is why Tower Systems actively works with small business retailers to drive business through enhanced software.

Indeed, we are grateful to our jeweller customers who give so generously of their time to guide us to better understand their needs.

The latest Tower Systems jeweller software is backed by our live personal training commitment. Our jeweller customers have access to unlimited one on one training, like all of our customers.

Facilities in our jeweller software include: webstore integration, xero integration, Shopify integration, Magento integration, WooCommerce integration, easy and accurate sales, customer loyalty, integrated eftpos, repairs management, special orders, gift cards, employee tracking, inventory management, specials / catalogues / offers, web-store interface, Xero interface, product care instructions, customer follow-up marketing, performance reporting, theft management, second-hand goods management, bundling pricing, servicing assistance / management, employee rostering and plenty more.

In addition to traditional inventory data points such as item name, description, barcode, supplier stock code, images etc, you can record stone specific qualities such as shape, weight, anatomy, cut, colour, clarity  & metal specific qualities such as carat, colour, weight etc.  In fact, an unlimited number of classifications can be applied to different stock items making the software extremely flexible.

For each item in inventory you are able to record a serial number. Serial number tracking provides a level of control essential for those items with unique serial numbers – for your records, for the customer documents and for supplier reference should this ever be needed.

A comprehensive Lay-by facility is integrated with the inventory management tools, ensuring complete management of inventory assets even those held in Lay-by. Jewellers can set Lay-by terms and have these printed on customer Lay-by documents.

The valuations facility includes customer documentation necessary to serve a variety of valuation needs. The valuations facility has been developed closely with a variety of jewellers and their employees.

The Tower Systems Jeweller software also offers comprehensive manufactured goods, repairs and second-hand goods facilities – all of which have been developed with jewellers in a variety of situations from single operator to multi store group – in Australia, New Zealand and several overseas countries. Each of these three areas of the software – manufactured goods, repairs and second-hand goods facilities – is specific to the needs of jewellers.