How smart POS software helps your retail employees achieve more

More knowledgable employees = a more valuable employees. While most POS software companies offer training for retail employees, only Tower Systems offers a mature professional suite of training in its smart POS software:

  • Live in store training for new users = learning through plain English training, learning by doing.
  • Regular live online workshops = keep learning long after you have installed the software.
  • More than 130 professional training videos = learn wherever and whenever you want.
  • Free additional live one on one training = learn any part of the software to help you do your job better.
  • Retail context advice / assistance / training = getting beyond the software and understanding how to better serve the business.
  • Content and feature rich knowledge base = save time finding answers on how to use the software.

All these facilities and more help retailers and their employees to learn and enjoy the Tower software more than they might any other software.

How smart POS software cuts retail theft

While many POS software companies claim their software cuts retail theft, Tower Systems can present evidence of its work in the theft management area ranging from expert witness evidence in court cases to working with police to early detection for many retailers. The Tower smart POS software is rich in theft reduction facilities:

  • Retailers control the level of security they want = control theft by setting your own rules.
  • Tracking of keystrokes & data is like a security camera system inside your software = evidence helps you stop theft.
  • Spot stock takes help you see what products are being stolen by customers = knowledge stops theft.
  • Employee tracking improves sales counter accuracy = holding people to account stops them stealing.
  • Integrated EFTPOS reduces employee & customer EFTPOS scams = left theft risk for you.
  • Tracking everything that can impact on cash = reduces theft.

Retailers who are serious about theft have, in the Tower Systems software, excellent tools on which they can rely.

Good supplier relationships help retailers drive sales

collectabearThis bear is from a collection where the average price of each bear is $150 or more. It’s a collector’s bear, something to cherish and delight for the long term.

For a software company we know a lot about these bears and other collectible gift lines. Knowing what we know is part of our job – understanding suppliers to our retail partners and knowing how to leverage that for the benefit of our customers.

POS software is about more than the software itself. Deeper and more meaningful supplier / retailer relationships is an area where we help by being the glue on which both sides can rely.

How smart POS software helps in retail management

Retailers often think that bock office functions managed by POS software packages are the same. The reality is there is a big difference between POS software and smart POS software. Here are just some of the ways the Tower Systems retail management software helps retailers manage their businesses:

  • Easy supplier comparison = better buying, less dead stock, faster stock turn.
  • Hidden data tracking = easily identify employee theft.
  • Extensive marketing options = bring back shoppers more often.
  • Multiple loyalty solution options = shoppers spend more and enjoy loyalty rewards you prefer.
  • Connect with your accounting software = save time on book work.
  • Track YOY performance = you are your most important competitor – make more money by being certain about what’s working and what’s not working.

Helping retailers achieve these and more benefits is a committed and skilled training and support team at Tower Systems – offering live assistance tailored to your needs.

How smart POS software helps retailers on the shop floor

Retailers often think about POS software as being anchored to the counter when in fact smart POS software can help a retail business on the shop floor. Here are some opportunities to look for in software, opportunities in the Tower Systems smart POS software:

  • Guidance on product co-location = more sales of items together.
  • Better, deeper comparison of supplier performance = better stock turn from successful stock.
  • Shop floor selling = selling to customers where they are and increasing sales as a result.
  • Tracking return on floor space = get a better return on your rent.
  • Manage supplier reps to only order what sells = reduce your dead stock.

While some of these functions are common, the Tower Systems execution is unique. It focuses on the best practice approach for small and independent retailers.

How smart POS software helps retailers at the sales counter

There is a difference between Point of Sale software and smart Point of Sale software. While both transact sales and offer similar basic functions, the smarter software is better in a range of areas:

  • Fewer keystrokes = fewer mistakes.
  • Intuitive = easier to use.
  • More flexibility = better customer service.
  • More integrations = more revenue opportunities.
  • Flexibility in shopper loyalty offerings = shoppers spend more.
  • More complete control of data = less theft & better business decisions.

These are just some of the ways smart POS software is better than everyday POS software. Tower Systems through its software, training, support and extensive knowledge base helps retailers embrace the opportunities in its software.

Software helps small business retailers serve collectibles customers

bbimage001Thanks to text message alerts and other personal customer management and interaction opportunities, retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software are able to deliver a level of professional management and engagement that welds customer collecting a series of products to the business.

By individually labelling collectible / special order products with a customer’s name and sending them an alert email or text message, the business is able to provide certainty of supply – something that is very important to collectible customers.

