Tower Systems promotes Newsagency of the Future workshops

Tower Systems is funding Newsagency of the Future workshops for more cities. These sessions will explore changes which will affect the newsagency channel in the next few years, new traffic opportunities and changes newsagents can make today to improve their future. They will also spend time on the magazine supply model and open discussion about the proposed magazine supply rule changes.

Each session is free and open to any newsagent. The dates are as follows:

Click on the link for each city to book or book by emailing

There will be more locations and dates added including TAS, WA, Cairns and Newcastle.

Our goal is for you to have practical steps you can take right away and new information to consider in your business planning.

Tower Systems helps newsagents compete with supermarkets through newsagency software

Talk to any small business newsagent today and they will tell you about renewed competition from supermarkets. Thanks to our ownership of newsagency businesses we have insights and experience we can leverage to help Tower Systems newsagency customers through our industry standard newsagency software.

Through our newsagency management software and the customer service which backs the software we can help newsagents reflect a point of difference they can leverage against competitor supermarkets.

The leverage opportunities in our software and services are unique to us. We’re not writing about them in detail here because to do so would give followers something to do.

The purpose of this post is to remind our customers we can help in non-traditional ways, ways on which you can bank to leverage a point of difference over businesses you worry about and see as too big to compete with.

Our management team is here for you with advice, training and assistance for you to use our industry standard software to compete efficiently and effectively.

Tower Systems helps newsagents on magazine supply

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.50.14 amTower Systems helped develop the most comprehensive response on behalf of small business newsagents to a conference hosted by the ACCC on magazine supply arrangements.

The issue at the core of the conference was a proposed trial of new magazine supply rules which would not provide newsagents with any opportunity to be more competitive than the current arrangements which newsagents say, and we agree, make them uncompetitive against supermarkets.

Only Tower Systems and newsxpress petitioned the ACCC for the conference. It is because of these that the ACCC hosted the historic conference in which more than thirty participated in several states.

Tower Systems updated newsagents with an email about the conference this morning.

Aussie POS software helps small business retailers grow

Small business retailers want to grow, who doesn’t? With rent and labour costs increasing each year, growth is mission critical. POS software company Tower Systems helps its customers grow by providing advice on how to use the software to grow.

As retailers ourselves we can provide practical advice on how to use the software to more than transact sales, we can help retailers use the software to grow their businesses. We do this every day on our help desk, through our consulting services, through our knowledge base and through our business mentoring assistance.

We encourage, guide, educate and support our small business retailer customers in their desire to grow their businesses. it’s something we take serviceably.

Even on the weekend. Take today, Saturday … we have been helping one business owner understand opportunities in their slow selling inventory pool to unlock cash and space for more productive use.

We are serious in our commitment to small business retailers from our software through to the practical advice and support we provide.

Tower Systems proud to fight for fairer treatment of small business newsagents

Newsagency software company is proud to have lodged a submission to a draft determination of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in relation to a trial of a new model of magazine supply.

Click here to download the Tower Systems submission.

Our submission is made as part of our commitment to help our customers and their colleagues – across a range of retail channels.

Tower Systems helping newsagents and their suppliers

Tower Systems is in the middle of hosting a series of newsagency supplier forums up the eastern Seaboard of Australia – to provide suppliers with an opportunity to discuss the newsagency channel and to explore how to list the level of engagement.

These free sessions are running well with plenty of supplier engagement among a diverse group of industry suppliers.

This is another way Tower Systems is investing in the newsagency channel.

Newsagents hurt by IT compliance failure

Two weeks ago Tower Systems became aware of a problem for newsagents using software from another newsagency software company (not Tower) as a result of its handling of price correction advice from a specific magazine distributor.

Our understanding is that it is only users of this other software package (not Tower) affected. The result is newsagents using this other software fail part of the industry data standard compliance criteria which is assessed continuously.

With users of only one software company affected, it appears that software company needs to modify its software to behave as all other newsagency software products do.

On hearing of the problem we went back to the IT standard. We think we can see how our competitor may have not fully embraced the standard and if so this could explain the situation they find themselves in today.

Newsagents are asking questions about responsibility for the problem and how they can claw back failures which they say are no fault of their own. The compliance rules are such that gifting them compliance when they did not comply could create challenges for the suppliers involved.

All this matters for newsagents as compliance is a key factor in lucrative newsagency of the year awards. The compliance failure denies affected stores points and points are the currency of consideration for the awards.

Our approach to industry standards is to encourage suppliers and software companies to all meet at the same time in the same place to discuss and agree on a common goal. Unfortunately others don’t agree with this, they prefer to meet alone with supplier representatives. Their disagreement leads to situations whereby different software companies can have different take aways from these private discussions. This is not good for industry standards.

