We integrated our POS software with Shopify more than two years ago. We have many websites directly connected with terrific online sales success.

One of our competitors bagged Shopify publicly. It is hilarious that they have quietly announced a Shopify integration. It had to happen. They had no choice. They lost two years in the meantime.

Our POS software Shopify integration is beautiful, direct and beneficial for our small business retailer customers. We now have years of experience demonstrating what we can do, how it can benefit our customers. Plus, as retailers ourselves who use Shopify we can speak to experience in a way that is practical and under the hood. We walk in your shoes every day.

Shopify is an easy to use e-commerce platform. We think anyone can setup a Shopify site for themselves. Linking the site to our retailer software is also easy. Shopify is a great place for a business to start on their online journey. You can control pages, products, look and plenty more. Shopify is not as complex as Magento and other more comprehensive website platforms.

Our approach to Shopify / POS software integration is holistic and can include graphic design, content writing and site structure. Our customers choose the services they use of ours. We can offer the full one stock shop when it comes to web development. We have built these skills here in Australia based on years go work, years of successful website implementation for our customers.

Our POS software integrated websites serve a single inventory database between physical store and online store.

The Tower Systems web development team is skilled in WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify. The company has plenty of sites it can show in a live portfolio of successful e-commerce sites, serving shoppers in Australia and internationally.

Small business retailers can benefit from the retail management experience at Tower Systems experience that helps deliver a more retail focussed solution.

The Tower web team is also skilled at SEO and SEM services that help raise the website rankings in key search engines, ensuring the site is found ahead of others.

But best of all, Tower Systems provides professional advice and guidance to small business retailers keen to build their online presence. Our commitment is honest transparent advice on which any small business retailer can rely.

The Tower Systems web development team is Australian based, working out of the company’s head office in Hawthorn. This is important as many web development businesses are overseas. While you might have a locally based contact person development too often is done overseas, leading to challenges with delivery and usefulness.