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Mental health check for small business retailers

Ahead For Business is a terrific, safe, mental health check-up and support resource for small business owners and those who support them. They are recommended by government. On their website they have a sell assessment opportunity to determine possible next steps if you are confronted by stress, anxiety or depression. And, for sure, many retail business owners will have these challenges. Our tip is check out the site and the resources available.

In our work with retailers we get to hear and see stressful situations first-hand, usually nothing to do with our POS software, but impacting on the POS software experience nevertheless. This one reason we have an interest in mental health resources and tools, so we can suggest if we think it is appropriate in the circumstances.

Safe Work Australia also has some excellent resources that they have curated specifically for retailers in this COVID-19 situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation for everyone. As a small business it is understandable you may have concerns about how to continue to meet your WHS duties at this time. There are a number of practical steps you can take to manage the risk of exposure to COVID-19 at your workplace and meet your legal obligations.

In our own situation we provide opportunities for our team members to decompress, which is important given the situations they can encounter when helping retailers.

As we have heard from government this week, mental health is a challenge as a result of the challenges of COVID-19. As time goes on, the challenges can magnify personally and professionally.  It is good to see that the politicians are investing in resources.

As business owners, we have an obligation, too, to ensure the right resources are available for those in our businesses and near our businesses. hence, our sharing of resource information to our customers here and through our regular customer emails.

We are not mental health professionals. Our goal with this post is to share some resources from them that small business retailers and their teams in our Tower Systems POS software user community may find useful.


Shopify connected POS software for small business retailers

POS software connected to Shopify provides small business retailers with a terrific, seamless, online and in-store retail management solution.

The Tower Systems Shopify POS software integration is seamless, developed to Shopify standards, to provide small business retailers a solution on which they can depend to drive online sales while managing in-store data.

Jewellers, bike shops, garden centres, newsagents, gift shops, toy shops, book shops, homewares stores, fishing stores, pet shops and more can rely on the Shopify integration with the Tower Systems small business POS software to deliver a seamless, fast, safe and dependable solution for online and in-store sales.

As a Shopify partner, Tower Systems is delivering to small business retailers solutions for easy online selling, helping these indie retailers to reach shoppers beyond their local territory.

Tower Systems has been delivering Shopify connected POS software for years. We use it ourselves in retail businesses we run. Our experience is first-hand. We develop to there Shopify POS software standards too, to serve retailer needs across multiple retail channels.

The Tower Systems web development team is Australian based, working out of the company’s head office in Hawthorn. This is important as many web development businesses are overseas. While you might have a locally based contact person development too often is done overseas, leading to challenges with delivery and usefulness.

Tower Systems is committed to local development for local businesses. Our developers understand retail in Australia and New Zealand. We leverage that to deliver practical and valuable business outcomes.

From simple websites to complex multi business solutions, the Tower Systems web development team for retailers is skilled and capable of delivering valuable solutions.

Here are some many of the retail store linked websites we have developed for our own businesses:

This is a selection of sites created by Tower Systems. Our web development skills are diverse. Our SEO and SEM skills are fine-tuned, to help you get the notice for your website.

We like Shopify the most because of the professionalism and simplicity of the solution. It is an excellent starting point t and can serve the needs of most single businesses for a considerable distance of their online journey.


The new normal for small business retail in this post lockdown world

The new normal for retail.

While the new normal is a cliche, it is true when considering retail for the back half of 2020 and beyond.

It is great news that businesses are reopening. However, the coronavirus is still there. This means that our retail businesses need to be safe. Our businesses need to be flexible in how we transact.

  • Being easily found online is critical.
  • Managing online sales efficiently and profitably are key.
  • Offering click and collect is essential.
  • Seamlessly connecting your physical shop and online is vital.
  • Being able to sell from anywhere as you take the business to where people are situated through home delivery and more.
  • Stocking what people want now matters.
  • Setting opening hours and your roster to maximise revenue matters.

These things matter. 

