Retailers love FREE POS software training

Retailers love the free training opportunities from Tower Systems. They book out sessions. We add more. They book those out. The business management sessions are very popular – sessions where we offer business management training outside what is usual for a POS software company.

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This is the message we love – FULLY BOOKED. The training on loyalty options will excite those attending we are sure.


The new loyalty POS software loyalty paradigm is a game-changer

tdvSmall and independent retailers love the new approach to loyalty on the Tower Systems POS software. At the Gift Fair in Sydney this week retailer after retailer was thrilled to see such a different yet highly manageable opportunity.

While our discount voucher shopper loyalty facilities are not new to our POS software, they are new to many retailers who have only ever heard about points based systems as the way to approach loyalty.

What is unique and valuable about the Tower Systems discount vouchers is the multiple data points at which the retailer can control the value of the voucher printed. The layering approach allows the retailer more control over value and redemption – thereby providing the business with more mechanisms through which to drive business performance.

One retailer told us that they attribute their 10% year on year growth to our discount vouchers and that to achieve this they have given away just over 1% of GP. What makes the facilities even more valuable is the reporting showing shopper behaviour in detail. This helps guide data point tweaking to drive outcomes.

Thanks to the trademarked Tower AdvantageTM, Tower Systems is delivering to retailers and unique and business valuable facility. Exclusivity has its own rewards.


PayPal payments at breeze at the retail counter

Paypal RetailerThis screen shot is from a  live in-store PayPal payment using the Tower Systems  POS software. We have removed the customer name – but that would usually appear. The customer details are shared by PayPal as part of the line integration in our software.

It’s fast, easy and it is another first from Tower systems.

We are grateful to PayPal for the opportunity to be a trial developer and to lead in our retail channels by bringing shop floor PayPal market and marketing to our small business customers.

The integration is live in our software and retailers are embracing it – not only for sales but to drive new traffic for their businesses.


Tower Systems garden centre software integrated with Plants Plus loyalty

image008Tower Systems is thrilled to publicly announce a new service that has been live bend the scenes for months.

Plants Plus Loyalty program is now fully integrated within Tower Systems Garden Centre software. This integration allows Plants Plus customers to accumulate loyalty points at POS. It also offers the ability to check balance and add bonus points for customer at easily. This will benefits participating business continuously with increased efficiencies on the POS counter and eliminates additional work.

Tower Systems is committed to help retailers leverage loyalty facilities for better business outcomes.


Sunday retail management advice: POS software discount voucher shopper loyalty program drives sales

xxnaf99The data is in and the discount vouchers loyalty facilities in our Point of Sale software drive sales across retail channels.

When you see same store year on year growth of ten percent and more with the only change of significance being the introduction of discount vouchers the impact of the program is obvious.

While some retailers are having success with the old points-based loyalty program, some who have switched from that to discount vouchers are surprised at the almost immediate lift in sales as a result – indicating that shoppers were fatigued with the old approach to loyalty.

We think shoppers like an immediate reward and that’s what discount vouchers provide – the ability to tap into immediate savings by spending more right away and beyond what the shopper probably visited the business to spend.

The greater the basket value the greater the discount voucher opportunity. In one example recently in a garden central, a shopper spend just over $100.00 and received a voucher offer ing a $10.00 discount on their next purchase. They then bought an item priced at $175.00. This shopper was not a regular and unlikely to return. Sio, the business more than doubled the value of its sales to this shopper and the only cost was $10.00 gross and around $5.00 net - a low cost for valuable and satisfying engagement.

Our management tip for retailers today is to engage in a loyalty offering that is valuable for your customers. In the cases we have been seeing recently, discount vouchers is the right offer in a range of circumstances. Indeed, we have see it help businesses out-perform other loyalty programs / offers.

This is an easy marketing opportunity with which to engage – driving excellent outcomes. As it forms part of the base tower Systems software there is no capital or other cost in getting up and running.


Independent retailers benefit from loyalty choice in POS software

For years, retailers, especially independent and small business retailers, have been told to follow retail giants and reward loyal shoppers with points that can be redeemed for gifts and discounts.

Dutifully, many small business retailers acted on this – but without a thought-through strategy to achieve the best outcome for the business.

