More retail groups to benefit from loyalty software integration

The Plants Plus corporate loyalty program integration with the Tower Systems garden centre POS software offers another loyalty option not only to Plants Plus stores but also to other groups of retailers looking to roll out a group-wide loyalty solution.

Developed by Tower Systems is association with the Vii Accumulate loyalty specialists, the Vii integration undertaken by Tower is now available for other groups too.

The Vii integration is one of several loyalty integrations and offerings from Tower as it leads in a range of specialist retail marketplaces in the loyalty stakes. From single store solutions to group wide loyalty solutions Tower Systems is providing to be flexible, competitive and valuable in helping retailers serve their customers with flexible and valuable loyalty offerings.

Integrations to platforms such as Vii are not offered to everyone and they can be complex and expensive to complete and pass.

Other loyalty offerings from Tower Systems include:

  1. Single store VIP card support.
  2. Multi store VIP card support.
  3. Discount vouchers.
  4. VIP card / Discount voucher joint program.
  5. Two other loyalty integrations.

Flexibility is the key here. tower Systems offers its customers genuine choice when it comes to loyalty.

Tower Systems provides POS software users and suppliers with more EDI options

The release of the Sprint 3 EDI integration by Tower Systems increases the options available to the many retailers and their suppliers already using our Point of Sale software. Sprint 3 is an easily accessible EDI platform developed to serve retailers and suppliers in a range of channels. The Tower integration serves two-way traffic covering purchasing and invoicing.

Giving retailers and suppliers more options in the EDI area provides better customer service to the Tower community of retailers and their suppliers. It means that suppliers especially can shop around for the EDI platform that best suits their needs.

Our work with Sprint 3 in meeting their compliance standards is another example of Tower Systems leading in several channels in which it operates.

EDI is the glue between retailers and suppliers. In presenting options Tower Systems is facilitating competition and offering flexibility – a move welcomed by those who have become frustrated by EDI services in monopoly situations.

Easier automated backups for POS software users

The latest release of our Point of Sale software includes more backup options. Responding to user requests we have increased the flexibility of backup services including our automated backups, cloud backups and non traditional external backups. The backup options provided as part of the Tower software are comprehensive and reliable.

In providing our customers with more options we are demonstrating a commitment to flexibility to best serve the needs of our customers.

We don’t lock our customers into our software so keeping it best-practice is important to our customer retention.

The backup enhancements in the latest release demonstrate our commitment to excellent customer service.

Improved security against retail employee theft in Point of Sale software

Tower Systems has released an update to its Point of Sale software that enhances security against employee theft. The new facility extends the reach of what the software tracks in terms of employee behaviour, strengthening the tracking ability of the business over possible employee theft.

We are not publishing details of the enhancements here as we do not want to warn retail employees about the additional data we are capturing.

The enhanced retail employee theft tracking is part of the latest update to the Tower POS software, an update released last month and provided for free to retailers who are part of the Tower AdvantageTM program.

This latest security enhancement is one of a site of enhancements to our software pitched to us by our cust9omers through our exclusive Software Ideas facility whereby our customers can detail their ideas and others can vote on them.

Helping small business retailers under stock turn, ROI and other key performance indicators

In our Point of Sale software we provide retailers with easy access to key performance indicators for their business. While many POS software packages provide access to this information, we take it further by offering training in how tounderstand this information and the business decisions that can flow from such understanding.

By helping our customers understand business terms like Return on Investment and Stock Turn and how such understanding drives more valuable business decisions Tower Systems is delivering practical, bankable, to many small and independent retail businesses.

As experienced retailers ourselves we understand the importance of managing a business based on sound data. We leverage our retail experience for our customers by providing advice they can understand and use to derive more value from their businesses.

Calls to our help desk can be about these business terms as much as they can be about advice on how to use our software. We welcome the opportunity to step outside the common software help desk service and delve deeper into business management training.

How discount vouchers help small independent retailers make more money

The discount voucher facilities being used by retailers enjoying the Point of Sale software from Tower Systems are increasing sales according to retailer feedback.  Just about every day we hear stories from retailers about additional sales they have made as a result of the discount vouchers produced by our software customer receipts.

Retailers moving from old-school points-based VIP card programs to discount vouchers report greater shopper engagement and new positive customer feedback about the vouchers.

Retailers where the vouchers have been in use for some months report measurable bottom line growth directly attributable to the Tower Systems discount vouchers.