In our experience, prior to this year many small business retailers went online because they thought they should – usually, without a plan or a specific focus.

Now, being online properly and with focus is as critical to a retail business as having the right staff and the right stock.

Being online is fundamental to business success. This is the new normal.

We develop, sell and support POS software. It’s made for specialty retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand: farm supply, produce, fishing, toy, garden, bike, jeweller, homewares, gift, firearms, newsagent and adult.

Our POS software works from the counter, the shop floor, the car, the truck. We have solutions to help you sell anywhere.

We also develop, sell and support POS software connected websites. We do our work in Shopify or Magento – depending on the needs of the businesses. We also link to WooCommerce.

Shopify and Magento are used by more small business retailers than any other platforms.

We can help you with the new normal.

Tower Systems is a local POS software company offering locally made POS software that is backed with local POS software support. Our focus is independent small business retail, serving these needs with commitment and passion, helping the businesses run efficiently, safely and toward maximising genuine value.

We serve in excess of 3,500 independent small business retailers with our Point of Sale software.


The easy and safe way to manage inventory data using POS software in small business retail

Here is a new video from  one of our tech experts demonstrating the ease of managing stock data using the Tower Systems POS software. The ease of manipulation, with appropriate security and management controls, delivers to small business retailers they appreciate from our POS software.


Small business retail in May 2020 and beyond

Join Tower CEO Mark Fletcher for a quick look at small business retail April 2020, into May and beyond in this new video from us:


Here’s a new 5 minute video from us looking at small business retail in May 2020 and beyond

Here’s a new video that we shot in the office yesterday…


Tower Systems: serving small business retailers with locally made POS software

A new video from us, about who we are and what we do. Shot in the office April 28, 2020.


How does our POS software compare to VEND?

We are often asked by small business retailers how our Point of Sale software compares to VEND POS software. We have not used VEND so we cannot comment from personal experience. What we can say is this:

  1. Our POS software is made by us.
  2. It is specialty in nature.
  3. Our POS software is designed for specialty retailers.
  4. It is feature rich, tailored to the specific needs of certain retail channels.
  5. It is not designed to be for everyone.
  6. It is not basic.
  7. It is not the sort of software that would teach yourself.
  8. It is regularly updated.
  9. Our POS software connects with many suppliers for electronic invoices and supplier stock files.
  10. Our POS software connects direct with Xero, Shopify, magenta, Woo, Tyro, PCEftpos and more.
  11. It can be rented or bought outright.
  12. It is updated regularly.
  13. You control when nit is updated.
  14. Our support is offered by humans. When you call us, which is easy, a human answers.
  15. You can speak to the owner of our business.
  16. We provide unlimited one-on-one free training.
  17. People in our company use their real name.
  18. We have a ton of user documentation if you like to read.
  19. We enjoy what we do.
  20. We’ve been in business since 1981.

That’s 20 points. We could go on.

We are proud of what we do, what we offer and that we are a different POS software company to those chasing the everyday marketplace. Our comfortable place is niche, specialty retail. We do it well and have done for many years. We walk away from more opportunities than we pitch to, because we are a specialty POS software company making and supporting POS software for certain specialty retailers.

We’re not for everyone, and that’s good. It helps us focus and that helps our customers focus.

Point of Sale software is critical for small business retailers. More important than that is the right POS software. Too often retailers think any POS software is good for them. Specialty retail needs specialty software and that is what Tower Systems develops, sells and supports – specialty POS software to serve the needs of specialty retailers in the retail channels we name in our website.


Advice for small business retailers: with EFTPOS use up, here are tips for mitigating the bank cost

Here at Tower Systems we share business advice with our small business Point of Sale software users regularly through emails and other platforms, to help them run more successful and enjoyable businesses.

Recently, we have provided advice on addressing concerns about EFTPOS fees. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, use of cards has risen considerably, adding a layer of cost to small business retailers that they cannot easily mitigate. We put together advice for small business retailers on how to deal with this, through their POS software and through key management decisions they can make.