Without a financially rewarding outcome for a business, a loyalty program is worthless.

This is why retailers, in any retail channel and in any retail situation – high street, shopping mall, rural and or regional – need options in terms of shopper loyalty rewards. It is why Tower Systems offers valued options in its Point of Sale software.

While a points based program is useful, it could be that the business will benefit from a different approach.

Good POS software will offer flexibility. This flexibility can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line performance of a retail business each year.

The Tower Systems Point of Sale software supports multiple loyalty options that include: a traditional points based approach, interfacing to the respected Vii Accumulate loyalty platform, interfacing to the equally respected Transactor loyalty platform, interfacing to Flybys NZ and offering a unique and flexible front end loyalty solution.

Having so many options available provides Tower Systems retail partners with commercially valuable flexibility.

The loyalty platform selected by a business depends on the needs of that business. A business that chooses POS software without broad flexibility will be limited in what they can achieve for their business with their software.

Big system interfaces

Vii Accumulate – used by Qantas, BankWest, Clipsal and others – and Transactor – used by Westfield, Amcal, Goldmark, Prouds, Avanti, Subway and others – are both used by retail banner groups and national retailers to connect stores allowing point accumulation and redemption in any location.

The Tower Systems approach with these two platforms delivers maximum flexibility for the retailers and banner groups. Through our seamless interface you have access to the facilities of either Vii Accumulate and Transactor.

Groups with as few as four retail locations could benefit from either interface.

The traditional points-based approach

In the Tower Systems software, retailers can accrue points for customers easily.

This is done by customers presenting a loyalty card, usually called a VIP card, at any time during a sale.

This is the easiest loyalty program to setup in a small or independent retail business.

The software accrues points according to rules established by the business owner. Points can be used by customers to access rewards. They can also be used to generate gift vouchers for shoppers based on points accrued.

Many retail businesses using the Tower software use the points-based loyalty facilities to encourage shoppers to spend more.

Shopper loyalty is much desired yet harder to achieve in this world with more competition, more loyalty options and a greater desire for instant gratification.

Following carefully assessment of international trends and looking thoroughly at how large and national retailers used primarily points-bases systems to drive loyalty, Tower Systems invested in an alternative, a new software based facility to reward loyalty for an often forgotten shopper.

Change the game: front-end loyalty

By using an approach we at Tower call front-ending loyalty, retailers can achieve more from first-time and infrequent shoppers. Front-ending loyalty brings a reward to the front in an effort to engage shoppers in additional purchases sooner.

Too often loyalty has been all about total spend over a year whereas above average spend in just one visit can be more valuable to a business.

It’s an approach that can encourage those who do not shop with you to purchase something else right away, to get the value of the cash discount offered.

Regular shoppers can spend the cash discount right away or come back within any time limit you set.

We started trialling this front-ending loyalty strategy in February 2013 in several retail businesses. We did it using the Discount Vouchers facilities in the Tower Systems software.

Building the basket

From the first day we saw shoppers changing behaviour.

One chap came in to purchase a specific item. When he was handed the receipt the voucher was pointed out to him – offering $2.00 off his next purchase. He was not a regular and so spent the $2.00, and more, right away on another item. He received another voucher and purchased a third item. In all, he spent three times as much as the original purchase – all because of the Discount Vouchers he received.

Around 33% of all vouchers redeemed are used the day they are received. This shows customers building the basket – adding to their purchase that day as a result of the voucher. This makes each visit more valuable to us.

Bringing shoppers back

Around 33% of redeemed vouchers are used within seven days of issue and the remaining 33% are redeemed up to four weeks after issue.

Here’s another real story: A month after we started trialling this new approach to loyalty, a customer came in and used a voucher she had picked up a couple of weeks earlier. She was happy to get $5.00 off a $45.00 item she wanted. This resulted in another voucher so she bought another item for $29.95.

This customer said she would be back. Two weeks later she was.

You control the business rules covering how vouchers are issued and redeemed. You control your financial exposure at all times.

Like any good loyalty program, you need good levers with which to drive shopper engagement and to deliver the benefits it needs to justify the investment.

The Discount Vouchers facilities in the Tower software have this.

You control the amount of each sale you are prepared to give away on the voucher.