Retailer feedback indicates that the discount vouchers are working in a broad range of businesses including jewellers, bike retailers, newsagents, garden centres, gift sips and homewares stores. We are seeing them work with high transaction values as well as low transaction values.

By front-ending loyalty, retailers are able to get shoppers spending more money in the business on that visit. This is vital in the situation where shoppers are not regulars in the business.  Those not using the voucher in the visit most likely will be back within a week. Feedback suggests that 45% of vouchers used are redeemed within seven days of the purchase.

The most common feedback is in the form of an email from a customer using discount vouchers like this one:

Just a quick note to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the discount vouchers. I have been using them for two months now and its like someone turned on the lights. Sales are up and customers are happier. Thank you!

Other customers give us specific examples of how the vouchers are used by customers. we love all the feedback. Some of it has helped us make enhancements to the discount vouchers facilities to extend the opportunity for our retail customers.

We are thrilled to have released such valuable software to our 2,000+ customers.

Garden centre software promotion in leading industry journal

We are excited for the promotion of our garden centre software in a leading trade journal later this month as it will announce the release of new software with enhancements developed with some leading garden centres.

One of the most exciting enhancements is in the area of shopper loyalty. We are combining VIP facilities and discount voucher facilities to create an even better suite for garden centres keen on offering both and combining them for greater shopper power and business value.

We see our work with garden centres and nurseries in Australia and New Zealand as joining in a journey to deliver better business efficiency and more valuable business success. This is done through improved customer experiences, more efficient inventory management and astute business performance reporting guiding better decisions.

We call it a journey because there is no end point. Like all good software, our POS software and our garden centre software continue to evolve to meet the  needs of the evolving marketplace.

this latest promotion in a trade journal is exciting for the feedback it will bring.


Garden centre software supports garden centres and nurseries and their suppliers

Our Tower Systems Garden centre software supports the Nursery and Garden Industry NSW & ACT association.

Through formal sponsorship and support for professional development and networking events our work with the NGINA is important to us and to our customers.

Through our work with the NGINA we have developed a better understanding of the needs of garden centres and nurseries and their suppliers. This has resulted in further enhancement of our garden centre software for the benefit of existing and future customers.

Our garden centre software has grown out of our generic Point of sale software. We have included facilities specific to the needs of garden centres such as repotting that save time and enhance the services available to a garden centre.

One thing we love about working with garden centres is the people we get to work with. We’re encountering happy and relaxed people who love their jobs and love their customers. We love this!

Enhancing the VIP card / discount voucher opportunity

The latest release of the Tower Systems Point of Sale software has delivered an even better solution in the VIP card / discount voucher space. By connecting twi quite different loyalty offers in our software in a unique retailer-driven way, Tower Systems is empowering retailers to run with the loyalty pitch that best suits their business needs. This includes offering either loyalty program or a blend of both or converting from one to the other in a way that carries forward value.

Tower Systems provides leadership in best practice loyalty solutions designed to provide small business retailers facilities and abilities to leverage shopper engagement to be more loyal and therefore more commercially valuable for the business as well as valuable for the shopper.

Loyalty, after all, is about driving benefits for the business and the shopper.

The latest enhancements are out now and being used by engaged retailers.

Sunday small business retailer management advice: chase what you don’t know

We love it when retailers ask us for help in better understanding their business. We embrace the opportunity, digging into their data, looking for insights about their business that they may not have been presented before.

We think it’s important for retailers to chase what they don’t know about their businesses. Often, buried in their business data, are insights into customer behaviour, supplier support and product performance that they may have missed in their day to day management.

So our tip today is for retailers to use their business data and to ask our help in doing this. We will gladly delve deep into data and present to retailers information they may have missed or not even seen before, vital information about their business that can feed better business decisions.

Chase what you don’t know about your retail business and be ready to unlock valuable opportunities. The result can be a more valuable business.

POS software helps drive Father’s Day sales for gift shops, garden centres, newsagencies and bike retailers

The catalogue facilities in our Point of Sale software have been helping jewellers, bike retailers, garden centres, gift shops, homewares shops and newsagencies to embrace the sales opportunity of the 2013 Father’s Day season.  They have been able to run special pricing just for the Father’s Day season using date based catalogue tools.

Our POS software has also helped with the creation of Father’s Day hampers and similar gifting opportunities where multiple items are put together to be given as a Father’s Day gift.  The software manages the aggregation of the hamper and the breakdown to single products should it not sell.

