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The new normal for small business retail in this post lockdown world


The new normal for retail.

While the new normal is a cliche, it is true when considering retail for the back half of 2020 and beyond.

It is great news that businesses are reopening. However, the coronavirus is still there. This means that our retail businesses need to be safe. Our businesses need to be flexible in how we transact.

  • Being easily found online is critical.
  • Managing online sales efficiently and profitably are key.
  • Offering click and collect is essential.
  • Seamlessly connecting your physical shop and online is vital.
  • Being able to sell from anywhere as you take the business to where people are situated through home delivery and more.
  • Stocking what people want now matters.
  • Setting opening hours and your roster to maximise revenue matters.

These things matter. 

In our experience, prior to this year many small business retailers went online because they thought they should – usually, without a plan or a specific focus.

Now, being online properly and with focus is as critical to a retail business as having the right staff and the right stock.

Being online is fundamental to business success. This is the new normal.

We develop, sell and support POS software. It’s made for specialty retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand: farm supply, produce, fishing, toy, garden, bike, jeweller, homewares, gift, firearms, newsagent and adult.

Our POS software works from the counter, the shop floor, the car, the truck. We have solutions to help you sell anywhere.

We also develop, sell and support POS software connected websites. We do our work in Shopify or Magento – depending on the needs of the businesses. We also link to WooCommerce.

Shopify and Magento are used by more small business retailers than any other platforms.

We can help you with the new normal.

Tower Systems is a local POS software company offering locally made POS software that is backed with local POS software support. Our focus is independent small business retail, serving these needs with commitment and passion, helping the businesses run efficiently, safely and toward maximising genuine value.

We serve in excess of 3,500 independent small business retailers with our Point of Sale software.

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