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Handling the public holiday on the POS software help desk

The day is drawing to a close here in Melbourne and we have some time for reflection on the day. Thanks to the help from our Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide support team members and folks from Melbourne in for the day, we are happy with the coverage delivered today.

Help desk calls are in good shape. Queries have been handles. Training over the phone has been provided. We have also been able to provide some retail business management advice.

We are retail-focussed here at Tower Systems. We understand the reliance of our customers on easy access to their POS software. This is why we take care to ensure good coverage even on days of public holidays.


It’s AFL Grand Final eve

If the grand State of Victoria, Australia, today is a public holiday so we have the opportunity to prepare for tomorrow’s AFL Grand Final. So, most of us are off today, relaxing. However, we have made arrangements for others on our team interstate to handle help desk traffic. Also, our after hours numbers are live for any overflow issues.

Our official company position is we want the Bulldogs to win. However, our prediction is for an easy Swans victory.


Small business POS software Xero link cuts time and mistakes

The link between our small business POS software and Xero cloud based accounting is helping small business retailers eliminate time-consuming and error prone bookkeeping steps … and this is money in the bank for small business retailers.

Our POS software Xero link runs in the background, delivering data to Xero so it is working for you rather than you being a slave to it as is often the case with older approaches to accounting software use in small business retail.

Using Xero ourselves in our own retail businesses, shops we own as live test beds for what we do here, we know the benefits, we see then and bank the benefits.

We have an in-house accountant who oversees our various businesses and he delights at the time saving from the PO software to Xero link. He also delights over the mistake elimination by cutting out what were manual processes.

This is the key of the link to Xero.

And when you overlay the Tyro broadband banking solution for small business retail you have an even better solution cutting more processes, freeing up more cash and empowering small business retailers for better outcomes.

What is Transferred to Xero?


End of Shift based department-level sales are transferred to Xero via a sales invoice. Each department can be assigned its own Xero account.


Invoices received into Retailer are transferred to Xero at department level. No individual stock items are transferred.

Write Offs & No Sales

These are transferred to individual expense accounts depending on the transaction reason chosen.

Cost Of Sales

An option on sales exporting is to export Cost of Sales. While not a full implementation of COGS it does transfer over the cost price of items sold each day to reduce the value of Stock On Hand in Xero. If you use this option you will export Write offs, not as expenses, but as adjustment to your Stock on Hand. This makes processing stock adjustments for the End Of Month much easier.


FREE SEMINAR: Linking POS software for your type of business with Magento, Shopify and Xero

Join Tower Systems for a one of our free seminars in Australia and New Zealand (in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch)  where we will show our latest Australian developed POS software for specialty independent small business retail.

See the POS software to Magento and Shopify links that get you online. See the POS software Xero link that saves time and money. See a new approach to loyalty shoppers love and big businesses cannot copy.

We will show you how to setup up a Shopify store that can be live in hours. Plus, there will be a Q&A opportunity so you can explore your specific needs. Book now by clicking on the city location you prefer.

  1. Adelaide. October 10. 10am. Rydges South Park.
  2. Sydney. October 11. 10am. Kogarah Golf Club.
  3. Brisbane. October 12. 10am. River View Hotel.
  4. Perth. October 13. 9am. Country Comfort Inter City Hotel.
  5. Melbourne. October 14. 10am. Hawthorn Arts Centre.
  6. Canberra. October 18. 10am. Vibe Hotel, Canberra Airport.
  7. Hobart. October 19. 11am. Rydges Hobart.
  8. Darwin. October 26. 2pm Mantra on the Esplanade.
  9. Auckland. Nov. 2. 3pm. Novotel, Auckland Airport.
  10. Wellington. Nov. 3. 10am. Intercontinental Hotel.
  11. Christchurch. Nov. 4. 10am. Novotel Christchurch.

We will share our experiences in the small business POS and e-commerce areas and outline what we learned when creating sites for our own retail businesses. This seminar could save you thousands in web developer fees.

If you have questions, please email or call 0418 321 338. If you are in New Zealand, please call toll free on 0800 444 367.

Tower Systems is an Australian small business focussed POS software company based in Hawthorn Victoria with sales and support nationally. Our software is available to run locally or in the cloud and can be purchased, leased or rented for a few dollars a day. Our phone number is 1300 662 957.

Tower Systems offers specialty software for: gift shopsjewellerstoy shopsfishing/outdoors businessesgarden centres/nurseriespet shopsbike shops,produce storesfirearms businesses and newsagents.