These and other tools help retailers make the most from retail seasons such as Father’s Day. We back the tools with free advice and training for retailers using our software.

Discount vouchers driving retail sales for more small business retailers

The discount vouchers facility launched earlier this year is helping more and more of our Point of Sale software users to drive sales growth. Every day we are hearing from retailers on how their use of discount vouchers is changing shopper behaviour and growing sales. They’re thrilled and we’re thrilled. helping retailers build more valuable businesses is what we are here for.

Retailers love the free one-on-one training from our POS software company

Retailers using our Point of Sale software and who are covered by our Tower AdvantageTM software support package have access to free one-on-one training every year, for years after they install our software. The training can cover any aspect of our POS software.

We have customers who have used the software for ten years taking up the free training to learn more about parts of the software they have never visited. we have others using the training to learn more about our amazing reporting tools.

The training is schedule to suit the timing requirements of our customers. And it is genuinely one-on-one, making it personalised for our customers. This is a bonus where people can get questions specific to their business answered.

To encourage our customers to take up the free offer we have promoted it in our print and email newsletters and through help desk contact. This is a service we want to see used, so that our customers get more from their technology investment.

This free one-on-one POS software training is another point of difference for Tower Systems.

Why garden centres love the Tower Systems garden centre software

More and more garden centres are choosing garden centre software from Tower Systems. Thanks to continually enhanced facilities specific for garden centres and nurseries, the Tower garden centre software is proving to be a valuable business partner for a diverse range of garden centres.

First released a few years ago, this locally developed software was most recently updated just a few weeks ago with even better shopper loyalty facilities and other benefits developed in association with garden centre owners and managers. The next update is due to hit the market in the next six weeks.

Serving indoor and outdoor garden situations, this software is in wide use now right across Australia … and use is growing.

Garden centre owners are able to help employees make the most of the garden centre software thanks to a video based training curriculum developed specifically for garden centres. This draws together more than 100 videos in a curriculum that is managed by the Tower education delivery platform – tracking employee engagement in the training.

Easy to access training in industry specific software makes this an easy system to sell and install.

POS software stand at Melbourne Gift and Home & Giving Fair busy

Our Point of Sale software stand at the Home & Giving fair this weekend has been busy and we still have three days to go – usually the busiest for this event.

While we have our gift shop software on show, we’re seeing jewellers, garden centre owners, newsagents, pharmacists and other retailers we can help with smart POS software.

Having support as well as sales people enables us to answer queries for existing customers – adding value of their fair experience.

The photo shows just one end of our wide stand.

Terrific Garden Centre trade show

We had a terrific time at the NGIA garden centre trade show earlier this week in Queensland. In addition to excellent networking we got to show off our garden centre software to new prospects as well as suppliers to garden centres and nurseries. We were showing a new release of our software released this week.

Trade shows continue to be important in marketing activity supporting our Point of Sale software.

At Green Expo on the Gold Coast this coming week

We are fortunate to be participating in the Green Expo on the Gold Coast this coming week, a special event for garden centres and nurseries. Our Garden Centre Software will be on show.

Our growing presence in the garden centre space is helping us further broaden the scope of our software as we get feedback from leaders in this business channel. There is no doubt that retail management ideas from garden centre owners and managers is helping us to deliver better quality Point of sale software across our various marketplaces.

Sexy product barcode label from Garden Centre software

One of the new locations using our Garden Centre software is producing a sexy looking product barcode label direct from our software.

Willow Park Nursery is a leading Canberra nursery located in tranquil surroundings at Pialligo. We are thrilled to welcome them as a new client and user of our Garden Centre software.

Being able to produce professional looking labels that incorporate the corporate image of the business is important to us and to our clients. It leverages strong local brands and helps businesses like Willow Park Nursery promote their brand on products after they are purchases.

Our Garden Centre software continues to grow in use among garden centres and nurseries.

Sunday small business retailer management advice: embracing being local

Small business retailers compete with national chain stores by doing things which the chain stores by focussing on the local community. Generally a chain store will write a cheque to show local support by sponsoring a sport team or a charity. Real engagement takes more than a cheque, it requires a connection with the local community such that the community wants you to succeed.

Here is some free advice for small and independent retailers from our many years experience serving them with our Point of Sale software. This advice could be used by anyone regardless of the software they use.