Update: since we published this post earlier today, another software company has written and published material which appears to be related to this topic, information which is, in our opinion, misleading.

Helping newsagent suppliers help newsagents

newssessTower Systems is funding an opportunity for newsagent suppliers to meet in three states to discuss and work on the health of the newsagency channel and explore how they can help newsagents grow their businesses.

The Newsagent Supplier Forum has been in development for some months and is open to all suppliers to participate. Our hospitality extends to our software company competitors – we want the sessions to as broadly based as possible.

Newsagents think they are doing it tough and while some are for others it is a mindset thing. We hope the focus can help navigate a path ahead which benefits newsagents, their employees and newsagent suppliers.

Click here to book.

Funding these sessions is another way we can give back to our customers.

Newsagency software co. Tower Systems to host newsagency supplier round table

Tower Systems is inviting newsagent suppliers to register to participate in one of two supplier round table discussions we are hosting in three weeks.

We are keen for suppliers to participate in a discussion about the state of the newsagency channel and how they can help newsagents weather rough waters.

The very latest newsagency sales trends by product category will be shared. Data points will include basket depth, basket mix, traffic counts, anticipated store closure rates, growth categories, factors newsagents are considering when contemplating closure.

We decided to host the forum because of the spate of closures already this year and because of supplier representatives talking in negative terms about the channel. There are ways newsagents can grow. Suppliers can nurture optimism and guide newsagents through the difficult times.

If you are concerned about the future of the newsagency channel, come along and participate. It’s free.

Access to the round table is free. Any supplier rep is welcome to attend.

Let’s make the newsagency channel stronger together!


POS software company helps small business newsagents confront challenges

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.32.37 amTower Systems is proud to be offering practical advice and guidance for small business newsagents on how to confront the possibility of business closure.

In a comprehensive article, Tower has shared advice on how to understand the challenges a newsagency faces today and offered steps on turning the business around and stepping back from the thought of closure.

Going beyond what is usual advice you see from a POS software company, this advice from Tower Systems is practical and heartfelt as it seeks to help and support retail newsagents to navigate to a brighter, more sustainable, future. It’s another Tower AdvantageTM.

Going beyond providing excellent software, Tower Systems helps any newsagent with insights and support at the local business level.

Not only for the 1,850+ newsagents using the Tower newsagency software, this advice has been widely circulated to help more.

POS software helping newsagents and gift shops make the most of Valentine’s Day

valvalPOS software company Tower Systems is helping newsagents and card and gift shops to make the most of Valentine’s Day with terrific facilities for putting items together into a pack and selling that as a whole and usually at a deal price for the shopper.

The ability to make packs / hampers / package deals has been in the Tower systems software for many years.

It is also used in Jeweller businesses, bike shops, pet shops and garden centres.

Retailers love it because it maintains excellent stock control throughout. Retail staff love it because it makes selling easy. Shoppers love it because of the ease with which they can usually get a deal.

This facility is another way Tower Systems helps independent retailers to grow their businesses.

POS software co. helps small business newsagents with Disney promotion

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.24.33 pmNewsagency software company Tower Systems has provided excellent support for newsagents in the run up to the launch of the disney read to me promotion with its major newspapers around the counter. This help from Tower has included publishing specialist advice, working directly with News Corp on data and information, publishing a tested and proven stock file, taking many calls with newsagents and testing advice and help in our own live newsagencies.

This is another example of extraordinary support for Australia’s small business newsagents by the Tower Systems team.

POS software from Tower Systems helps newsagents with newspaper price changes

Newsagency software company Tower Systems has provided advice and help for newsagents to be ready for the price changes coming next week for price changes to some News Corp. newspapers. Newsagents tell us they like that they can control when the changes are applied as this allows them to have more control over the management of their business.

Our advice is easy to follow, peer-reviewed and shared with the publisher.

Smart newsagency software helps newsagents restructure their businesses

The latest newsagency sales benchmark study shows Tower Newsagents embracing change in their businesses. Of the 1,850 newsagents partnered with Tower Systems and its newsagency software, many who participated in the latest newsagency sales benchmark study show in their data the transition of their businesses, they show they are using the facilities of the software to drive change and make the most of the opportunities presented in the specialist newsagency management software.

Tower Systems helps newsagents get more form the software through weekly free online training workshops, free one on one training, a professional help desk and experienced newsagency business management advice.

Owning and operating newsagencies helps Tower Systems speak from experience in a way no other POS software company can. This is another example of the Tower AdvantageTM.

Free POS software training for newsagents on magazine management

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 7.52.15 amThe latest free online training from Tower Systems on newsagency magazine management for newsagents using the Tower newsagency software is fully booked.

Tower Systems is scheduling more instances of this workshop to satisfy demand from newsagents who love this and other free software training from the company.