You control the products the voucher can be used for.

You control how long the voucher is live for.  I suggest 28 days but I have some retailers setting this at 90 days.

You control what it’s called

We have shoppers calling their vouchers Bonus Bucks, Cash Off, Thank You Dollars and other names retailers feel are relevant to their businesses.

The software has been developed in a way that gives each retailer complete flexibility as to what they call their program. This localisation opportunity is important as it gives you ownership over your own program.

Helping your business

With big box and national offering their corporate loyalty programs, it’s important for retailers to offer a genuine point of difference.  Discount Vouchers offer this.

While their approach is very corporate, your approach can be more flexible and more focused on early rewards. Over the months of trialling we have seen changes shopper behaviour, it gets them spending more with you.

I’m confident this fresh approach to loyalty is a game changer for any garden centre business. The control you have enables you to easily manage the cost and the value you gain from the program.

This really is a new approach to bringing shoppers back sooner and getting them to spend more with you.

So, which loyalty program is right for your business? That choice is up to you.

Tower Systems provides you with options, some of which are unique to us in our various retail channels.

Thanks to our partnerships and interfaces we provide retailers with a depth of flexibility that is extraordinary.

That you have a choice is vitally important. Better still, that you can move between the options is even better.

Where we are at today in terms of loyalty will be different to tomorrow as change is inevitable. Our commitment is to continue to refresh our software to ensure it and those who use it are competitive.


Data is important is assessing retail business performance

xxnaf99We get a laugh when we read reports of excellent success from this or that initiative in a retail business. Such vague statements invite disbelief. This is why every claim we make, every success story we publish, is backed by real data, data we can use to show that our claims are accurate.

This goes to the heart of believing claims.

Recently there has been a discussion about whether this or that loyalty program works better. Through our software, retailers have access to a broad variety of loyalty programs including those professionally run through groups such as Plants Plus. We interface to world-best-practice loyalty programs as well as our own points-based program as well as our own exclusive discount vouchers facilities.

W have our own retail experience form our own businesses that we can compare with others and this sets us apart. Wen we say our sales are up 18% year on year due to discount vouchers, we can prove it down to extraordinary detail demonstrating shopper behaviour and how we benefit as a result.

The keys with all this are consistency and professionalism. Tower Systems helps on both fronts and backs it with personal retail experience.


Discount voucher success stories mount as retailers embrace new approach to loyalty

dvreportingWhat started a year ago today in secret trials in two retail businesses has grow into a movement involving hundreds of stores. The launch of the Tower Systems Discount Vouchers through our Point of Sale software has redefined the loyalty marketing experience for many retailers.

While we continue to support points-based loyalty programs as well as smart external loyalty programs, it’s the discount voucher options that are generating exciting results for retailers.

In a typical retail business we are seeing between 13% and 18% of vouchers issued redeemed. This is resulting in measurable sales growth for businesses. I know my sales are up at least 7% due to discount vouchers is what one customer told us. I had a lady the other day spend an extra $35 is what another told us.

Here’s one of the best  pieces of feedback: my customers love the vouchers – they’re getting sick of all the loyalty cards and they understand the vouchers. sales are definitely up because of them.

We love that our release of what we call Discount Vouchers is helping retailers make more money. That’s what we developed the facility to achieve.


Sunday small business retailer management advice: show off your product expertise

One way retailers can demonstrate superior customer service is through product information they share with customers. Using the smart receipt facilities in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software retailers have been able to automatically include product care and use information on receipts for many years.

Garden centres, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops and newsagents are all using these facilities to show off a valuable point of difference through the information provided on receipts relating to specific products purchased.

The more retailers use their POS software to deliver valuable points of difference the more they will be remembered and the stronger repeat business will be.

Storing care and use information by product is easy. Once setup, the software manages the rest – making the business look good in providing professional personal service for customers based on what they purchase.


Classic Moves dance shop offers retail shopper loyalty program

classic-movesTower Systems is thrilled to have been helping Classic Moves dance shop in Wollongong NSW to establish their customer loyalty program with this professional card. Classic Moves has been established in Wollogong for 18 years. They are considered to be the largest retailer of dancewear and accessories in the Illawarra and have a reputation for quality stock and professional, friendly service. Their loyal customers are respected with this very special card.