Here is what we first sent to our customers over a month ago…

With the use of EFTPOS higher now, here are some tips to help insulate your business from a higher operating cost compared to cash.

  1. Promote cash. Check advice from the Royal Australian Mint on handling cash during COVID19.
  2. If you use Tyro, offer cash out as that cuts your fee to $0.00. We love Tyro EFTPOS – it’s fast, easy and safe.
  3. 99c. Use 99c pricing wherever possible. Pricing psychology suggests that 75c, 90c, 95c and similar are seen as the same as 90c.
  4. Price smart. We know from  pricing experts that $12.99 is seen the same as $13.99, that $16.99 is seen the same as $17.99, that $18.99 is seen as the same as $19.99, that $28.50 is seen the same as $29.99 … you get the drift..
  5. Bundle. Package multiple items into an easy shop bundle. This makes price comparison harder and allows you to creep on price.
  6. Have excellent impulse lines at the counter. An extra item or two I the basket drive purchase value beyond what the shopper may have approached the counter with. How do you know items are excellent? Their performance, trial and error.

Practical advice like this is common from us as we serve our small business retailer POS software users with ways they can work on their businesses to improve return as well as business enjoyment. It is advice that comes from our own well of us running ships ourselves, from using our own POS software in our own shops. It helps us walk in the shoes of our customers.


How our specialty POS software helps retailers connect with events in the lives of their customers

Here is another fresh video from one of ur specialists on how our awesome events tools help small business retailers serve their customers.


POS software help desk support on Saturdays for small business retailers

Here at Tower Systems we love Saturdays like everyone. We love our customers too. That is why today, like any Saturday, even in this COVID-19 impacted world, we are open for business, helping our customers with software support through our help desk.

This office based help desk support is better and more equipped than someone on the end of a mobile phone. Our Saturday Point of Sale software support service has access to the full suite of services our customers can tap into Monday through Friday.

We are grateful to our local help desk team members who enable us to provide these services of local POS software support to small business retailers.

Through POS software support we help our customers with queries, training, software updates, supplier stock files, connection to Xero, integration with Shopify and more, much more as small business retailers make the most of tech through the coronavirus as the recast their businesses.

Our POS software help desk services for small business retailers has expanded as the needs of retailers have expanded through the pandemic experience,. We are pleased to help and to especially help on a Saturday.

Saturday POS software support is a differentiator for us and we are pleased to be able to deliver for our small business customers, those using our POS software. Helping people today is especially good because the reaction is usually awesome, especially from new customers not used to being able to get support on a Saturday.

On Saturdays, our POS software support services are accessible through all of our contact points.

    • Help Desk Mon-Fri 7am – 6pm AEST and Sat. 7:30am to 3pm.
      • VIC (and national): 03 9524 8000. If other numbers are not working, call this one.
      • NSW: 02 8556 1600.
      • QLD: 07 3136 6888.
      • SA: 08 8121 3366.
      • NZ: 0800 444 367.
    • After hours support for system down calls
      • 0418 554 963
      • 0419 842 334
    • Email:
    • Website:

Retailers are thrilled to have access to us on a Saturday and we are grateful to be able to help them make the most of their POS software technology even on weekends and even in this messy world of COVID-19. Every call, every contact, is another good news opportunity, which we relish and appreciate.


POS software help for SME retailers in the new normal world of COVID-19

Tower Systems has been helping retailers with advice and support elating to COVID-19 since late January, when we realised that the coronavirus outbreak was going to significantly impact SME retail around the world, especially in areas where we serve.

In a practical sense we have helped by eliminating some fees, making some add-on modules to our software free, offering free home licences and freezing software support fees at 2018 price levels.

We have also maintained full capacity on our help desk – to ensure our SME retail customers have access to the POS software support they need. Call traffic has continued at pre-COVID-19 levels. However, the nature of the calls has changed, which is interesting. retailers are spending more time woking on their businesses. It is terrific to see and we are grateful to the able to help them do this.

