Free POS software training for retail business employees

The Tower Systems Training Academy offers retail business owners and employes the ability to learn our POS software at their own pace and in their own location.

Business owners and employees using the Tower software can learn how to use the software when and where they want without having to pay extra for the privilege.

The training helps ensure new employees learn the software properly and it provides existing employees the ability to refresh knowledge and learn more.

With retail changing and demands on business owners and their employees growing, good knowledge is vital to efficient and profitable newsagency management.

Professionally produced in-house by Tower Systems and peer-reviewed, this training program is accessed through curriculum platform just released on the Tower website.

This wonderful online training resource is another Tower AdvantageTM.


Small business retailer cash flow advice meeting fully booked

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.54.56 amSmall business retailers using our Tower Systems Point of Sale software have booked out our cash flow advice training workshop tomorrow. The final session of our live online training workshops for this year, it is a thrill to see so many business owners interested in freeing up cash so close to the Christmas season.

In each of the training sessions offered this year, our training team has focussed on topics that will immediately benefit small business retailers – helping them to leverage technology for better business outcomes.

That retailers happily book and participate is a thrill for us as it helps them get more from their software and that is the key goal of these FREE training sessions.

The comprehensive regular online training from Tower Systems is an appreciated point of difference offered by Tower. Customers benefit from learning and we benefit from active feedback in a group satiation where our users can talk with each other and we can learn. It’s proving to be a wonderful two-way resource in 2014.

reflecting on our live training workshops for 2014, we are pleased to have delivered on our promises and proven that our blog posts here about what we will do are acted on for the benefit of our customers.


Old style POS software user meetings loved by small business retailers

sydmeetTower Systems has been hosting POS software user meetings around Australia over the last three weeks.

Years ago software companies used to run user meetings regularly. Today, few companies offer them. They are a point of difference for us.

We find the sessions are excellent for two-way discussion. We learn as much from our customers as they learn from what we share. It’s terrific.

This latest round of user meetings has offered training on the software, answered many questions and shared business building advice that will help our customers make more money in their businesses.

Access to the sessions has been free and it includes a tasty breakfast to keep them fuelled.


Helping small business retailers manage to reduce theft

cuttheftRetailers using the Tower Systems POS software are embracing our latest online training opportunities including the How to cut theft in your retail business live and interactive workshop coming up on August 7.  This session will fill up. We have more coming on the schedule.

Tower Systems demonstrates its commitment to consistent access to free post-installation training with workshops like this one, workshops that are valuable to retailers using our software.

Theft – employee theft and customer theft – continues to have a high cost for small and independent retailers. Tower Systems actively helps retailers to recent the impact of theft through personal training like this latest workshop. Being for owners only, we have a safe place where we can take people deep into the theft mitigation facilities in our software.


The easy way to learn how to use POS software – for retailers & retail employees

towertrainingTower Systems makes it easy for retailers and retail business employees to learn its smart POS software when and where they want through a comprehensive cloud based POS software Training Academy.

Through this exclusive to Tower academy users are able to learn the whole software or just the part of the software they are interested in at that time.

Customers tell us they love this resource and appreciate the investment we make in maintaining it as useful for all retail niches we serve.

The Training Academy is exclusive to Tower and serves as a valuable point of difference – winning new business for us.


Retailers loving free POS software EOFY training

Retailers using our POS software are loving the current series of free EOFY training. Covering a range of areas including business requirements as well as how our software can help our training related to the end of the financial year is so popular that we have had to schedule additional sessions. Additional (bonus) sessions are:

  • 24th June at 11.00AM for Doing a Stock take
  • 26th June at 11.00AM for End of Financial Year Procedures

Great free POS software training opportunities coming up

pos-software-trainingTower Systems is thrilled to offer more live POS software training opportunities to retailers in coming weeks, offering a consistently regular free training to users in a broad range of topics – including new topics just added.

Tower customers can brows the list of training on the training portal of our website. They can book online and add it to their calendar online. All very easy.

The sessions themselves are live, interactive and professional. Showing off an excellent point of difference for Tower Systems customers.


More POS software training opportunities for March

pos-software-trainingRetailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software have been given more free online training opportunities in March with the release last week of new live workshop topics … and in a few hours the sessions started to fill with  retailers using the Tower software jumping on opportunities.

We select topics for training based on an analysis of help desk call reasons, knowledge base searches and customer feedback. This ensures that training is being offered in areas of need and interest among our customers.

The latest series of workshops has been promoted through our website, via our help desk and through an email sent to our customers. Access to the live training workshops is completely free including the phone call for audio participation.


POS software training curriculum in full use

usertrainvidEven though retail businesses are busy with Christmas selling, plenty of retailers and their employees using our smart POS software are taking the opportunity to complete modules in our POS software training curriculum.  Using our guided self-pased online training – at a time and place that suits them – retailers and their employees are learning more how to use the software.

