Small retailers using our Point of Sale software love Tyro broadband EFTPOS

With more than 750 of our Point of Sale software customers now using the Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution, we have plenty of feedback from retailers on which to draw. Retailers love Tyro. They love its speed, security, time saving and ease of use.

This past busy Christmas period saw many of our customers enjoy an excellent sales bump. Tyro helped our customers better handle the increase in shopper traffic thanks to its rapid approval time and the elimination of keystrokes thanks to its integration with our POS software.

We love Tyro, we use it to process EFTPOS payments in our software company as well as in our own retail stores. So, our recommendation is based on considerable personal experience with Tyro across a range of business situations.

It’s our operation of a range of retail businesses that sets us apart as a software company and that enables us to provide more practical advice to our retail partners.

Memorable customer service vital for retailers and POS software companies

While Gerry Harvey and some others regularly talk down retail as if they want Australians to believe that retail businesses are struggling because of economic factors, the real reason for most retail failures is that the businesses have not served their customers.

Memorable customer service is the most important point of difference a retail business can have, especially a business which does not make what it sells and therefore could have its products being sold by any other business apple to reach the same pool of shoppers.

We call it memorable customer service because it truly has to be that … memorable. So memorable that it is praised by your customers to others.

Good customer service should be the norm, the lowest hurdle any retail business can jump. Memorable customer service, the level of customer service that makes a shopper talk about the experience to their friends, must be the goal and it is the word of mouth from these customers that is a factor in driving traffic growth.

Memorable customer service is just as vital to Point of Sale software companies as it is for retail businesses. Since we own retail businesses as well as our POS software company we see it, live it and reach for it from both sides.

This is why we continue to work hard to encode the ability to focus on customer service in our Point of Sale software. That’s right, retailers using our software have touch points they can leverage using software which help deliver the kind of memorable customer service we are talking about here.

Memorable customer service in retail, just as in a software company like ours, is experiences which exceed expectations, it delivers benefits outside of what you expect even from a good business.  In our IT company we compete with big IT companies and small, like us, IT companies. While we want our software to be the point of difference customers notice and talk about positively, it is our customer service which is loved and mentioned to colleagues more. Realising this was an epiphany for us.

We focus on building stronger, better and more valuable software. But we also surround this, completely, with customer service experiences which are the very best of the best. This gives us, and our customers, the best of both worlds. And we love it ourselves.

Given that most retailers do not have products unique to their businesses, delivering memorable customer service is critical to the business plan.  Small and independent retailers can do this more easily and effectively than big retailers. From the genuine smile to shoppers to product knowledge to that extra information which helps a shopper get more out of the product purchased than they would have had the purchased the product elsewhere. This added value is the key and it can be delivered in almost any situation and with any product from a stapler through to a high-end road bike.

So, beyond our software and as part of our customer service focus, we seek out opportunities to help our customers deliver memorable customer service.  Indeed, this was one topic we covered in the recent face-to-face user meetings we ran in capital cities and major regional centres around Australia.

Gerry Harvey is wrong to complain about factors outside his business causing poor results. He needs to shop his shops and see that the customer service at Harvey Norman is not so memorable. It is not something people talk in in word of mouth. That’s retail death right there. If people come to your shop just because you are cheap it can be taken from you in an instant. If they come to you because a friend praised the customer service their received you are on the road to winning a regular customer.

As a Point of Sale software company, our mission is to deliver constantly improving retail management software backed with memorable customer service and going beyond this with business insights and assistance which helps our retailers themselves deliver exceptional and memorable experiences to their customers.

Garden Centre / Nursery software helps kick-off 2013 sales success

The Tower Systems software for garden centres keeps betting better thanks to suggestions from customers and new opportunities from garden centre suppliers. The latest software, released just before Christmas, is delivering some excellent benefits to help garden centre retailers through a busy summer trading period.

From handling special orders to supporting a range of loyalty options, our garden centre software is well established.

The latest enhancements have been delivered as part of our commitment to continuous improvement of the garden centre software.

With more than 60 garden centre customers, Tower is well established in the marketplace. As a supporter of the industry association we are showing our commitment to professional development.

We are thrilled with feedback from customers, especially news of how our Point of Sale software is being used in nurseries and garden centres to drive sales this Spring. Every story makes us proud.