Newsagents, jewellers, gift shops, garden centres and pet shops are able to use these collectible customer facilities to personalise the shopper experience for the most valuable of shoppers.

Imagine the delight of a customer collecting a series of products or waiting on a special when they receive a text message or email saying that what they have been waiting for is now in-store and set aside for them.  This is where small business retailers can shine. Our software helps them do that.

New POS software sales manager for Tasmania

pos-software-tasmaniaTower Systems was thrilled to announce Nathan Morrison as taking over responsibility for sales in Tasmania as part of a series of moves within the business as it manages expansion.

Nathan brings 19 years experience with Tower in technical and sales roles. He also brings a love of Tasmania to this new role.

Helping Tower Systems to grow users in gift shops, homewares shops, jewellers, bike shops, garden centres, newsagencies and pet shops is Nathan’s remit and already he is achieving good things for the company and those it represents.

Nathan can be reached on 0417 568 148.

Garden Centre Software promotion timed for Green Expo

adposgardenThe latest release of our Garden Centre Software features in the next issue of Nursery & Garden Magazine in time for the Green Expo trade show that will be attended by many garden centre / nursery owners and managers.

As a sponsor of the Nursery and Garden Industry Association of NSW & ACT, Tower Systems is proud to support this wonderful retail channel and its retailers and suppliers – with good software designed to drive efficiency and success.

Using our Garden Centre Software retailers are able to more easily manage for success through closer supplier relationships and more attuned customer relationships.

The latest Garden Centre Software will be on show at the Green Expo trade show.

Gift voucher options help small business retailers compete

gftvoucherRetailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software have access to a range of gift voucher / gift card options in the software. The photo shows the simplest of the gift voucher options – a voucher printed on a receipt printer.

While not sexy, this voucher works where cost is an issue.

Our recommendation always is to go for a professionally designed and produced plastic card. However, if the cost of this is prohibitive the voucher produced using the receipt printer is an excellent option. Retailers can produce this right away without effort and at no additional cost.

This paper based voucher is a means through which they can sell to a customer who can’t find the gift they are looking for.

It’s another way Tower Systems helps retailers.

Helping small business retailers know when they are close to out of stock

outofstockSmall business retailers are often tight on inventory, putting off replenishing until the last minute. Thanks to timely warnings issued by our POS software in the Point of Sale screen, we warn retailers about imminent out of stocks as another reminder of their stock holding situation.

This on screen reminder is in addition to reorder facilities and other stock control / ordering /  tools in the software through which retailers are able to ensure they have stock on the floor at the right time.

The on screen reminder is another way we help retailers be ready in time.

Where is the box for this? POS software helps retailers find the box!

packaginglocationRetailers using our smart POS software are able to have the software indicate on the sales screen when scanning an item where the box for the item is located in-store. This is invaluable at a busy sales counter and in a business where casual employees are used. It helps anyone at the counter find the box or pother packaging quickly and easily. It shows the business as being professional.

Our Point of Sale software has offered this facility for many years. It’s a tiny part of what our software does yet for some retailers that we do this is huge – tremendously valuable. It’s all about helping retailers save time. It’s also about helping them enjoy their businesses more. This function reduces stress.

Garden centre & nursery software helping Australian businesses grow

Offering time saving and business building facilities in key business areas, the latest garden centre / nursery management software is making further inroads into the retail channel. The very latest software in beta release now is set to deliver even more thanks to helpful suggestions from already engaged garden centre and nursery owners.

The areas already well-covered by the software include:

  • Point of Sale counter sales management
  • Customer accounts and LayBy
  • Customer loyalty program options including points, cash and shopper call-back
  • Gift vouchers – your own vouchers easily managed
  • Employee roster
  • Electronic invoices including Danks
  • Specialist nursery barcode labels including weatherproof labels
  • A broad range of business performance reports
  • Theft reduction and management
  • Customer marketing facilities
  • Fast integrated EFTPOS

The Tower Systems nursery software includes a range of facilities and services developed specifically for nurseries including a new industrial strength and fast barcode printer.

Live Saturday help desk support for POS software users

Retailers using the Tower Systems POS software have access to live help desk based support today – Satruday. This is a valuable point of difference for our customers, especially newsagency, gift shop, garden centre, jeweller, bike retail and pet shop customers.