We have also recalibrated our web development team to ensure we quickly serve the needs of current and new custommeersd seeking our help to bring their businesses online.

We have also been hosting free online training sessions as well as retail business owner connectivity sessions – helping retailers have a place where they can talk with and support each other. This has been important in encouraging good mental health.

While COVID-19 is challenging for SMEs, Tower Systems is helping retailers to efficiently  and safely serve their customers. That our retailers can offer contactless retail has been a real boost for their businesses and a terrific comfort to their customers. Having our product in the marketplace years before COVID-19 helped is have an established and beneficial solution that retailers can leverage to their benefit as they themselves navigate the pandemic.

There is a silver lining in all this. retailers, especially SME retailers are developing stronger businesses, businesses that are evolving rapidly to the new world, a changed world and we are grateful to be part of these transformations. With many being data driven we are there. With some switching retail channels, we are there. As a specialty retail POS software company we understand niche and are grateful to be able to help.

Tower Systems serves in excess of 3,000 small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Oh, welcome to May 2020!


New video: our Aussie POS software co. serving local small business retailers

A new video from us, about who we are and what we do. Shot in the office yesterday, April 28, 2020.


Helping small business retailers sell online

We are grateful for the opportunity to help small business retailers sell online through our Shopify connected POS software.


Helping small business retailers with safe contactless selling through smart POS software

Using our POS software, contactless selling is easy for small business retailers:

  • Sell from the front of the shop using our portable Roam POS solution.
  • Separate your register from the counter with our Roam solution.
  • Sell from your van or car, taking your business to the people using Roam.
  • Sell online for click and collect – through Shopify, Magento and Woo.
  • Sell online for safe, curbside pickup.
  • Sell online for delivery anywhere.
  • Sell in-store and get contactless payment.

We are grateful to offer software that facilitates these benefits. We also also grateful to be welcoming new customers to our community as they gear-up their businesses for a fresh and safe approach to retail in what is a new-normal economy.

Offering retailers the ability to sell from anywhere, at anytime and using multiple payment methods as well as product pick up and delivery options is 2020 in motion. We have brought retailers to this contactless world who had previously never considered needing such an option.

To have the contactless, potable and remote accessibility to the POS software and full inventory stock away from the counter is liberating for small business retailers as they found new ways of doing business, new ways that help them find new customers.

Freeing retail staff from the counter, helping them sell from ut the front of the shop[ or on the road is providing retail businesses opportunities beyond what they had been doing. This gives customers confidence that the business is safe. It also helps SME retailers to connect with shoppers they may have never met previously.

We offer POS software specifically developed for:

  • Jewellers.
  • Garden centres.
  • Produce / farm supply businesses.
  • Bike shops
  • Toy shops.
  • Gift shops.
  • Firearms businesses.
  • Pet stores.
  • Newsagencies.
  • Convenience stores.
  • Homewares stores.
  • Adult shops.

In addition to awesome POS software, we develop POS software connected websites to help 0ur retailers make the most of the opportunity of selling and winning new customers online, leveraging their Hugh street store infrastructure to sell to more the those in town.

Tower Systems serves in excess of 3,000 small business retailers with POS software that is made for niche specialty retailers.


Free online workshops for small business retailers: selling online

Thanks to the seamless connection between our POS software and Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and our awesome in-house and local web development team, we are able to share personal experiences in these workshops for small business retailers keen to sell online:

Let’s research some of your competitors, popular keywords and more as part of understanding what selling online could look like. Come armed with questions and details of your competitors you’d like us to stalk.

2 sessions: Apr 23, and 24 2020 10:00 AM Melbourne time.
Meeting ID: 967 2773 8375 Password: 004633


Advice for small business retailers in COVID-19 world

Small business retailers are getting stuff done in this COVID-19 world. rather than sitting on their hands or staying home, many are in their businesses, working on their businesses and prepping for life on the other side.