How to choose the right POS software for your business

Choosing the right Point of Sale software is vital for any retail business. get it wrong and you can have wasted plenty of money and time. get it right and you can have a business bottom line that is healthier.

Here are some key areas you should research carefully by talking to your prospective POS software company and their customers:

  1. Customer service. What is included in the annual software support fee?
  2. Software access. Does the software keep working if you opt to not take out annual support coverage?
  3. Reports. How do the reports look, are they useful and do they cover what you need.
  4. Speed. Hoe easy is the main screen in the software, the POS screen, to use? Is it fast and intuitive?
  5. Training. What training options are available and what’s the cost?
  6. New staff. how easy is it for you to access training for new employees?
  7. Contact. How easy is it for you to contact senior management in the POS software company?
  8. Customer satisfaction. Is the POS software company happy for you to contact any of their customers?
  9. Price compare. Check to see what others have paid for the software. Some companies charge different prices.
  10. Supplier connections. make sure that the software has current connections for all suppliers of interest to you.

This list is just the start of what you should check when considering a Point of Sale software package. Do your research before you buy and reduce the stress after you buy.

Easy access to POS software training all through the holiday period

Thanks to a large library of training videos, including new titles added just this month, retailers using our Point of Sale software have access to a valuable resource for training of new employees and topping up existing knowledge with a refresh view.

The investment in additional training videos this year has paid off with excellent traffic for our video resources with many being viewed hundreds of times in a matter of days after publishing.

Making videos accessible through our website as well as through YouTube makes it easy for people to access these resources.

Comparing our video suite to others has become a useful way of comparing software companies. Anyone can announce that they have training videos – it takes genuine commitment to deliver an ever expanding library.

Helping retailers with a busy weekend

While many of us at Tower Systems are out and about with Christmas shopping this weekend, we have a team on call for urgent assistance requests from our customers.

With extra staff on and a significant jump in customer traffic, it’s understandable that queries from retailers increase for us at this time.

We’re here and ready to help.  We prepared our customers by sending out fresh copies of our support contact card making sure that everyone has out details in a public place in their businesses.

Point of Sale software companies are service businesses and as such are only as good as the last service contact. Making ourselves accessible is key to the service we deliver to our customers.

Helping retailers manage Christmas cash-flow through POS software

We have been helping our retail customers to better manage Christmas cash-flow through a number of services and initiatives. With Christmas sales volume, and therefore cash, often double and triple the cash-flow of other times in the year, retailers need to make the most of the opportunity.

From sales cash management to broadband EFTPOS integration to tight sales counter controls, retailers using our Point of Sale software are able to impose controls that even casual employees hired for the Christmas season are able to follow. This is most important given the number of casual employees brought in for the season.

Tracking sales and other key data points through a busy Christmas season helps any small and independent retail business to not let the season get ahead of the owners. Good data and management of the data enables the business to ensure it leverages the data for the best possible return.

Tower Systems provides a range of advice and support to retailers to make the most of Christmas and to ensure that the business achieves the best return possible.

Retailers leverage store-branded gift cards this Christmas thanks to smart Point of Sale software

Christmas 2012 has seen more retailers embrace store-branded gift card opportunities thanks to the work we have done in delivering access to quality personalised cards for retailers using our Point of Sale software.

Our assistance with gift cards ranges from providing advice through our help desk to retailers wanting to use gift cards through to designing gift cards from scratch to meet the needs of client businesses and arranging for these to be manufactured.

Our holistic approach to gift cards has enabled more of our retail customers to be ready for Christmas gift card opportunities. This has delivered another POS software value add for the retailers who have embraced the opportunity.

In offering their own store-brand gift card, retailers are able to capture a sale when a customer likes the shop but is not able to choose a gift for the recipient. It locks the sale in.

Key to success is professionally designed and produced gift cards.

POS software helps retailers track Christmas performance year on year

We have been helping retailers stay on top of retail performance this Christmas season compared to Christmas sales for the same period a year ago.

Thanks to a host of business performance comparison reports, retailers using our Point of Sale software are able to check the progress of sales this Christmas. This is important in businesses where seasonal sales deliver the largest portion of return for the year.