Best practice management management training will help newsagents save time on managing magazines. It will also help improve business outcomes for them.

Tower Systems is the only newsagency software company running online business management training line this with consistency throughout the year.

Newsagency software company Tower Systems shares insights from US magazine and newspaper retailing study

magNewsagency software experts from newsagency software company Tower Systems have been sharing insights from their recent study tour of the US which took in conferences in Las Vegas, Atlanta and New York.

The insights include business services areas unique to the sale and management of print media products. There are many US experiences which play out into the Australia marketplace needs.

In Australia, Tower serves more than 1,850 newsagencies using its software, making it the market leader by 300%. Tower takes this position seriously and invests in overseas study and overseas supplier engagement to be ready to serve as trends evolve and new opportunities develop.

The two-week trip unlocked some terrific opportunities for 2015 which the company has already commenced actioning.

For commercial reasons we will not share any comprehensive outcomes here as these are best deployed to our customers for their and our commercial advantage.

Sunday retail business management tip: roster staff for commercial success

Rostering is a vitally important business activity in indecent retail businesses. Get it right and you save money. Get it wrong and your bottom-line suffers.

Retailers using the Point of Sale software from Tower Systems can roster employees based on their contribution to the business. Using the tools in the software can result in better rosters, rosters which deliver a more valuable contribution to the business.

This is just one way POS software which offers roster facilities can genuinely benefit a business – save time and help driver better earnings. It is another way good POS software pays for itself.

Tower Systems helps retailers drive better outcomes through rostering and other facilities delivered in its software for a range of specialist independent retail channels.

Australian magazine publishers encouraged to improve barcode placement consistency

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.29.09 amThe Australian Newsagency Blog has called on Australian magazine publishers to locate barcodes in a consistent place on magazine covers.

We support this push. It would improve sales efficiency and cut returns processing time for our 1,850+ newsagency business customers.

The current placement of barcodes costs newsagents and other retailers time and money. The proposed change would benefit all stakeholders. This is why Tower Systems supports it.

Newsagency sales benchmark study announced

Tower Systems has announced details of its next newsagency sales benchmark study – covering trade from October through december 2014 and compared to trade in 2014.

The Tower newsagency sales benchmark is the most comprehensive study of newsagency shopping basket data. It is also the longest running benchmark study.

All Tower newsagents have been invited to participate in the latest benchmark study. the results will be published later this month.

Tower Systems helps newsagents with prepaid Visa issues

Tower Systems has been on the front foot with a prepaid Visa vending issue. the Tower newsagency software itself is not the problem. No, the problem is out of the US business from where the prepaid Visa product is sourced. From what we understand any software vending product from the supplier has the problem.

A conference call with the US supplier has been organised for overnight tonight thanks to the Tower Systems engagement.

UPDATE: The problem is now resolved thanks to the US being alerted by us.

Training for POS Solutions users switching to Tower Systems

In response to the number of newsagents switching to Tower Systems for their newsagency software we are scheduling help for former POS Solutions users. We have specialists on our team who understand both systems and can make it easier for former POS users to settle into our software and thereby feel comfortable sooner with the switch.

Serving close to 1,900 newsagents today, Tower is well resourced to help newsagents switch from other software – we have plenty of newsagent customers keen to help too.

Tower Systems helps newsagents make their businesses more valuable

Plenty of newsagents among the 1,900 newsagents using the Tower Systems newsagency software are leveraging the business growth and development tools unique to the software.

These tools present newsagents with opportunities bend what is traditional for newsagents up to now.

Giving newsagents access to new suppliers, new payment methods, online options and four different and valuable loyalty options provides newsagents with choices that can make their businesses more valuable.

We are thrilled with reports from newsagents of double digit growth that can be traced back to their use of facilities in our newsagency software. In one case, graphing sales over a two year period demonstrates powerfully the moment when business growth took off, it was when they embraced a facility in the Tower software and leveraged the free training we provided on how to use this.

Tower Systems is actively engaged with its customers, focussing on how to best use the software to make businesses more valuable.

POS software loyalty program video helps retailers drive sales

Discount VouchersPOS software experts Tower Systems have produced a video on how to use the the front-end loyalty offer of Discount Vouchers to drive sales. Explaining exactly how vouchers work and how to use them in retail, the video is a perfect tutorial on growing your retail business using leading edge smart loyalty tools. Packed with evidence, examples and facts, the video is a must-see for any retailer wanting to grow their business.

The Tower POS software offers points based loyalty as well as group retail linked loyalty but it is the discount vouchers program that is driving exceptional year on year growth.

This video provides evidence of the growth the vouchers are helping retailers to achieve.

The professionally produced video is another from the in-house team at Tower Systems.