The image shows some of the training undertaken in the last week by one person from one business using our software.

Our offering of a comprehensive online self-serve training curriculum that is backed by live assistance and guidance is a valuable point of difference for us. We are proud of our investment and the continuing enhancement of the resources available through our online training facility.

This training is another reason for retailers comparing software to choose Tower. Being able to learn when and where you want and to repeat learning as much as you want – all for no extra cost- is loved by retailers who want to make the most of their IT investment.


POS software training opportunities help small business retailers

Tower Systems last week released details of its POS software user training workshop program for October 2013. The latest training workshops, delivered live and interactive through our professional Web-Ex services, is available for booking now by Tower AdvantageTM customers.

By publishing the details of the training well i advance our customers can better plan their diaries.

Bookings are made online through our training portal from where you can update your calendar. Our approach is another example of a much-loved point of difference from Tower Systems.

The latest training workshops cover an excellent mix of topics.


Sunday small business retailer management advice: free training helps you grow your business

Retailers using the free Tower Advantage training available through the Tower Systems website love the 130+ fresh and professionally made videos that explain in detail how to use our Point of Sale software in each of the retail marketplaces for which we have versions.

Promoted with a quirky animated video on our website, the Tower Advantage Training is an exclusive and valuable suite of training that retailers tell us helps them make more for their business from their computer system.

Tower Systems customers can choose their marketplace and then select learning streams. Videos are short, easily replayed and accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Retailers love this free training.


Retailers love the free one-on-one training from our POS software company

Retailers using our Point of Sale software and who are covered by our Tower AdvantageTM software support package have access to free one-on-one training every year, for years after they install our software. The training can cover any aspect of our POS software.

We have customers who have used the software for ten years taking up the free training to learn more about parts of the software they have never visited. we have others using the training to learn more about our amazing reporting tools.

The training is schedule to suit the timing requirements of our customers. And it is genuinely one-on-one, making it personalised for our customers. This is a bonus where people can get questions specific to their business answered.

To encourage our customers to take up the free offer we have promoted it in our print and email newsletters and through help desk contact. This is a service we want to see used, so that our customers get more from their technology investment.

This free one-on-one POS software training is another point of difference for Tower Systems.


More retail employees benefit from comprehensive video training curriculum

More and more retail employees working in businesses using our Point of Sale software are enjoying and benefiting from our comprehensive video based training.

Made up of more than 130 videos, access to the library is guided through a web based curriculum facility we have developed that tracks videos watched y employee per business. This gives retailers visibility over employee engagement and can help with better management of team members.

Everyone completing a curriculum will be provided a professional certificate of achievement – something that will be a good addition to any resume pack.

The development of the certificate is another level of thoughtfulness by Tower Systems of those engaged in the professional training being delivered through this program to small business retailers and their employees.

The training program is unique for small business retailers like newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops and garden centres. It’s been delivered as a result of considerable investment by Tower Systems.


Free live training in Point of Sale software for retailers and employees

Tower Systems is offering a host of live training opportunities for retailers using its Point of Sale software in July. These live online workshops are available to businesses using the Tower software anywhere in the world.

While several sessions have already been delivered, the company has the following sessions available between now and the end of the month:

  • Doing a Stocktake 9 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • How to Cut Theft in your Business 11 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • Best Practice for Magazine Management 16 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • Using SMS and Email Alerts in Retailer 18 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • Smart Marketing 23 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • Using Early Returns Effectively 25 Jul 2013, 02:00PM

These sessions are in addition to free one on one training opportunities as well as our vast and exclusive video based training curriculum.

The total training package from Tower Systems is flexible, accessible at a variety of times and locations to suit retailers and their employees.


End of financial year videos popular with POS software users

The three new training videos added by Tower Systems to its Point of Sale software Training Academy curriculum have made preparing for the end of financial year easier – judging by user engagement. The three new videos that enhanced the training opportunities for retailers are:

  • 30.1 Performing A Stocktake
  • 30.2 Performing A Spot Stocktake
  • 30.3 Stocktake Reports

In addition to these videos helping prepare our retail customers, we have continued our regular EOFY training workshops as well as our one on one advice and training for retailers.

This year more than ever, retailers partnering with tower Systems are ready for the end of the financial year.


Retail business productivity boost from free POS software training

Retailers and retail employees engaging with the  Tower Systems Training Academy will achieve a boost in productivity as they make better use of the smart retail management software.

Developed exclusively by Tower Systems and delivering best-practice training to Tower Systems customers, the comprehensive new training resources make the relationship with tower even more valuable.