Either as a separate promotion or on your notice board have a space to recognise a local hero. Make a award regularly – quarterly, monthly – you choose. Invite brief submissions. Make the decision. Put their photo and story on the board. No prize – just recognition of a local hero.

Either on your notice board or separate create a local gallery. Invite customers to provide photos of local happenings. Name the people in the photos. The idea is to create something local people want to look at.

Your employees have a HUGE role to place in your local connection. Whenever possible hire locally.
Let your employees in on your focus on being locally connected. Seek their suggestions. Encourage their involvement. Give them guidelines on customer communication but encourage them to find their own words.

Monthly, quarterly – publish a newsletter for customers about your business and its local connection. Write some local stories. Explain how support for your business helps the local community. Promote local products you carry. Keep it simple – stay away from the slick approach of the chain stores.

Make this 100% local: local businesses, owned and operating locally; local sport teams and their results. Local clubs; Local events. Headline the board: YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY BOARD – CONNECTING YOU WITH YOUR NEIGHBOURS. Appoint someone in the shop to manage the board and check contents each day. A fresh and well arranged board will attract attention. Do not charge for the service.

Join the Chamber of Commerce, go to meetings, get involved in their projects. It’s a great way for you to influence local government spending in your area and to connect with other independent businesses.

The community needs to see your involvement beyond the walls of your business. Your presence and the presence of others representing your business at local events will prove your connection in a way your corporate type competitors will not be able to match.

Focus your charity donations on local charities. While the bigger charities might complain and say they also work locally, there are charities specific to your area which struggle against the better known charities – just like your business does.

If you can get your hands on local products which fit with your range do so and display them as local products. There is no better way to connect with your local community. If you cannot find any consider looking at local markets. Put a sign up in cafes and other public places inviting product submissions.

Shop locally yourself. Talk to local business owners. Make sure you know what’s happening in the community.

Make your mark in the community by creating and hosting an annual event. Have fun. Try the annual paper plane contest. The annual burger bake off. The annual local music festival. The local games – potato sack rate, egg and spoon race and so on. Have fun! Work in partnership with other local businesses.

Tower Systems supports Nursery & Garden Industry Association NSW ACT

Tower Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the NGINA state conference in Terrigal this coming week and to be on site at the conference to offer advice and assistance to garden and nursery business owners and employees in the use of our garden centre software for more efficient business management.

Working with nursery and garden industry associations helps the associations and it helps us as we get to better understand the needs of the retailers and the suppliers. Our garden centre software can be the glue that helps two sides to better commercially connect.

This is another important trade show for Tower Systems in a year filled with trade shows.

Why we believe in small business retail here at Tower Systems

We are often asked why our Point of Sale software company prefers to deal with small business retailers rather than big groups.

To focus only on small and independent retailers is a decision we made when we started this business.  It is a decision we are happy we continue to embrace today.

Here at Tower Systems we have made and continue to make a conscious choice to serve small business retailers.  While our Point of Sale software can be used by retail businesses of any size, it is in the small business retailer community where we are most comfortable.

So, why do we like small business retailers?

This is a question we confronted recently in a business review where we took some time for introspection about who we are, what we do and why we do what we do.

We believe in small business.

Small business retailers play a vital economic role, often punching above their weight in terms of economic contribution.

Small business retailers play an even more important social role, holding, sharing and even adding to the narrative of communities around the world as well as providing practical support for community based endeavours.

Small business retailers help local shoppers with a level of personal service which leads to better buying decisions.

Small businesses support the community and uphold what is important locally.

Small businesses are more likely to share valuable knowledge with shoppers and even browsers than a much bigger competitor.

It is this community connection and support which we feel is vital to the contribution small businesses make to Australia.

We like these points, especially that small businesses and small business retailers in particular are more likely to uphold and carry forward local customs, beliefs and stories.  Small businesses support the local voice.

Small businesses are important because they push back on globalisation and the risk of dilution of the local voice to a whisper.

Whereas with big business retailers shoppers are dealing with a person representing a corporation and focused on the goals of the corporation, in small business you are dealing with the owner or someone very close to the owner, reflecting the personal and connected nature of the business and the local community in which its serves.

We also feel that we can contribute more by working with small business retailers.  We are happy with our track record in this regard since starting in business in 1981.

As of today, we serve in excess of 2,500 small business retailers.  Each is as important to us as the other.  We love their differences, characters and what they teach us about many different retail businesses.