To ensure that we provide valued help to retailers through the Christmas season we have ensured that our support team members have up to date knowledge on processes for undertaking the year on year comparisons in our software.

Point of Sale software helps Christmas promotion by retailers

Our Point of Sale software offers many facilities for promoting a retail business.  Here are some of the ways our retail business customers find useful at Christmas time:

  1. Coupons on receipts. These can be served based on what is in the sale.  Make your own or use one of the coupons which we have loaded on our website.   Use your receipts to attract shoppers back into your store.  You can have multiple receipts setup and in use at any one time.
  2. Two for one, three for two etc. Use your software to offer discounts for volume purchases. Your sales staff need do nothing since the software can track the offer and apply the discounted pricing for quantity purchase. You can make this for one item or a whole catalogue. Also, you can run multiple offers at any one time or over times which crossover.
  3. Trawl your data. Track what sells with what. The 10×10 report is excellent for this, it lists the top ten items sold with the top ten items sold. See what customers buying your top ten items are likely to buy, place these near the top sellers so more will buy them. Just looking at this data will unlock more opportunities for you.
  4. Gift cards. Give your customers something they can buy for family and friends which locks in business for you. Gift cards only work if the giver feels that the recipient will find something they like at the store – your store.
  5. Email / TXT message marketing. Use our marketing tools to create a marketing list based on the flexible criteria available to you.
  6. On screen up-sell. Use your POS screen to guide employee on up-sell opportunities for specific products. This is easy to setup and can drive good business.
  7. Diary reminder. If you sell diaries, print a sticker and reminding the diary user to visit your store and order a replacement diary in September or October.
  8. Loyalty marketing. Reward customers for spending more than usual, reward them for EXTRA EFFORT. Using the loyalty facilities, you are able to accrue points for customers and offer these as a form of currency. The system tracks points and lets customers know balances etc on receipts and via correspondence generated by the software.

This is what we do, we help retailers build smarter, more efficient and more valuable retail businesses. We do this through our POS software and through the advice we regularly provide on the benefits within our software. It’s all part of the Tower Advantage TM.

Retailers use POS software receipts to spread Christmas cheer

christmasgreetings_recepitprinter.jpgWe offer retailers using  our Point of Sale software have access to free artwork for a range of on receipt promotions and messages. One such message is for Christmas. Its an easy way for a retail business to share Christmas greetings with shoppers.

Artwork, created by our in-house marketing team, is available from our website for our customers to use on receipts.

Our Point of Sale software makes it easy for our customers to serve the printing of images like this on receipts – making these business documents an extention of the retail store’s customer communication and marketing and therefore more valuable.

It is small steps like this – messages on receipts – that retailers can use to better connect with shoppers without spending more money on labour or IT infrastructure. It’s smart retail management and good customer service.

Beyond the POS software itself, Tower Systems is always looking for ways to help our retail customers build stronger and more valuable relationships with shoppers.

Christmas newsletter for Point of Sale software user retailers

We have mailed our December 2012 newsletter to retailers using our Point of Sale software to share Christmas cheer and a range of practical advice designed to add value to their relationship with our software.

This latest newsletter is timely for the Christmas season as it features information abut retail business security. Christmas is a busy time for customer and employee theft but sadly this is often not discovered until later.

Our monthly newsletter is a professional communication with our retail customers. It’s informative, practical and professional – a great window on the Tower AdvantageTM.

Included with this newsletter are two cards with all of our contact details – to ensure easy access to our help desk over the Christmas / New Year period.

POS software TVC connects with Christmas high for retailers

The TV commercial we have been running nationally over the last three weeks to promote our Point of Sale software has been resonating with our target market of small and independent retailers. We have received calls, messages and emails from existing customers with compliments regarding the ad.

We are thrilled with the ad and the public face it puts on our company and the services we offer small and independent retailers.

Some of the retailers we have spoken with as a result of the ad have commented on the appropriateness of pitching to retailers in the busy Christmas trading period. It’s when efficiency is on their mind – how to better manage without increasing the resources.

It is software like ours that helps a retailer leverage Christmas trading for the maximum year-round benefit.

Click here to see the ad we have produced.

The TV ad caps of a busy 2012 for us, a year in which we have welcomed well over 200 to our user community, released important and appreciate software updates and expanded our in-house team to deliver better outcomes to our customers.