Our sales team can show you our software:

  • SA/WA/VIC – Tim Batt 0401 833 917;
  • NSW/TAS – Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148;
  • QLD – Justin Randall 0434 365 789.

Managing Director: Mark Fletcher. 0418 321 338.


Making it easy for small business retailers to contact Tower Systems

Here at Tower Systems we prefer human contact with our customers.

We don’t use one of those annoying computer run phone systems forcing you through a bunch of menu selections.

We don’t run a call centre offshore, getting you to talk with people who can only follow a script rather than having a conversation.

We don’t force you to put every query in writing.

No, doing business with us, accessing customer support through is is personal. Here is the information we share with our customers weekly. You will see real names, direct numbers and transparent escalation:

    • Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm AEST and Saturday 7:30am to 3pm.
      • VIC (and national): 03 9524 8000.
      • NSW: 02 8556 1600.
      • QLD: 07 3136 6888.
      • SA: 08 8121 3366.
      • WA: 08 6317 0207.
      • NZ: 0800 444 367. Toll free.
    • After hours support for system down calls
      • 0418 554 963 or 0419 842 334
    • Email:
    • Knowledge Base:
    • Website home page:
    • Email: or call 03 9824 8000.
  • SALES.
    • SA/WA/VIC – Tim Batt 0401 833 917;
    • NSW/TAS – Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148;
    • QLD – Justin Randall 0434 365 789.

To book free training, please email:

If you any reason you are unhappy with help desk contact, here is our escalation process to connect you with management assistance outside the help desk.

  1. Please provide as complete a description of the issues as possible.
  1. If you have multiple points, please number each.
  2. Please escalate by email to enable us to share with others here.
  3. Please note if your concern relates to a specific employee.
  4. Here are the escalation points, in sequence, for your use:
    1. CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER: The role can be done by one of several people. PH: 03 9524 8000.
    2. CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER: Gavin Williams. 03 9524 8000. Email
    3. OWNER/MANAGING DIRECTOR: Mark Fletcher. 0418 321 338. Email:

Helping small business retailers to compete with online through POS software

Bricks and mortar retailers are doing it tough in the fight for sales with online businesses. You are often sought out for face to face advice but lose the sale to an online operation when it comes to price comparison.

We have put together advice for small business retailers, independent retailers, to offer guidance on the future direction and management opportunities where competing with online businesses is a challenge. We offer this advice here for free to any retailer to consider, regardless of the POS software they use.

Given the different cost bases for an online business serving a country or the world compared to a retail shop serving a local community, you can’t win on price, not in the long term.

In working with thousands of small business independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand and other countries over many years we have seen some excellent successes and some epic failures.

Success in competing with online competitors begins and ends with making good decisions based on sound facts and structuring the business for success at every possible point.

This is business

For many retail shop owners, the retail shop is part lifestyle, part sport and part business. This can complicate the decisions that need to be made to make the business successful.

Running your retail shop as a business has to come first. Get this right and you can enjoy the sport and have the lifestyle you want. If business does not come first, the other two will usually not follow.

So, competing with online begins with your headspace, it begins with committing to getting the business right and relentlessly pursuing its success.

In practical terms, this means that every business decision is based on careful consideration of sound data. If the data does not support a business decision, you don’t do it. Simple.

Five ways you can compete with online

Here are five ways you can differentiate your business from online, ways that leverage personal, human, contact.

  1. Track every contact. Treat every contact as a customer. Know who they are. Explain that it’s part of your service – to offer advice and keep in touch. This will qualify them as a customer from their very first question. While it may scare some off, better that you do it early before you give away your expert advice.
  2. Give them a gift for listening to you. Every customer who spends time taking in your advice should be given a voucher for them to spend in-store in a purchase above a certain value. This shows that you value their attention. Presented well it can better connect them with you for the longer term.
  3. Subtly share stories about the risks of online shopping. There are documented stories you can find about people being ripped off – what they ordered is not what they received, credit card fraud and the like. Arm your team with these stories … maybe a story about a customer who bought from you following an expensive rip off online.
  4. Reward loyalty with a front-end approach. Ensure that every purchase over, say, $10, comes with a voucher offering a discount off the next purchase. Factor this into your mark-up model. Cash rewards showing on a receipt can be a powerful lure to bringing a shopper back.
  5. Personalise your service. Arm all sales staff with personal business cards. Place follow up calls or emails to shoppers spending over, say, $100. Host networking events in-store. Connect with and support local clubs. Add value through personal contact at every possible opportunity. Structure regular, value-adding, contact with your customer base.