Our in-house marketing and graphic design team has worked with Classic Moves on designing the cards and having them manufactured specifically for the business to give to customers.


Helping retailers to promote the points of difference of discount vouchers over traditional shopper loyalty rewards programs

shopper-loyaltyTower Systems has released collateral for use by retailers in promoting its exclusive discount vouchers offering.

Pitching the instant availability of hassle-free rewards, this collateral is set to help the hundreds of retailers who have engaged with the Tower loyalty offering.

The No paperwork and No points messages reinforce that this is a fresh approach to loyalty – then comes the clincher: Rewards you can use right away.

This collateral, developed by our in-house marketing team, has been made available free of charge. Posters are available in A4 and A3.

In this collateral Tower Systems shows commitment beyond its software, deeper into retail businesses.


Software enhancements help garden centres leverage more from garden centre software

The latest garden centre software form Tower Systems is providing garden centres with more facilities for managing their businesses and guiding shoppers to spend more.

Our latest enhancements in the area of shopper loyalty bring together two different loyalty offerings into a combined approach. The combination is like the one 1 + 1 = 3 situation. We have developed a powerful solution sought by garden centre owners and managers keen to deliver a flexible and valuable point of difference with which to drive shopper loyalty.

The latest garden software from Tower Systems is out now and more enhancements are to follow thanks to our work with garden centre owners and their suppliers. The support from the channel has been excellent.


More retail groups to benefit from loyalty software integration

The Plants Plus corporate loyalty program integration with the Tower Systems garden centre POS software offers another loyalty option not only to Plants Plus stores but also to other groups of retailers looking to roll out a group-wide loyalty solution.

Developed by Tower Systems is association with the Vii Accumulate loyalty specialists, the Vii integration undertaken by Tower is now available for other groups too.

The Vii integration is one of several loyalty integrations and offerings from Tower as it leads in a range of specialist retail marketplaces in the loyalty stakes. From single store solutions to group wide loyalty solutions Tower Systems is providing to be flexible, competitive and valuable in helping retailers serve their customers with flexible and valuable loyalty offerings.

Integrations to platforms such as Vii are not offered to everyone and they can be complex and expensive to complete and pass.

Other loyalty offerings from Tower Systems include:

  1. Single store VIP card support.
  2. Multi store VIP card support.
  3. Discount vouchers.
  4. VIP card / Discount voucher joint program.
  5. Two other loyalty integrations.

Flexibility is the key here. tower Systems offers its customers genuine choice when it comes to loyalty.


Plants Plus VIP program integration delivers new benchmark in loyalty facilities

Thanks to a new loyalty program integration delivered by Tower Systems through its Point of Sale software for the Plants Plus group, Plants Plus retailers can offer the group-wide loyalty program run by the Danks owned Plants Plus.

Meeting the requirements to integrate to the externally managed and run loyalty offer is another way the Tower retail management software si demonstrating flexibility and maturity not only for Plants Plus retailers but for other groups looking for smafrter more innovative loyalty offerings.

The Plants Plus integration is the fourth type of loyalty offering supported by the leading Tower software.

Retailers can run loyalty through Tower at the store, banner or geographic level. It’s very flexible.  It can manage points, dollar rewards, prize rewards and other benefits.


Enhancing the VIP card / discount voucher opportunity

The latest release of the Tower Systems Point of Sale software has delivered an even better solution in the VIP card / discount voucher space. By connecting twi quite different loyalty offers in our software in a unique retailer-driven way, Tower Systems is empowering retailers to run with the loyalty pitch that best suits their business needs. This includes offering either loyalty program or a blend of both or converting from one to the other in a way that carries forward value.

Tower Systems provides leadership in best practice loyalty solutions designed to provide small business retailers facilities and abilities to leverage shopper engagement to be more loyal and therefore more commercially valuable for the business as well as valuable for the shopper.

Loyalty, after all, is about driving benefits for the business and the shopper.

The latest enhancements are out now and being used by engaged retailers.


Business rule advice for discount voucher retail loyalty initiative

Tower Systems last week published expert advice on making the most of the exclusive Discount Vouchers facility released in our Point of Sale software last month following three months of secret trials.