Point of Sale software helps retailers leverage Christmas Lay-By success

Plenty of retailers using our Point of Sale software have been enjoying the Lay-By facilities this Christmas retail season.

Our POS software Lay-By (Lay Away) facilities give small and independent retailers facilities equal to those used successfully for decades by national retail chains to capture and lock-in Christmas purchases by shoppers.

Thanks to smart lay-By management, connected marketing and a host of other facilities, small and independent retailers are competing with bigger retailers and leveraging Lay-By opportunities for a more successful Christmas trading period.

This is a perfect example of where good use of good Point of sale software helps small retailers extract premium value from the use of the software. Here at Tower Systems we help by providing access to good training and support in the use of the LayBy facilities.

Using your POS software to easily manage Christmas hampers

Christmas is a perfect time of the year for hampers and the Tower Systems Point of Sale software is perfect for managing hampers – helping retailers make the most from the hamper opportunity.

Using our POS software, retailers can track exactly what is in each hamper and if the hamper does not sell they can easily return the items to individual item status.

Our hamper software has been used for years is a range of retail situations: gift shops, garden centres, homewares shops, jewellers, bike shops, newsagencies and party shops. we have an excellent track record for working in a wide range of situations.

The hamper facilities serve all from the simplest of needs through to the most complex, from large hampers to small.

In addition to easier selling, the hamper facilities in our Point of Sale software also provide excellent performance reporting, enabling management to make more informed decisions about future engagement with the hamper opportunity.

How to turn 2012 Christmas sales in your retail business into more business in 2013

Retailers making good use of smart POS software are more likely to leverage business gains in 2013 from 2013 Christmas sales than those who use their point of sale systems as a glorified cash register.

How so?

Best practice retailers using our Point of Sale software will use the loyalty facilities to harvest shopper data. They will, through 2013, use that shopper data to market to their customers through carefully targeted campaigns.

So, which Christmas is about selling as much as you can at the best possible margin, it is also about storing everything you can for the following year.

Tower Systems provides practical help to retailers, guiding them to do more with their software through free training and a host of rich training and support resources … so that they can make more money in the year after a good Christmas retail season.

The Tower sales team will show retailers how they can do this. the Tower support team will show any existing customers how they can do this.

Retailers love $500 Gift card POS software offer

The Tower Systems $500 gift card offer pitched to retailers as part of our Christmas 2012 celebration is being embraced by small and independent retailers on a couple of fronts.

Retailers love the opportunity to save money and that’s what this card helps them do. $500 off the cost of a POS system is a genuine discount – available for a short time.

Retailers love seeing gift cards work with our POS software. This $500 gift card from us has been designed to show off the process of selling and redeeming gift cards. There is nothing quite like helping a prospective user of our POS software experience some of the benefits to their business first-hand.

Pitched as part of our promotional campaign across various retail channels, the Christmas 2012 gift card promotion is a wonderful and practical way of showing off a commercially valuable opportunity delivered within our software.

The Tower Systems Point of Sale software has served gift cards for many years. The company also offers a personalised gift card design and manufacture service.

Garden Centre POS software help

Garden Centre software company Tower Systems has published a video to its garden centre and nursery customers with five ways they can save time using the smart software.

Developed specifically for garden centres, this free training video will help users of the Tower POS software to tap into time saving opportunities and thereby get more form the use of the software.

This latest video is part of a series focussing on time saving opportunities for each market niche using the Tower software. The result is better returns from the use of the software.

Tower Systems customers have access to a library of training videos produced in-house by the company. retailers and retail employees like that they can watch a training video as often as they like, thereby mastering the software. The video library is especially valuable for new employees.

Serial number tracking valuable to multiple retail channels

The serial number tracking services available through our Point of Sale software are proving to be invaluable in a range of retail situations.

Using serial number tools, retailers are able to track individual items sold to meet regulatory record-keeping requirements as well as track items for the benefit of the customer and the business in terms of warraty and other future activity around a specific item purchased.

Developed with jeweller and bike shop retailers originally, the serial number tracking tools in our POS software have been enhanced to meet evolving needs of retailers. We have ensured that the facilities meet needs of more retail channels, giving them peace of mind that they can track sales at the item level for reporting to authorities, suppliers, warranty providers and customers.