The difference between a bricks and mortar retail shop and a website selling the same products online is that your business, the bricks and mortar business, is real, it can be visited, it’s personal. Everything you say and do needs to reinforce this and build trust based on this.

Be open about price

Don’t be afraid to say that online businesses can sell for less. That’s because they do less and care less. You could do this too but that’s probably not the business you want to run.

Competing on price really comes down to changing the game. This is where a properly structured and consistently run loyalty program offering an amount of cash off the next purchase based on the current purchase can make a difference for you.

Being consistent

Online businesses through the software behind their websites are consistent if nothing else. This is where good retail shop software can help a retail shop compete. It can drive consistency in the bricks and mortar business on pricing, loyalty rewards, customer marketing, buying, pricing and employee performance tracking and motivation.

Good retail shop software is designed specifically for retail shops to leverage the difference retail shops offer over online retailers. When used to the fullest, it can drive sales and bring customers back more often. It can play a key role on competing with online.


Small business POS software co. Tower Systems by the numbers


Small business retail advice: what to do if your year on year sales are down

If your year-on-year sales are down, something has to change if you want to turn the situation around, please read on.

If you keep doing what you have been doing, the sales results in your business will be what they have been.

It would be a mistake to think that external factors are the sole reason your sales are down.

So, change is necessary – change in what you sell, how you merchandise and how you promote.

It is only from change that the sales decline could be arrested and reversed.

Our advice is to look for u-turn or right turn opportunities, changes you can implement to divert you from your current path.

Suggesting such changes is something Tower Systems can help with through our free Business Check service. Ask us to challenge you. We will first ask to see your year on year data at a detailed level as this will reveal the truth of the situation and from there we can develop change suggestions for your consideration.

We don’t have all the answers, we will even suggest ideas we later discover are mistakes. However, doing what you have been doing in a situation of declining sales is a bigger mistake.

If your year-on-year sales are down, are you open to suggestions for change?

We have seen resistance to a u-turn or right turn in the business result in the year on year sales decline continue. Don’t let this be you.


Free POS software training popular with small business retailers

We get a thrill to see our free online POS software training workshops fill up. Full sessions mean more customers learning more about what they can get from our software. We are grateful for this customer support.

Our next session in a few days is another full free training session. We are thrilled!

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 8.01.14 PM


How to choose POS software for your retail business


POS software update adds value to small business software

Tower Systems is thrilled to announced the advanced beta release of the latest version of its smart POS software. Developed in-house bbq the Tower Systems retail software development team, this latest release of the Retailer software delivers many enhancements. here are just some of the enhancements:

  1. Enhancements to Special Customer Order Arrivals and Management
  2. Enhancements to Stock Re-ordering processes (Order by Sales and Order Management)
  3. New Improved and expanded Multi-Store ordering and receiving processes
  4. New direct Shopify Integration
  5. New Layby Receipts to match the new POS Receipts
  6. New Layby Notes for collections
  7. New Layby Tourist Refund Scheme compliance
  8. New Customisable Customer Menus
  9. Latest News Corp Route Delivery List Integration
  10. New Bulk Image Import tool for stock
  11. New option to disable receipts for EFTPOS sales
  12. New and more comprehensive ability to manually Edit Customer Loyalty Points
  13. New ability to open Special Customer Order Management screen directly from POS
  14. Enhancements to Linked Items
  15. Enhancements and consistency to Packs (previously Cartons)
  16. Enhancements to Customer Invoice Maintenance Ordering and Re-ordering.

As noted, these are only some of the enhancements to the POS software delivered in the latest update delivered by Tower Systems.

Enhancements are sourced from user suggestions and developed in close consultation with users of the software.

Each update is tested in house, alpha tested in several retail stores and then released to the beta community prior to release to all customers. This process results in stable and enjoyed software.

Tower Systems leftists customers choose when they install any software update. Small business retailers love this.


New training helps small business retailers master POS software

Tower Systems is thrilled to have announced details of new training programs for retailers using our small business POS software.

From our POS software training page on our website, retailers can see the new topics along with repeat sessions of popular topics, training retailers tell us they love.

We are proud to continue our free online training workshops and to deliver these free, accessible from anywhere in the world, to our retailers. This is important to us as the weekly access is proof of our actions matching our words.