The expert advice outlined ways to guide shopper behaviour through the levers embedded in the Discount Vouchers facility.  Based on real-life retail experience with Discount Vouchers, the advice has been appreciated by retailers using the Tower software as providing helpful advice.

Developing good software is just part of what a good software company does. It must back the software with excellent documentation and training and it must provide in-context business operations and management advice to help all businesses make the most of the software.

Owning and operating retail businesses using the Discount Vouchers facility itself provides Tower Systems with a unique opportunity that the company leverages for its customers.

Working with VIP card programs and other loyalty facilities, the Discount Vouchers facility provides excellent flexibility for retailers looking to offer a competitive point of difference against larger retailers.


Discount Vouchers provide small business retailers a whole of business experience

The new Discount Vouchers facility released by Tower Systems in its Point of Sale software is proving to be genuinely unique. A recent functional comparison showed a considerable difference between the solution from Tower and one claimed by another to be similar.

While we have no trademark on the term Discount Vouchers, we do own then intellectual property that is the Discount Vouchers facility within our software.

Comparing the facilities, flexibility, reporting and critical business levers, the Tower software shines, it’s unique and through this, in our view, is far more valuable.

One reason that our solution would stand out as better 1s we’re retailers ourselves. We developed this facility using some of our retail businesses and live guinea pigs.

We leverage our ownership of retail businesses regularly to play secretly as we develop leading edge facilities for our retail customers.

The Discount Vouchers facility shows off the value of the Tower approach. Those who compare will see it too.


Wow! factor drives sales success with new approach to retail shopper loyalty program

The most consistent experience from retailers engaging in the new Discount Vouchers facility released now in the latest Point of sale software from Tower Systems is the wow factor, the pleasure and excitement from shoppers happy with a fresh approach to rewards for loyalty.

Embedded in the wow response is a boredom with points based loyalty programs. Retail shoppers are tired of accuring points of different value and having, too often, to jump through hoops to access the points.

The time was ripe for change and Tower Systems has delivered change with its new Discount Vouchers approach.

While still supporting the decades-old approach to points based loyalty / VIP cards, the new Discount Vouchers facility delivers a genuinely fresh approach that is getting shoppers engaged beyond what is traditional – spending more and sooner and this is vitally important in retail today.

Tower Systems has delivered access to the Discount Vouchers facility to all Tower AdvantageTM customers without additional cost.


Points are old school when it comes to retail shopper loyalty

Tower Systems has supported shopper accrual of loyalty points for many years, delivering to retailers using its POS software excellent tools for shoppers to accrue and spend points. As more and more retailers have turned on loyalty programs, loyalty fatigue among shoppers has set in and what was a point of difference years ago is nothing special today.

Focused on leadership, Tower Systems has been working on alternatives in the shopper loyalty space, alternatives to bring shoppers back and to guide them to spend more than average.  A trial of completely new and fresh facilities is entering its third month and the results are excellent. Through our comprehensive reporting tools we are able to track shopper behaviour down to the transaction item detail and this is providing insights that will be useful when the new tools are commercially rolled out.

The new facilities, unlike anything in our retail niche channels – newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops, homewares shops – will show off our leadership position and help retailers achieve excellent results by embracing tools that deliver an a competitive advantage. The key is the strong management and reporting tools provided as part of the new suite of facilities.

We keep hearing that retail is tough. Innovative retailers are enjoying success. Good technology can help any retail business innovate.


Retailers will switch to Tower Systems for a fresh approach to shopper loyalty rewards

Two months ago we quietly released new shopper loyalty facilities to a select group of our Point of Sale software beta release sites. The comprehensive data gathered through the trial shows that these new facilities are guiding changes in shopper behaviour, increasing the value of participating shoppers.

While we already offer a more traditional points based loyalty program, we wanted something completely different and genuinely fresh. Our new facilities, to be offered as an option with our software, do just that.

Our customers are able to provide shoppers with a reward to spend in-store right away. They can control the value of the spend and the items it is used to purchase. This is where the new facility is very clever.

Shopper feedback at trial sites indicates that this new loyalty program, as opposed to the traditional points offering, will get got shoppers making a conscious choice to purchase from the business what they may purchase from a supermarket or elsewhere.