At Tower Systems, in addition to our 24/7 mobile phone based support, we offer office based Point of Sale software help desk support on Saturdays – live support from the office by a skilled team member. So, today, our customers can call and talk with an expert in the office:

  • Melbourne: 03 9524 8000
  • Sydney: 02 9525 6444
  • Brisbane: 07 3136 6888
  • Perth: 08 6317 0207
  • Adelaide: 08 8121 3366
  • NZ TOLL FREE: 0800 444 367

Retailers using other POS software & checking out this blog should call the office of their current software company today and see if they are open.

Rush of suppliers joining our EDI project as we help small business retailers drive efficiency

Retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software are in for a treat with more suppliers coming on board with our EDI project through which we will deliver access to more time-saving data feeds and opportunities.

Having someone in our company working full-time on supplier relationships is helping us drive a valuable point of difference for our customers, a point of difference through which Tower retailer partners can save time and improve data accuracy.

Hours saved every week benefits the bottom line of a retail business and we are driving that through the EDI project. We;’re not revealing publicly the suppliers we are working with since this is our investment that we want to nurture for the benefit of our customers and our own business.

What we achieve EDI plays well for us competitively and well for our customers. The new round of suppliers to come on board will deliver

Sunday small business retailer management advice: show off your product expertise

One way retailers can demonstrate superior customer service is through product information they share with customers. Using the smart receipt facilities in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software retailers have been able to automatically include product care and use information on receipts for many years.

Garden centres, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops and newsagents are all using these facilities to show off a valuable point of difference through the information provided on receipts relating to specific products purchased.

The more retailers use their POS software to deliver valuable points of difference the more they will be remembered and the stronger repeat business will be.

Storing care and use information by product is easy. Once setup, the software manages the rest – making the business look good in providing professional personal service for customers based on what they purchase.

Helping small business retailers measure ROI

Return on investment is one of the most under utilised measures in small retail businesses. Here’s a good definition:

Return on Investment is the amount of profit or cost saving that will be realized in return for a specific expenditure of money, usually express as a percentage of the original monetary outlay. The ROI ratio compares the net benefits of a project to its total costs.

In the Tower Systems Point of Sale software since we released the software ROI has been one of the KPIs our customers can measure and report on – at a variety of levels. We back this reporting with advice and training on the KPI, what it means and the decisions that can flow from reporting on this.

ROI is not the only important KPI we report on with our software, stock turn, return on floor space, gross profit … they are all there in the easy to read and robust reports in our POS software – all KPIs any smart retailer will want to track and report on for their business.

A difference for Tower Systems is that we help our retail business partners understand the data and the decisions that can flow from such understanding. We happily do this remotely, or one on one face to face. In our business we have retail experienced people to offer insights as well as our own in house CPA.

The Tower AdvantageTM is about much more than great software and great support. We offer valuable business insights.

New POS software training opportunities for small business retailers

Tower Systems has announced details of eight free online training opportunities in february for retailers using its Point of Sale software.

  1. Setting up your own Catalogues 4 Feb 2014, 02:00PM
  2. Using Layby’s in Retailer from beginner to advanced 6 Feb 2014, 02:00PM
  3. How to process Customer Billing & Statements 11 Feb 2014, 02:00PM
  4. Setting up gift vouchers in your business. 13 Feb 2014, 02:00PM
  5. Using Discount Vouchers 18 Feb 2014, 02:00PM
  6. NEW MEETING: Creating Hampers and Package deals 20 Feb 2014, 02:00PM
  7. Using the Marketing Module 25 Feb 2014, 02:00PM
  8. Using SMS and Email Alerts 27 Feb 2014, 02:00PM

Tower AdvantageTM customers can book for these free workshops online – the process is automated.

If you check our website you will see online training workshops scheduled out to the end of May – providing plenty of opportunities for planning.

Ways small business retailers can refresh their view of their business

WARNING: This blog post has some crazy ideas you’d not expect from a POS software company.

In our work with small business retailers we often hear about burnout, retailers being tired and over the grind of opening the shop working all day, closing, getting little sleep and doing it all again. They are often too tired to be innovative in their approach to business.

Call us crazy but we have some ideas designed to help small business retailers reconnect with their businesses. They are unconventional. They are free. They are fun. They are designed to get you looking, hearing and smelling your business differently. They are designed to open your eyes to opportunities you may be missing.

Are you ready? Here are our unconventional ideas for refreshing your views of your small retail business – in the hope that you find opportunities you were not seeing.

