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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

How our POS software company is supporting small business retailers through COVID-19


We are grateful to our 3,000+ small business retail customers for their support.

Today at Tower Systems it is business as usual with the majority of our retailers open for business as essential services. Farm supply, produce, garden (veggie) centres, fishing and newsagency businesses are all providing healthy, safe and appreciated services to local.

To help them in unique times we have:

  1. Make our Retailer Roam portable POS software free.
  2. Made it free to relocate to a home office.
  3. Free extra licences for an additional location.
  4. Frozen support fees.
  5. Maintained full help desk services.
  6. Introduces a fast track service for POS software connected websites.
  7. Started delivering even more free online training.
  8. Moved our operations to team member homes for maximum safety.
  9. Guided retailers on ways to work on their business during a slow time.
  10. Hosting live small business retailer meetings – enabling retailers to connect with each other as a mental health support.
  11. Offering more personal support to indie retailers.

All of these things and more help our small business retailer community and right now there world is depending on small business retailers, they are genuinely the backbone of the economy, providing work, produce and other necessary items for sustenance – physically and emotionally.

We are helping in other ways, too. For exam please, we are working with several retailers on their covid pivot opportunity – pursuing new traffic opportunities through online, leveraging product categories that are new to their businesses.

Thanks to our advanced remote support and training services we are thrilled to be installing new rooftops through this, expanding our customer base as retailers select software made for their type of business. Our experts can train people in our software using smart tools – we have been doing this for years.

2020 is the year of small business. While big businesses are shutting, small business retailers are trading with safety and certainty. They are doing this as a community service first. Not profiting. Not being greedy., many are doing it with the owners themselves running the businesses. This is what small business owners do – they serve their communities in times of need.

Safety is the key. We see small business retailers being careful about customer contact in-store. Many are offering curbside pickup or home delivery – our software works a treat supporting this.

To our customers and our team members, thank you. All of us in small business are helping many people in our communities.

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