We enjoy serving small businesses and remaining a small business ourselves – yes, we are a small software company when you consider the likes of MYOB.

Being small and focused on small and independent retailers is where we think we can actively contribute and do the most good.

The value of a business is not only about financial performance.  It is also about the social contribution of the business.  In our view, this is more important as it is the foundation of communities.

There was a time when small was almost considered a dirty word in business.  Not anymore.  This is the time of small business.  It is a niche in which many of us choose to remain and make a difference.  It is a place of profitable businesses and businesses making a genuinely valuable economic and social contribution.

In addition to our passion for small businesses, we have a passion for helping retail channels benefit from technology.  We feel that we can help create greater success and enjoyment … but we will leave that sales pitch for another day.

New garden centre software helps businesses grow

The latest garden centre software from Tower Systems for garden centres and nursery businesses is helping businesses grow.

This latest Point of Sale and business management software for garden centres has been developed in consultation with nursery owners, managers, employees and suppliers.

Offering time saving and business building facilities in key business areas, this software is already being enjoyed by nurseries. The areas covered by the software include:

  • Point of Sale counter sales management – assistance indoors and outdoors
  • Customer accounts and LayBy
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Gift vouchers – your own vouchers easily managed
  • Employee roster
  • Electronic invoices including Danks
  • Specialist nursery barcode labels including weatherproof labels
  • A broad range of business performance reports
  • Theft reduction and management
  • Customer marketing facilities
  • Fast integrated EFTPOS

The Tower Systems nursery software includes a range of facilities and services developed specifically for nurseries including a new industrial strength and fast barcode printer.

Small business retailers: put good quality data between you and your retail business decisions

The mantra cash is king is important. Equally important, however, is a much less repeated mantra, data is king.

Look at a small or independent retail business and you most likely see a business that did not manage or use its data. Indeed, it is the failure around data that probably led to cash problems.

Good data management and analysis can forecast cash challenges and help a business avoid them – with good warning.

Here at Tower Systems we believe in good data. We respect it through our Point of Sale software. We train our customers how to gather, cultivate and harvest business data for their profit. We do this not once but continuously.

We have seen businesses crash on the back of poor data management. They have not seen the train wreck headed their way. They have not been able to plan their way out of a dire situation.

Whether it is understanding which stock is moving and which is not or who the best employees are or which suppliers deliver better results for the business – business data from our Point of Sale software can help small and independent retailers to be aware of a challenging situation and to turn it around. This is what we do in our software – if retailers want to engage with us in making them aware of how their business really is performing.

Our call to retailers is to put data between them and any decision they make. Use facts to guide your choices and the business will be better off – always.

You are responsible for how you use our Point of Sale software

Our job at Tower Systems is to develop good business tools, in the form of good Point of Sale software, for use in the small and independent retail businesses in which we serve.

We are not and cannot be responsible for how our software is used, good or bad.

Our customers, the users of our software, are responsible for how our software is used. Like any tool, our software can be abused. It feeds off data. If garbage is entered then garbage is what it will report.

Embedded in the software are power, flexibility and options as requested by our customers. If functions and checkpoints are turned off and warnings ignored then the results may not be what the business wants.

We have not coded our POS software for a police state, controlling how our customers use it for to do so would go against the very ethos of the independent retail businesses we serve.

A business wanting a good business outcome from using our POS software needs to engage with us, take in our training, follow our advice, a watch over those who use the software to ensure that they behave.

But most of all, they need to protect their data and settings. They can best do this through being tight with the system passwords. Being lax can lead to problems for the business, problems for which the holder(s) of the passwords are responsible.

We commiserate with retailers who experience loss or paid as a result of poor use of our software and then we remind them that how our tools are used is a function of good retail management.

Owning your situation is key in business. We own the functionalist and quality of our software. We own the support services that back it up just as we own the training resources and opportunities we provide.  We do not own how well or poorly it is used.


Supporting Plants Plus loyalty program

Garden Centres that are members of the Plants Plus group and using the Tower Systems Garden Centre software are set to benefit from the release of integration with the Plants Plus group wide loyalty prigram.

In another expansion of the loyalty facilities delivered by tower systems, the company is releasing support for the Plants Plus loyalty program in a major software update.  This work, done without cost for Plants Plus members, has flow-on benefits for all Tower Systems users looking for more alternatives in the loyalty space. The company will share details privately with customers in the coming weeks.