In selecting training topics, we go for bold topic descriptions that make the training sound different to your usual boring computer training – because the training is different, our trainers are engaged, personal and good to listen too. The training is interactive too, helping people get the best value possible from their involvement.

The new round of training just announced includes topics suggested by customers. We are grateful to customers who have engaged with us in suggesting and developing new training topics.

On-going training is important to POS software users as it helps them continue to learn long after the software is installed. This is our commitment to our customers.


POS software Shopify integrated websites for small business retailers

The deep and seamless link between the Tower Systems POS software and Shopify e-commerce sites is proving to be popular with small business retailers keen to transact online in a smart and current technology way.

The now released Shopify POS software link is racking up sales as shoppers shop for what they love with product fulfilled from a high street retailer using the link.

Being able to run one stock file between online and offline is vital for retail businesses.

With the Shopify site being live in a few days and using inventory data from the high street store, Tower Systems has devlieverd a best-practice POS Software / Shopify solution that any small business retailer could use.


Shopify is an easy to use e-commerce platform. We think anyone can setup a Shopify site for themselves. Linking the site to our retailer software is also easy. Shopify is a great place for a business to start on their online journey. You can control pages, products, look and plenty more. Shopify is not as complex as Magento and other more comprehensive website platforms.


For a modest fee, Tower Systems offers a live Shopify site linked to a retailer’s business with plenty of facilities and functionality:

For ease of reference and clarity, below is a numbered list of all work and tasks included in the above quote. This is the complete list.

  1. Shopify account. We would create this for / with you. It needs your credit card. There is a basic Shopify cost, currently US$29.00 a month.
  2. Template / theme selection. We will step you through template / theme options included in the price and with you and choose one for the site. Note: there are some themes (not developed by us) that you can purchase outside our package price for more specialist options. These can cost up to $200.00 extra.
  3. Overall design to be applied to the template selected to customise the look and feel of the site. The design process is not priced to be a back and forth process. We will listen to your brief and provide a design. Minor adjustments can be made within the quote but any diversion from the original brief would add to the cost.
  4. A functioning live website for your business that works and can be accessed from different devices – computer, phone, tablet – with auto detect of the device so the site looks good. With the website to be based on Shopify with the following:
    1. Homepage. Including text, images, button.
    2. Home page links to any business accounts you have for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
    3. A home page feed of your business blog if you have one and it is published through Shopify that allows data feeds.
    4. Admin page for your management of the site. This is not seen by the public. There is a range of settings you can control for proper management of the site.
    5. About page. Where your business is described. You will provide the text for this.
    6. Privacy Policy page listing a good privacy policy we have developed – that you can modify.
    7. Terms and conditions page listing terms and conditions we have developed – that you can modify.
    8. Contact us page showing your location on a map and making contact easy with you.
    9. A shopping cart facility for managing the products you sell. This is the guts of the site, the most important part. This specifically includes facilities you would use to manually load products or import products from Retailer.
  5. The setup of loading of products into the site via a live link to the Retailer software.
  6. Interfacing to one or both payment gateways: Stripe and Paypal.
  7. Defined to Google and Bing so those search engines know about the site and it can be found. This is vitally important.
  8. Embedded SEO. Each page will be developed with appropriate meta tags to encourage easy finding through search engines. We will use our best-practice SEO knowledge to maximise the opportunity.
  9. Training of your nominated person in the management of the site. This is done over the phone and should take no more than two hours. We would suggest two sessions of training for appropriately skilled people.

Garden Centre software on show at NSW Trade Day

We are grateful for the opportunity to present our Garden Centre management software at the NGINA Trade Day today at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds. We met some terrific people and got to show off our new software. Plus, we were in a beautiful part of there world.

Here’s our stand.

IMG_0373.JPG (1)


A busy few days at Sydney Gift Fair for Tower Systems

The Tower Systems stand at the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney over the weekend and through to today has been busy. We have had plenty of customers stop by as well as potential new customers.

We are thrilled with the mix of people we have seen, from the broad variety of businesses. It is excellent expanding our contacts, showing off the software and connecting with more and more people as a result of this trade shows.

At the Gift Fair this past weekend we have been showing off our latest business intelligence platform, our small business task management software and plenty more including the latest release of our POS software.

Trade shows are wonderful opportunities to get feedback, connect with people and pitch our software.

Being the only specialty retail POS software company has its benefits.


