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Tower Systems helps more small business retailers tap into government grants


With more grants available for digital innovation, business efficiency and business transformation as local communities evolve from Covid challenges, Tower Systems has been on the forefront of advice for small business retailers as to grants available.

Already this year we have shared information on a range of new financial grant initiatives that serves small and independent retail businesses that are the heart of our local POS software community.

In 2020, Tower Systems provided its customers with a list of financial grant opportunities from federal, state and local governments. We have continued this service into 2021, helping our small business retailer community to tap into Covid related recovery grants where applicable.

Of the current grants available, there are several that fit with what we do and through this we can hell our customers to apply and make the most of the government grant opportunities.

The work we do in this space is without expectation, it is part of mates helping mates, the personal service that we provide at Tower Systems to our community of small business retailers, to our mates.

In addition to helping small business retailers tap into government support grants, we offered in 2020 a range of direct action benefits from our own kit. We have continued with this type of practical and bunnies nourishing support in 2021.

Our goal is to help small business retailers run more successful, more enjoyable and more valuable retail businesses. We do this through our POS software, our support, our business advice and more.

Helping businesses in these ways through the pandemic is core to our company’s DNA, core to us as people who work here. We know that a stronger small business retail sector the stronger our company. So, for sure there is a commercial benefit for us. However, it is the emotional benefit of helping another that pays off. It makes us feel good, feel like we are making an appreciated contribution. That matters to us.

We keep an eye on state and federal government grant opportunities, Ovid and non Covid related, so that we can help our retail customers to embrace any that may be appropriate to their situation.

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