In a WORLD FIRST for newsagents, gift shops, jewellers, bike retailers and other POS software users, business owners and employees using the Tower software can learn how to use the software when and where they want without having to pay extra for the privilege.

Separate curriculums have been developed for each retail channel, delivering retail channel specific specialist education.  The total training content available per retail channel is between seven and ten hours.

This exclusive new training resource includes more than 100 training videos for each marketplace. each video is brief, allowing comfortable digestion of the content.

Professionally produced in-house by Tower Systems and peer-reviewed, this training program is accessed through curriculum platform just released on the Tower website.

Access to this new training resource is free to all Tower AdvantageTM customers.

This is a genuine first from Tower Systems. While we have had training videos in the past, we have not offered complete curriculums with this much content and with the ability for a business owner to register employees and track progress.


Exclusive POS software Training Academy winning customers for Tower Systems

The exclusive Training Academy Tower Systems has created is winning new business for us. Retailers and their employees see the point of difference in the comprehensive and flexible training we offer for our Point of Sale software.

Perfectly supplementing the many live group and one on one training opportunities, our new vast training library is giving people learning opportunities when and where they want.

That we have assembled the training resources into curriculums to suit different retail channels and business needs is helping to focus attention on completing a body of training – to benefit way beyond a single need.

Our sales team is able to show training videos in presentations, proving our point of difference. What we have created is something that a competitor cannot respond to with spin or an announcement. The only way to compete would be to invest in professional training resources as we have and to back with with website delivery and curriculum management.  In the meantime, we’re happy to use our exclusive facility to win conversions and greenfield sites.


Expanding the Point of Sale software training academy for retailers and retail employees

Tower Systems has started production work on several more videos for its comprehensive Training Academy suite of videos. Taking the resources into new areas and beyond what is traditional for Point of Sale software, the new videos will help retailers and retail employees get more value from their Tower Systems software investment.

No one asked us to create the additional training resources, we decided on the new stream back when first planning for the comprehensive training library.  It was always our intent to go beyond the software itself.

The Training Academy is proving to be a valuable point of difference for us, delivering a comprehensive training resource that is genuinely unique and very professional. We’re proud and our customers are happy.


Achievement certificate for retail employees completing POS software training curriculum

Tower Systems will provide a personalised professionally prepared certificate of achievement to any retailer or retail business employee completing one of the curriculums available through the recently launched Tower Training Academy.

The certificate provides a practical representation of considerable study achievement into our Point of Sale software. It also adds value to a resume – attesting to the professional training that has been completed.

The development of the certificate is another level of thoughtfulness by Tower Systems of those engaged in the professional training being delivered through this program to small business retailers and their employees.

The training program is unique for small business retailers like newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops and garden centres. It’s been delivered as a result of considerable investment by Tower Systems.


New POS software training videos from Tower Systems

Tower Systems is adding three new training videos to its Training Academy curriculum from tomorrow. These three new videos further enhance the training opportunities for retailers using the tower Point of Sale software:

  • 30.1 Performing A Stocktake
  • 30.2 Performing A Spot Stocktake
  • 30.3 Stocktake Reports

We will continue to add videos, expanding the training curriculum for the benefit of our customers.


The best POS software company for user training opportunities

In addition to the excellent new video based, website accessible, training curriculum launched a few weeks ago, Tower Systems engages with its customers and others in its retail niches through an extensive range of free face to face and online training opportunities.

Second to none in each of its specialist marketplaces, the Tower suite of training is a valuable point of difference for Tower Systems and its partners.

As the image shows, plenty are engaging with the training opportunities, learning better abut how to use the software to their advantage.

By publishing its training schedule long in advance, retailers and retail employees can schedule their time to engage when it suits their feeds.


Helping retailers enjoy POS software best-practice training resource

Tower Systems has published an advice sheet to explain to retailers using its Point of Sale software how to access to extensive online training resource launched by the company.

This new advice sheet explains how to use our new website training facilities that were launched at the same time as the video training content.

This advice sheet itself speaks to the professionalism of the company in its approach to user training.  Click on the image to see a larger version. The content is easy to follow, professional and useful to anyone regardless of their technical expertise. This is a feature of all of the Tower Systems training materials including the new video resources – they take the user on a journey, building expertise and confidence.



Down in the detail with new Point of Sale software training

Here’s an example of the level of detail offered in the new Tower Systems Training Academy online training video resources. The images shows the starting shot of the setting up payment types training video. It takes the student through how to do this using the software.

The beauty of the training videos and they way they have been assembled with our exclusive online training portal is that retailers and retail employees can cover one subject or a whole curriculum. That is, if someone wants to learn how to setup payment types they can watch this video and be done. If they want to be properly trained on our software they can do the curriculum that includes this payment types video.

This is an excellent resource for our POS software retail partners, one which is already delivering value and drawing kudos.