How Tower Systems settles new POS software users in to enjoy their software

Tower Systems offers a level of personal service to small business retailers installing its POS software. The company has multiple roles in the business focussed on the easy and gentle settling in of the software into businesses using the software. The roles have evolved over time to serve the singular goal of helping retailers get to a happy place with their Tower Systems software quickly.

One of the most important benefits of the Tower Systems approach to new customers is the new customer help desk entry point.

New customers of POS software have different needs to long term customers. We have found that by handling the two are different points on the help desk we are able to deliver a better help desk experience to each.

Our new customer specialists make outbound calls, to get to our new customers ahead of them getting to us, to provide them with intuitive assistance prior to them realising they could benefit from then insights being shared.

By separating new customers out from the everyday support call traffic, help desk resources are better managed and customers more satisfied with the different experiences based on their knowledge and needs.

In additional to personal new customer service, Tower Systems helps new customers settle in with terrific user documentation, training videos, follow up training and business management level insights.

Since we own and operate our own retail businesses using our POS software we are able to speak from personal experience. This is a valuable point of difference for our customers and for us. For example, we can talk about how to setup for easy Xero integration or the ideal product category structure or how to deal with suppliers more efficiently. being able to say this is how we resolve this issue in our shop is a tremendous point of difference our customers love.

There is nothing worse than a help desk person telling you what to do when they do not understand what they are saying in the context of your retail business. Context is everything as they say. We understand the context of POS software in a retail business because we live it. We use this context in helping small business retailers settle into using our POS software.


Small business retail management advice: ten reasons to ditch the old-school points based loyalty programs

While the Tower Systems POS software supports points-based loyalty, we have other more advanced and more current loyalty offers. Our new loyalty offers help retailers drive excellent sales results.

Here are some reasons why we think points based loyalty programs are not useful for small business retailers:

  1. Big businesses use points, meaning a small business program does not offer an identifiable post of difference.
  2. Plenty of medium and small businesses offer points based programs.
  3. Points are not a point of difference.
  4. How can a shopper separate your points program from that in another retail business? Try and do this yourself.
  5. Shoppers struggle to understand the value of points.
  6. $$$ in value is better understood than points.
  7. Points are old-school.
  8. Shoppers have loyalty fatigue from the same old points based programs.
  9. Points are more often used as a faux reward rather than real reward.
  10. Points appear as vague whereas a cash benefit is easily understood.

Our advice is to put your customers at the heart of your loyalty program. Once you do this you will quickly see the value of a more customer-focussed loyalty offer and the benefits that could flow for your business.


Tower Systems at Reed Gift Fair Sydney

Thrilled to be at the Sydney Gift Fair this weekend. New software. Personal service. We’re here to help.

IMG_2767 IMG_2673 (1) IMG_2675 (1) IMG_2676 (1) IMG_2678 (1)


Small business POS software users invited to suggest training topics

Tower Systems in its weekly customer email has invited retailers using our POS software to suggest topics for us to cover in our weekly online training workshops.

While we have topics to cover based on help desk and in-store experiences, we wanted to put the call out to customers to suggest topics so they can guide the curriculum of the next round.

Here is the call we included in yesterday’s customer email:

We are currently planning our October and November free weekly online training workshops. We’d love your topic suggestions so we can ensure we provide content you find useful. Please email your training topic suggestions to we promise to take on board all suggestions.

Every week we run a one hour group workshop. This is what we are calling for topic suggestions for. In addition to this we run free business specific one-on-one training. These sessions are customer specific its topics guided 100% by our customers.

The value of training is clear when we track back results achieved by customers who engage with training on getting more from their software. We are grateful to customers who embrace training.


135 candidates for Tower Systems help desk role

We have made the first two rounds of reviews of candidates for another new help desk role, our second additional role this quarter. We are spoilt for choice in the pool of candidates available, making the selection of even the short list challenging.

We have to commence interviews late next week.


Bike shop software helps Australian bike retailers connect with local cyclists

One of the benefits of bike shops choosing the Australian developed Tower Systems Bike Shop Software beyond the software being specific for bike shops is that the software helps bike shop retailers be more local.

Using our Bike Shop Software, bike shop owners can pitch local in a host of ways using our smart software. Some of the ways are:

  1. Sharing local riding tips, insights and safety notes on receipts.
  2. Marketing to local cyclists with highly targeted emails that share local insights.
  3. Promoting local services and service points through software engagement.
  4. Enabling easy online selling while retaining a local focus through the software and its beautiful links with Shopify and Magento.
  5. Since most bike shop owners are cyclists, we free their time for more riding with clubs and mates and this helps the local connection of their business.