Here are some of the things we are seeing retailers in our POS software user community doing in these COVI(D-19 impacted days. each of these ideas presents what we call a covid pivot opportunity.:

  1. Getting online – connecting the POS software to an online store. We seamlessly connect to Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. It’s fast, k easy and safe. Product descriptions, price and images flow easily to online.
  2. Stock take. Getting it done now and out of the way for the year. We offer multiple approaches to serve a variety of needs.
  3. Doing a Marie Kondo of data – getting rid of data that no longer sparks joy. Decluttering data is refreshing and commercially valuable for retailers.
  4. Culling suppliers. Taking a deep dive into supplier performance data and paring back. Suppliers not pulling their weight have no place in a retail business.
  5. Using the software. Finally going beyond using it as a cash register, unleashing the power! This makes us happy.

Of course, there are plenty of retailers in our community of 3,000+ not affected by COVID-198. Indeed, we have retailers trading up with some as much as 30% up year on year.

Working on your business and to in it has been a mantra for ages. It’s cliche, yet true. The opportunity right now to get stuff done is present and wonderful and the payback for small business retailers is excellent.

Tower Systems is helping retailers to work on their businesses with unlimited free training. This can be done in a group or one on one. Making training and guidance this accessible is key to helping the Tower Systems,ms small business POS software community make the most of the COVID-19 situation, to make the other side look even better.

We are grateful to our customers for embracing the opportunity to turn the challenge of COVID-19 into a learning and productive opportunity in so many independent and small retail businesses.

This is good news, a silver lining, and we are grateful to be able to be part of this.


Easily connect your POS software to Shopify for online sales

Here is a new video from our sales team on seamlessly connecting the Tower Systems specialty retail POS software to Shopify for beautiful, seamless, e-commernce from a high street store.


Tower Systems helps small business retailers access rent relief and JobKeeper

We are grateful to be helping many Australian small business retailers access the JobKeeper support package released by the Australian government as well as practical and appreciated rent relief from retail tenancy landlords.

Through our POS software we report on business performance in a consistent and safe way that authorities can trust. We deliver to our retail business partners access to reports that can be audited if need be, proven to offer accurate and unadulterated data on which the tax office, other government departments and landlords can make decisions.

As was proven in the 1990s and the early 2000, the data managed by our software is safe, secure and tamper proof. We do not provide retailers with a back door through which they can manipulate data to serve a narrative they prefer, which may differ from the truth. We are grateful to the ATO for the work we did with them on this during a fraud investigation of another. As tech advisors we helped and gained a terrific insight.

Our retailers can trust that through our software we report safe and good data that can be used to provide evidence for JobKeeper, through accurate BAS preparation, and thereby tap into rent relief options thanks to the national cabinet code of conduct agreed over a week ago.

We work with our retailers on these fronts, to help them achieve the outcomes that are financially key to their businesses on these fronts. We are doing this while doing what is traditional for our POS software co: making good software, supporting it, selling it to new businesses, delivering training and offering business level help to any customer who asks.

We understand the test requirements for JobKeeper and that accurate BAS data is key. Our POS software is POS software that authorities can trust and because of this small business retailers can trust. being a local Australian PSOs foetar4e company developing and supporting local Australian software we are geared to help right now when it is needed most -0 accurate reporting to Australian standards is critical.

This is our help for small business retailers. It is real and made for these times. Shonky POS software businesses have no place in business today. Sadly, there are some still around.


Personal local support key to Aussie retailers in POS software selection

Here at Tower Systems, our POS software help desk is Australian based, serving retailers in Australia. We are proud to be local, to offer local support that is delivered by people who live here and understand local business.

Too many POS software companies selling to Aussie retailers do not have local help desk support.

With Aussie retailers pitching buy local to their local communities, we are grateful to be in the position of delivering local service and support to our local retail community.

We support shop local as a company and encourage retailers and others in business to shop local. This is why we pitch today that when you talk with our help desk you are talking with an Aussie, someone who knows local business, local retail and can speak to local needs. Yes, local really does matter.

