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The POS system helping small business retailers through corona


There was a time when talking about a POS system was enough to put someone to sleep. It was a snooze that only techies and their ilk would talk about. Now, in this corona world, the POS system has come into its own. It is central to any business that is trading well through corona.

A good POS system is a system in the true sense of the word. It is more than software, more than most would expect. It is a system for doing business, and in this corona world it is a system for doing business in-store on the high street as well as online. It is holistic in approach … this is in the form of the software, training, advice, processes and more packaged by the supplier to help small business retailers leverage the POS system to full advantage.

So, a good POS system is a good whole of business solution. It is about more than learning which button to push to do what. It is about learning the systems and processes to facilitate maximum benefit of the POS system for the retail business.

Here at Tower Systems, see the system in our name, we are focussed on delivering a systematic solution. Our approach is whole of business from in-store to online, from sales counter to back office, from the register to the supplier relationships, from product to how the products are used by customers.

We understand the value of systems and have embedded in our software, our training, our support and our additional materials information that is all about the system, the POS software, in service of successful, enjoyable and efficient retail business.

In the corona world of 2020, our POS system is helping retailers by supporting contactless retail, easy curbside pickup, more efficient home delivery, easy integration with Shopify and Magento for online sale, easy links to accounting software and suppliers to reduce even digital contact points.

And, like any good system, a good POS system evolves to the needs of the marketplace, it evolves to better serve as the needs themselves evolve. This is critical, that your POS system evolves with needs as they do evolve.

Seeing POS software as being about more than the software itself is a good and helpful thing.

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