Serial number tracking requires accuracy and focus in serving the needs of the retailer, customer and other parties. Achieving this without negatively impacting the traffic flow at the counter is a challenge we address in our software.

retailers using our software can also find previous sales by searching using a serial number.

In addition to specifically serving the needs of tracking serial numbers of items sold, the software tools also work well in areas with similar needs. The software gives even more flexibility to the overall Point of Sale software package.

Helping garden centres and nursery businesses save time with POS software

Tower Systems last published a new training video to its garden centre software customers.

Offering practical advice on time-saving opportunities available to garden centres using our software, this training video is another example of us going beyond traditional software support and delivering practical business management advice.

The video is accessible to anyone from the garden centre landing page on our website.

We released two new training videos last week, further enhancing the suite of video based training resources available for our customers.

Taking loyalty to the next level with smart POS software

We are advanced in the development of a new loyalty facility for retailers using our Point of Sale software.

This new facility has been developed with several customers as well as our own retail shops. We are very excited to be close to delivering something fresh and exciting which retailers will be able to use to bring shoppers back sooner than usual.

The new facilities are best practice, valuable and certain to drive greater bottom line success for our retail partners.

This new facility is something others will want to copy. Indeed they will have to copy it to be competitive.  We will live with this knowing that innovation has its costs and copying is one of those.

Our Tower AdvantageTM customers will be first to get the new loyalty facility and they will continue to have access to our excellent current various loyalty facilities.

We are excited to be counting down the days to the release of this genuinely innovative new facility.

Free Point of Sale training this week

Independent small business retailers we work with have four more free Point of Sale software training opportunities this week:

  • Getting started with a Customer Display 20 Nov 2012, 11:00AM
  • How to process an invoice arrival 20 Nov 2012, 02:00PM
  • Getting started with Multi-Store 22 Nov 2012, 11:00AM
  • How to import Stock Files & Invoices 22 Nov 2012, 02:00PM

Each workshop is live and interactive. The sessions are designed for people using our software. This is why we make them accessible from any PC so that employees can access the training from home and in their own time.

Customer service is the vital point of difference for any software company

We love getting feedback from our customers, especially retailers who switch from another POS software product to ours. We especially love the unsolicited feedback months in, once a customer has had an opportunity to experience the day to day with us compared to their old POS software company.

One of our more recent customers shared this with us:

I was so despondent when I came to you as I was certain that you would be as bad as the previous two companies. You have restored my faith in software companies. I now believe what you told me, that not all software companies are the same. So, yes, I am glad I switched to Tower, very glad.

Now we can’t share their name here but this retailer is very happy having joined us after two pretty poor software support experiences form other POS software companies,

We live by the belief that we are only as good as our last support call. Believing this focuses our attention on each support call, making sure the experience is authentic, valuable and trustworthy. We know that this means as much to you as it does to us.

Helping retailers manage employees through POS software

Managing employees in retail businesses can be a challenge, especially where the owner is not able to be in the business all the time.

The Tower Systems Point of Sale software offers access to some excellent employee management tools, some known and others hidden and known only to the business owners.

Through these smart business management tools, retail business owners and managers are able to: manage rosters, track employee sales, track employee activity, motivate employees, guide employee training and help employees better serve customers on the retail shop floor.

Helping retail employees to reach their full potential for a business can be liberating for them and for the business. This is a terrific win win and we are here to help our retail partners to achieve this.

Garden centre management software opportunity

We are thrilled to be promoting the latest release of our Garden Centre software with a fresh postcard sent this week to all garden centres in Australia.

The fresh marketing collateral designed by for the campaign reflects the garden centre specific nature of the software and that what we are delivering is a fresh solution.

Too often POS software is presented in a geeky boring fashion. Our approach is to show through our marketing how attuned we are to the needs of our specialist marketplaces, like garden centres and nursery businesses.

Using our software, garden centres can tap into benefits way beyond fast and accurate transacting of sales. They can nurture a valuable shopper database, better connect with suppliers and leverage business data for future seasonal success.

Our new postcard is in the mail and will hit in the next couple of days. We are rushing toward 100 garden centres as customers. To get here within two years is a proud achievement for us.