The new loyalty facilities are backed up with excellent reporting tools, enabling retailers to manage the program with little time involvement and to track shopper behaviour.

The features of the new facilities are:

  • No shopper sign-up necessary to get them started.
  • Immediate rewards on offer fro first purchase – but accessed on next purchase.
  • Easy local settings available to newsagents to drive what is important to them.
  • No extra card for shoppers to carry.
  • Targets shorter term loyalty engagement – that visit or soon after.
  • Easy management of breakage.
  • A whole of business offer – i.e. not just targeting magazines or cards.
  • Hard for majors to replicate.
  • Easy harvesting of shopper contact details at point of redemption.

Data from beta sites indicates that these new loyalty could be a game changer for our current and future customers, especially in locally competitive situations.

The new facilities are in version 2.5 of our software.  This is expected to be commercially available late next week.


Understanding the liability in shopper loyalty rewards data

Small business retailers need to understand the liability they have to customers in the form of points, credits and other benefits accruing in their POS software in the area of loyalty rewards.  Too often, retailers do not take not of the liability.

In understanding the liability a business has in terms of accrued points and credits accessible to customers, a business can properly account for, understand and manage the fulfilling of the liability.  Having software to identify the value and properly track this is vital to overall business management.

Through our Point of Sale software we properly track this data down to granular detail. This gives our customers peace of mind. It also helps them understand shopper behaviour for it is from good understanding that they can bank even better results from their loyalty facilities.

It all comes back to data gathering and management. This is at the heart of our loyalty software and is what helps us provide our retail partners with a valuable competitive edge.


More retailers embracing new loyalty software beta release

More retailers are using the new loyalty facilities delivered first in a beta release of our software earlier this year.

Taking a completely fresh and business specific approach to driving shopper loyalty, the new tools help retailers to bring shoppers bck sooner and to drive a deeper shopping basket.

Developed in confidential consultation with a range retail businesses, our new loyalty facilities are proving to be a game changer in the retail businesses in which they are being beta tested.

It’s the flexibility in the software that is the subject of the beta test program. Retailers have a raft of settings they can tweak to drive / guide the type of positive customer response they want to achieve.  The settings will be different channel to channel and business to business. this is where the software excels – it delivers flexibility and power to the retailer to carve out the message they want to present to their shoppers.

While we continue to offer and enhance traditional loyalty facilities as well as group-wide loyalty facilities, these new facilities now in beta release are fresh and exciting and delivering early excellent results.

It’s all about helping retailers drive shopper efficiency.


Briefing newsagents and suppliers on loyalty options

At a major conference in Melbourne last week we shared details of three major loyalty initiatives in which we have invested on behalf of newsagents and other retailers using our Point of Sale software.

We have active loyalty software live trials running, to provide good evidence to help retailers choose the loyalty approach most appropriate to their business needs.

We are also working with a range of supplier and branded groups across multiple retail channels to make the most of the loyalty opportunity at the store, group and supplier levels.

While we hope that what we shared remains confidential, we expect one or two competitors will hear about it from their customers and make a spoiler announcement. No matter, we have already delivered business-leading solutions in this space.


Loyalty software integration enhances POS software opportunity

We are preparing to deliver integration with our Point of Sale software to an external professionally run loyalty solution to a small group of retailers in quite a unique retail channel.  This work is exposing us to a new range of loyalty requirements and enhancing our view of what can be achieved through a good loyalty solution.

This work, along with enhancements to our own loyalty software, are extending our reach into this space, delivering even more variety to retailers keen to track and reward their most loyal customers.

Too often, loyalty software rewards shoppers for average behaviour. Smart loyalty software gets shoppers acting in an above-average manner. This is smart retail.

In working in a range of retail channels we are able to draw from a multitude of experiences and leverage this into a more valuable view for each of our customers


About to launch a fresh approach to driving retail shopper loyalty

We are thrilled to be on track to commence trials shortly of a completely different approach to driving shopper loyalty.  This new approach in in addition to an already strong loyalty function in our software, something used by many of our customers.

The new facilities have grown out of work with a bunch of retailers, learning from their needs and exploring with them ways of bringing shoppers back to their businesses more effectively.