  1. Go to your shop at night time. Leave the lights off. Put a chair on the middle of the shop floor. Sit down. Take your shoes and socks or stockings off. Put a blindfold on. Soak it up. What do you smell? What do you hear? Is there any sense of place that you get from being there.  Be still for fifteen minutes or so thinking about this. Breathe deeply. How does your shop smell? Does it have a smell? If not, why not? Then take the blindfold off and look around you for another fifteen minutes. Finally, get up – with your shoes and socks or stockings still off – and walk around the shop. Take in the environment you are in control of. Let the ideas flow. If you want to take it to a deeper level, lie down on the floor on your back and look up and around – kind of up-skirt your own shop while it’s empty!
  2. Get a stool or fold up chair, pack a lunch and spend at least three lunchtimes in a week sitting opposite the entrance to your shop watching customers. Don’t write anything down, just watch. Preferably do this without people noticing you. Wear a disguise if necessary. Watch intently. See where people go, what they pick up, what they buy if possible. Try and predict what they will do. Watch and think. Watch and think.
  3. Get a small desk and a sign for the desk that says CUSTOMER SERVICE. Place the desk near the front door of your shop. Set yourself up at the desk, sitting behind it. Dress formally, old school. Like in a 1950s movie preferably. Sit up straight. Look the part. Sit and wait and see what comes your way. Have fun interactive with customers. The desk should look out of place but it should also look fun. The idea is that your customers, your staff and you will be a bit shaken up by the change. See what comes your way.

We have more crazy ideas. These barely scratch the surface of the crazy idea cupboard. Just ask.

We’re here to help small business retailers create and run successful independent small local retail businesses. Our help goes beyond our software. Were retailers too and love being able to talk retail with anyone.

Tower Systems Garden Centre software features in Nursery & Garden magazine

nursery-garden-newsThe Tower Systems garden centre software features in the latest issue of Nursery & Garden magazine.

Promoting the latest release of our software for garden centres, this fresh for 2014 advertising is part of a co-ordinated campaign to reach out to garden centres and nurseries across Australia, to show off the quality business-specific software we have to meet their needs.

The marketing itself reflects well on the professionalism of our software.

Retailers love the opportunity of video based training in POS software

videotrainingMore and more retailers and their employees are using the extensive library of professional video-based training that we offer for learning how to use and benefit from the Tower Systems Point of Sale software. We track all access to learn about how people engage with the resources we have provided. This access data provides us with valuable insights.

It is a thrill to see new employees to a business using our software follow a thread of learning – it validates our investment in developing the resource and gives us confidence that we have another knowledgeable user in our community.

This access-from-anywhere video based training library is not the only training we offer – our customers also have access to live in-store training, over the phone training and group live online training. They can choose the training delivery method that best serves their needs.

The video training library is another part of our exclusive Tower AdvantageTM program. It is a valuable and appreciated point of difference for us.

Customers loving the 10% POS software support appreciation discount

Retailers using our Tower Systems Point of Sale software can access their optional annual software support and update fee for a 10% discount if they settle the account on time. We are thrilled that many of our customers take up the opportunity. It’s another way we help our customers access more value in their relationship with us.

Retailers who are covered by our software support and update services have access to 24/7 support, free one on one training, an extensive and updated video training library, weekly online training workshops, software updates, theft check service, business performance service and other facilities and services.

We are thrilled to have retailers switch to our software because of the kind words spread by existing customers.

A fresh approach to the shopper loyalty program

underthegableUnder The Gable takes a fresh approach to the shopper loyalty program with this card we designed and created for them and their use of our gift shop software. We love what they have called this: VIP HOME LOVERS CLUB. It’s smart and compelling, different to the usual approach taken for loyalty program offers. It’s a point of difference only a small business could offer, one leveraged well by the Under The Gable team. Kudos to them for their creativity.

The Tower Systems marketing and design team designed the card and arranged its manufacture as an extension of the services we offer our customers.

Retailers loving POS software update

Retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software are responding well to the release earlier this week of a major software upgrade. The update was formally announced in an email to all customers which opened with:

We are excited to announce a new update to Retailer which is completely free of charge, for our supported user community. This update includes 18 Brand New features and over 40 bug fixes, we are thrilled that over half over these new features and fixes have been made possible thanks to suggestions from users via the Software Ideas facility on the Tower Systems website.

In addition to a major new update, Tower Systems has launched a completely new approach to installing updates and a fresh approach to communicating update content.