To keep jobs in Australia and help the Aussie economy to come out the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, shopping local matters. This is why we urge retailers to ask the question abut the location of POS software help desk personnel. While we feel for call centre staff in India, Pakistan and elsewhere, now is the time when local matters.

Now, we do have one caveat for this. We have a help desk team member, an Aussie, living and working in New Zealand. But that’s okay as we have a ton of customers in New Zealand. And, hey, we consider Aussies to be Kiwis and Kiwis to be Aussies

If you are in a local retail business and considering POS software for the business, check out where there trainers and help desk team members are located. Make sure that the company you are considering doing business with is supporting the local economy as much as you want your local economy to support your business. These things matter in terms of the truth of your own shop local pitch.

Shop local and support the local economy. It ripples out from your business to the town to the state and to the country. That is how we see it an how we try and live our lives here at Tower Systems, a proud local Aussie POS software company.


The online strategy for small business retailers from Tower Systems helps these businesses win online sales

Tower Systems has been leading retailers to online sales in small business retail channels for years. Many Australian retailers are making good money from online sales thanks to the work and advice from Tower Systems.

Thanks to the seamless connection between Shopify and Magento with then Tower Systems small business POS software, retailers are transacting online safely and efficiently.

Backed with expert advice on search engine optimisation and targeted keyword and other website design help, Tower Systems has helped many retailers play ahead of the curve of impact of social isolation.  We have retailers in many different retail channels running successful second businesses online, fulfilling out of their high street businesses efficiently, safely and for profit.

Jewellers, garden centres, newsagents, bike shops, pet storers, toy shops, produce businesses and fishing and outdoors businesses are some of the niche retail businesses using the smart Tower Systems POS software connected to Shopify for seamless online sales.

Our Shopify and Magento interfaces are direct, seamless – eliminating data double handling, eliminating the use of bespoke software. By following international standards we have helped retailers win terrific business.

While other local retailers are struggling to get online, Tower Systems is proud to have delivered online solutions for many and done so for a fixed cost at a level that is respectful for small business retailers with limited budgets. Leveraging the data managed by our POS software to help retailers sell online is a time and money saving move, one we have gladly helped many small business retailers make.

Through our POS software we make website data management easier, faster and safer.

Leading by example, we have been doing this ourselves for our own websites selling sought after products to Australians.

There are plenty more examples beyond these from our own shops and from the shops within our wonderful POS software user community. We are grateful to be helping many small business retailers get online and make money selling online – connecting with customers they would otherwise not get to see in their businesses.

Our smart POS software is calibrated for online sales thanks to years of back office work to deliver a platform made for this.


New free Shopify connected POS software training

We have released a new video training resource for small business retailers contemplating connecting their POS software to Shopify. It is accessible at no cost.

Using live examples from a range of businesses our team talk through the how and why. This training is another example of our diverrse mix of training opportunities for small business retailers.


Free online POS software training this week

We are grateful to our customers who connect with our free POS software Shopify workshop on Saturday. New have another running today at 11am. These Shopify sessions are popular.

We are also hosting a free online training session on Xero on Thursday.

These sessions are in addition to the free one-on one training sessions we are providing to our customers.

We record each session and make the recordings available to our customers. It’s interesting to see strong viewer counts for the videos, meaning the reach of the sessions is considerable.

It is terrific seeing people embrace the opportunity to learn for free.


Retailers loving POS software video meetings

We are grateful for the terrific feedback from the regular on-line video meetings we have been hosting for the last few months.

While online training has been part of our pitch for years, the increased frequency in this COVID-19 impacted world has helped many retailers stay connected.

From discussing our Shopify and Magento integrations to training in our new software to talking general business topics, we are helping small business retailers connect and this is critical in this shut in world we have right now.

Leveraging our commercial resources to help independent and small business retailers like this is core to what Tower Systems stands for. We will keep it up. We appreciate the terrific support from current and future customers.

This week we have more sessions scheduled including a general COVID-19 discussion among business owners.


POS software connected websites, made locally

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