Local garden centres matter.

While the mass merchants like Bunnings, Masters, K-Mart and others have a bigger budget, local garden centres have a bigger, deeper and more valuable connection with the local community.

When it really matters, the local specialist services of a good local garden centre beat big business every time.

Your local garden centre employs local people. Those people have local knowledge. You can build a relationship with them. You can trust their advice. You’re a friend, not another shopping basket through the door.

Buying from a local garden expert, someone whom you can trust, is better for the customer, better for the community and better for your garden. This is why local garden shops matter.

There is an authenticity you get from shopping in your local garden centre. The friendly service is because they are friendly and not because a manager somewhere is watching and rating them.

Buy from a big business and you are just a number with profits likely to land a long way from the local community.

Local garden centres employ people who love plants and the outdoors. They can enhance the experience with advice and other services. They share your passion. Your purchase is part of their passion.

Big businesses probably don’t know who you are. Your local garden centre staff will know you and your area. They can tell you where they source plants and other products from.

At your local garden centre you are greeted with a smile and a handshake. Personal service means a lot, especially if your purchase is important to you.

Here at Tower Systems we are proud to support local garden centres with local Australian software designed for them to help them provide a more valuable shopper experience. We encourage you to shop local when buying your for your garden.

The Tower Systems garden centre software is the most widely used garden centre specific software in Australia.