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Local POS software supporting local retail businesses


What makes our small business POS software special?


Tower Systems is a personal service specialty retail POS software company


Tower Systems is a personal service specialty retail POS software company


Tower Systems is a personal service specialty retail POS software company


Tower Systems is a personal service specialty retail POS software company


Recarpeting the office

It’s been a busy day at our head office today with carpet layers in and replacing our carpet. It had to be done on a Saturday because weekdays are crazy busy.

The new carpet looks good. It enhances noise absorption and gives the office a stylish sexy look.

Our help desk remained life through the disruption.


Tower Systems supports its customers in TV commercial


We are on TV

In putting together our new TV ad we decided to make a pitch for local retail businesses. We put the call out to our customers to send in a photo of their shop. We were thrilled with the response. Here is our Aussie POS software TVC…


A message for retailers who pitch shop local when promoting their shop

If you are a small business retailer and you pitch shop local in promoting your business, please take a look inside your business. Look at what you buy, the source of the goods and services.

Do you shop local?

Shoppers today notice these things. They want to know the source of what you sell and use in your business.

Because the understand that shopping local is about more than product or goods being made locally.

Shopping local is about a whole of business local experience.

Tower Systems is an Australian POS software company serving local small business retailers with locally developed, supported and trained POS software for speciality retailers.

Many of our competitors are based overseas. When you buy, rent or lease their software, 100% of what you spend leaves the country.

When. you buy, rent or lease from Tower Systems, 100% of the spend stays in Australia.

If you are a local small business retailer and want to show off your local credentials, shop local for your POS software with the locally grown and supported Tower Systems retail management software.

By shopping locally with us you are supporting the Aussie tech industry. This is good for the economy as well as the career paths of school leavers. Yes, shop local reaches beyond the transaction itself. Shopping local delivers wonderful and appreciated value, often outside the business you shop with.

You’d see that in your shop too, when you support local suppliers. It could be part of the pitch you make to local shoppers, to support their local community because your reach is outside your shop and into the community.

We are a proud, strong and growing local POS software company offering world class software here in Australia as well as in New Zealand and some other Pacific region countries.

Our contribution is consistent and far-reaching, beyond out Hawthorn VIC office. This is a demonstration of the value of shop local – the jobs we provide, the families we support, the buying we do with other local businesses.

The circular relationships of supporting local businesses have value considerably beyond the $$$ transaction value in front of you.

For good local POS software for specialty retail, consider Tower Systems.


POS software for small business retailers who aren’t rocket scientists


How our POS software co. helps small business retailers pitch their economic value

Through a range of assets, our POS software company helps small business retailers pitch the value of small businesses and local retail businesses in Australia.

These assets are readily available for any to use. Many are unbranded, too, making their use even easier.

We research the content we create and ensure it is accurate as well as easily understood for people in the community. We want them to pick up on the small business value narrative and through this better support small businesses, especially small business retail.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way.


Recruiting for the POS software help desk

We invite prospective employees with good retail business and / or tech skilles to consider a career with us. We are welcoming candidates for a help desk support role.


Inspiration for small business retailers

A private facebook group that we launched earlier this year is providing appreciated inspiration for indie small business retailers.

We and others at the group share retail insights and inspiration, to give the indie retailer community a broader range of opportunities.


Tower Systems acquires newsagency marketing group newsXpress

This announcement was shared with newsXpress members and newsagent and gift suppliers earlier this month.


newsXpress founding director Graham Randall has agreed to sell his shares in the newsXpress business to Mark Fletcher, his partner since 2005 in newsXpress. The transaction will be completed in the next few days.

Having founded the business in 2001, Graham played a key role in its formation and early development. He saw the need for a group for proactive newsagents as well as the need to move the group from its Queensland base and in 205 invited Mark Fletcher to acquire an initial share in the business.

The years since 2005 have seen considerable growth in terms of rooftops and in terms of services delivered to its small business retailer community.

newsXpress today is considerably more diverse than the group of even ten years ago. The company has plans for considerable evolution through 2019 and beyond.

The sale and acquisition transaction has been negotiated between the two and with a focus on ensuring operating stability and commercial opportunity for newsXpress members.

Graham Randall’s own newsXpress businesses will continue to be trade under the newsXpress name and be part of group.

Graham Randall commented … “The time feels right for me to step away from an ownership role in newsXpress. I know it is in good hands and have every faith in the whole team to continue to develop and evolve the group. This move frees me to explore some other opportunities in addition to my existing retail businesses. I wish newsXpress, its employees and its member businesses every success in the years ahead.”

Mark Fletcher commented … “Graham Randall had the vision to create newsXpress and through it to provide many newsagents a pathway away from the traditional and into a brighter future. I am grateful to Graham for the thirteen years of business partnership and look forward to plenty more years of friendship. While this is a change to the ownership of newsXpress, it will not result in dramatic change in what we do.”

Given the stable management and operating structure of the business, it will be business as usual for newsXpress, its supplier relationships and its members. The company has a skilled teal of merchandise, marketing, sales and creative professionals who work enthusiastically and diligently every day for the benefit of the newsXpress member community.

newsXpress today serves in excess of 240 locally owned retail businesses located in all Australian states and territories. It also operates a network of websites that acquire online orders on behalf of newsXpress member businesses as well as running a network of social media accounts with a combined reach of in excess of 100,000 people.


As the Australian newsagency channel continues to evolve, so will businesses that serve the channel. I am energised and focussed on presenting to newsagents through my businesses commercially valuable opportunities and through this place freely accessible ideas and encouragements for embracing valuable change.


Public holiday today

Our head office is on minimal staff today as it is Labour Day in Victoria. We are open 8:30 through 5pm AEST and our after hours phone network is live for urgent calls.

Labour Day is an annual public holiday that celebrates the eight-hour working day, a victory for workers achieved in the mid-late 19th century. The argument for the eight-hour day was based on the need for each person to have eight hours labour, eight hours recreation and eight hours rest.


What separates our POS software co out

Check out a display we created in one of our own shops recently, promoting some new products we imported direct from the US. Creating the display, tracking product success connecting with social media, selling in-store and online … this is all part of the Tower experience. Be sure to play with the sound on.


POS software for all sorts of specialty retailers


Tower Systems serves all retailers


Easing into the Australia Day long weekend

It’s been a fun day today as retailers eased into the Australia Day long weekend. Help desk call traffic has been low, giving us an opportunity to prepare more training assets and het some other housekeeping done. Oh, and to eat cake, since we will not be in Sunday, Chocolate Cake Day – we could not let this day pass without chocolate cake in the office.


How it feels to switch to Tower Systems (warning: bad dancing follows)


Come meet our POS software company

We love welcoming new customers to our POS software business. Here is a video from our welcome kit…


Our POS software co supports small business retail


Kris Kringle in the office a heap of fun

We did our Kris Kringle in our head office a couple of days ago with presents under, behind and deep in the tree. We play with a model that allows stealing of other’s gifts, with cash and wine prizes thrown in got bonus fun.

It was another wonderful event this year, celebrating with our work family.

This, plus our party and our Christmas treats in the lunch room and some very special treats on each desk make Christmastime a wonderful time of the year at Tower.

And all through this, we serve our customers, helping them make good use of our POS software through the Christmas season … because that is what we are here for.


Christmas party

We were thrilled to catch up with team members and some partners at our Christmas party on the weekend at The Royston  in Richmond on the weekend.

We booked out the restaurant for an afternoon and enjoyed drinks, lunch and more drinks, before kicking on to other venues.

Our Christmas parties are a cherished tradition.

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