Specialist Bike retail is tough, we get that.

We see the assaults from online as well as from retailers selling cheap products at prices that challenge.

We understand the passion for cycling of bike shop owners and offering the best service for customers.

Serving close to 200 bike shops with our specialist bike shop software, we have experience that can help. Here is why and how:

  1. Tower Systems is 100% Australian owned.
  2. Our bike shop software is regularly enhanced based on advice and feedback from Australian bike retailers.
  3. We will NEVER sell our software to a pure online business because we believe in the importance and community service of bricks and mortar bike shops.
  4. We put bike retailers first as you are our customer, not the company that makes the bikes you sell.
  5. We train you in your business, face to face.
  6. Our support is Australian based, 24/7 and specialist to your needs.
  7. We develop the software. We are not agents.
  8. Our software is developed for you. It is not US or Chinese software.
  9. You have access to more than 130 training videos.
  10. You have access to a comprehensive, self-serve knowledge base.

The Tower Systems small business Bike Shop Software is well established, well connected and locally focussed in helping bike retailers to grow the local connections within their businesses.


Government approved small business scale integrated POS software

The scale integrated POS software from Tower Systems has passed all testing and regulatory requirements of the National Measurement Institute, an arm of the Australian government that regulates weights and measures. We have our certification.

Small business retailers using POS software integrated to scales need to ensure their software is NMI approved for if it is not, there could be consequences for the business. Ask to see the certification.

The risk from using POS software that is not certified is too great.


Tower Systems software for jewellers the only Australian developed software for jewellers

The Jeweller software from Tower Systems is the only jeweller business specific software developed and supported in Australia. We have served jewellers with software for more than sixteen years and are proud to count hundreds of jewellers as customers.

Jewellers are local businesses, seeking support from locals. Being local matters to jewellers, and to us.

There is a considerable difference between the software packages being promoted to Australian jewellers. The biggest difference is the heritage of the software.

Tower Systems is a software company. We specialise in developing excellent software specific to the needs of jewellers. We are not using the software to try and sell you consulting services. we are not repackaging overseas developed software and passing it off as Australian software. We think this is important.

It is our duty to provide you with software facilities and reports you can use without having to pay consultants to interpret the reports for you. This saves you money. Our Tower AdvantageTM service provides you with expert help.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company. The jeweller software we sell is what we develop ourselves, here in Australia.

Talk to us and you can speak with the IT professionals directly in our business who develop the software we want to sell you.

Jewellers have a direct say in all software enhancements we deliver.

These things separate Tower Systems from Retail Edge, ARMS and Swim.

Serving 300+ jewellers with our specialist jeweller software, our service is personal:

  1. We train you in your business, face to face.
  2. Our support is Australian based, 24/7 and specialist to your needs.
  3. We develop the software. We are not agents.
  4. Our software is developed for you. It is not US or Chinese software.
  5. You have access to more than 130 training videos.
  6. You have access to a comprehensive, self-serve knowledge base.

Facilities in our jeweller software include: sales, customer loyalty, integrated eftpos, repairs management, special orders, gift cards, employee tracking, inventory management, specials / catalogues / offers, web-store interface, Xero interface, product care instructions, customer follow-up marketing, performance reporting, theft management, second-hand goods management, bundling pricing, servicing assistance / management, employee rostering and plenty more.


Valuable insights from Tyro on EFTPOS and more

IMG_2646We benefited from a terrific briefing from broadband EFTPOS experts Tyro today at their Sydney headquarters in a special briefing for their POS software partners.

The briefing also covered other products from the company that benefit small businesses. We like this as here at Tower Systems we only serve small business retailers.

The session today was enlightening.

The meetings following the session were even more enlightening. We are grateful to Tyro for the opportunities.


Our small business POS software company is serious when we say we’re here to help

IMG_2497Here at Tower Systems we take our tag line we’re here to help seriously.

From our smart POS software to our after-sales service we help in every way we can with help taking many different forms and occurring at many different times.

We take helping our small business retail customers seriously, as a whole of company service, core to our mission – a point of pride for us.

Help starts with making contact with us easy, certain and professional.

Every one of our customers has the usual contact points you would expect to find in a POS software company. Our customers also have the direct phone numbers and email addresses of our leadership team through to the owner of the company. This demonstrates a level of commitment that is best-practice in our view.

We are so certain of our software and our after sales service that we are proud to make accessing our leadership team easy.

This is another example of the Tower AdvantageTM.

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