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Small business retailers ready for EOFY

Wow! What a build up it has been form small business retailers using our software. They are ready for the end of the financial year thanks to an extraordinary roster of free live group training, free one on one training and easy access to videos and online training documents.

No matter how, when and where our customers wanted to access EOFY training they have been able to.

Many years ago we committed to running weekly live online accessible training, using a the world-class WebEx platform. We continue to run these weekly training sessions, years later. But this year the weekly sessions were not enough. Some weeks we did five sessions, as so many of our customers wanted to learn more about the amazing new and easy stock take tools in our software.

We love providing training and we love that our customers engage with it. Indeed, we are grateful to our customers for their engagement.

This financial year, many more small business retailers thanks to the free training we have provided access to.

And the training continues. next week we have a terrific interactive and live session on reordering. We can help retailers cut mistakes through a faster and more accurate reordering process that can significantly improve the bottom-line performance of the business. Like all our training workshops, access is free.

Training opportunities cities never stop at Tower Systems.

Our approach to training is actions speak louder than words. While it is easy for any POS software company to announce they will offer training, it is another thing entirely to deliver.


6 Benefits of Web Connected POS Software

6 Benefits of Web Connected POS Software

Brick-and-mortar stores are gradually becoming outdated means of product retailing.

Can you recall the last time you got in your car and physically drove to a store instead of easily clicking the checkout button online?

Making online sales has become a customer’s number one source of shopping these days. Stores are turning to the Internet to make the bulk of their sales, too.

The digital age is crushing retail giants across the country. Something needs to change so they can prosper like they once before.

The importance of web based POS (point of sale) software is on the rise in 2017. Retailers are at risk, and now more than ever you need to know the benefits of web based POS software.

Luckily we will go into detail about it in this post. Need help understanding the software? Our e-commerce workshop offers online workshops that can help you take your business to the next level.

First, let’s make sure you understand what exactly a POS system is. POS stands for “Point Of Sale”. It refers to the act of completing a transaction between a customer and a retailer. Whenever you make a sale in a store, there is a point of sale that is conducted.

Instead of going up to a cash register to make a physical payment, a web based POS eliminates that step. Or, as is the case with Tower, it integrated online and offline- in a physical store as well as online.

Large businesses and small businesses alike are investing in software which allows them to give their customers easy online power.

So, does your independent small business need to invest in POS software? Let us explain the top 6 benefits to web based POS:

6. Better Customer Management

A sales employee will know what types of products a specific customer wants to buy from the business via web based POS.

The sales associate can find what items the customer has liked before, and he or she can use this information to its full advantage. Understanding a customer’s unique preferences will drive more sales to the business. Our video on how to grow your sales includes information from some of our POS software experts at Tower Systems.

For example, say you own a few beauty stores. By simply using the right web based POS software you are able to look up a customer’s sales at any location in no time at all. A comprehensive customer list is created through the POS software.

Knowing this information speeds up the selling process so an employee can talk to a customer. By understanding what brands the customer already buys, the associate can help them find more products from the same brand that they are looking for.

  1. Another positive result that installing a web based POS will have simpler customer interactions. No longer does your customer need to wait in long lines to buy a new lipstick. Your happy customer will have the chance to purchase your online products from the comfort of her bedroom by swiping on her mobile device! This also promotes additional sales if the customer is pleased with her purchase.
  2. Sales associates can also make sales promotions to make customers shop online. Sending out coupons and discount codes to use specifically online will most definitely attract higher sales.
  3. Coupons will allow customers to stay updated on what new merchandise is now in stock. Staying social with customers also builds better customer relationship management, which in turn promotes both successful and organic sales growth.
  4. Using tools like a web based POS system improves the lives of your sale associates and it will also improve customer satisfaction. The ability to access a customer’s recent transactions in your store will drop the problems with making exchanges or returns. Having this information stored in the database will make the employee to quickly find the customer’s transaction history.
  5. The returned items are listed into the database and will be present in the customer’s history. This point of sale further develops an understanding of who the customer is.
  6. Happy, loyal customers will enjoy the fact that you use their time wisely.

5. Less Paperwork With POS and web integrated POS

Using point of sale software can virtually cut the need for any paperwork. Having access to your online business has never been simpler than with the integration of powerful this type of software. This software can keep track of all of your small business needs, from daily invoices to customer purchases.

Calculating sales from your independent small business can become a hard task for everyday business. Save both time and energy by investing in special POS software that can analyze your inventory and sales faster than you could on your own.

Digital copies of your accounting information will also help you keep track of your finances. Instead of logging daily totals on paper, you can store all of your data on your web based system.

You can also track information from different store locations by adding invoices from each place into one central location.

This process that online software has will reduce stress and encourage you to focus on other areas of your business, such as marketing.

4. Know More About How Your Business Runs

POS software can know more about your business than you do in a matter of seconds. Gathering daily totals and figuring out what specific items sold on a particular day can be a task that the software is capable of completing.

You will also know when stock is running low, as this is another great function of having web based POS software installed.

This information is valuable to your small business so you know what to repurchase. Managing your sales trends can be beneficial so your loyal customers return again and again.

The POS software will also direct you on the right path to send in reorders for the highest selling products. Focusing your attention on the items that sell the most will boost sales and let you better understand how your company operates on a daily basis.

Who doesn’t want to sell what products sell versus which ones aren’t? You, the business owner, are now able to watch the process that it takes to track your account information.

What does having more real-time information mean for YOUR business?

  1. Faster and more efficient inventory checks at the click of a button.
  2. Both owners and the management team are able to keep up with what inventory is selling and what isn’t.
  3. Owners and managers can find out if certain employees are performing at their best during the day.
  4. The team can test out new selling techniques and see if they work in real-time by tracking the results via POS software.
  5. There is less waste. Products that sell quickly are repurchased while the ones that are not selling can be reduced at a lower price and not repurchased.

3. Cutting Costs Everywhere You Can

A standard POS system will run you anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000 annually. Yes, this number appears large because you factor in licensing fees and updates that stores face on a regular basis.

I will detail how the benefits of using a web based POS outweigh the costs of a non web connected POS system:

  1. A web connected POS system is usually a monthly investment that does not include any extra hidden fees in comparison to a traditional system.
  2. Total payment for the web based POS system can average $1,200 to $10,000 per year.
  3. The website that will give you will the web based POS system may also include informative and easy to follow training. It will lower your initial cost when it comes to installing the online POS software for your business.
  4. A POS system also uses an Internet connection to run. The Internet is great at being a less expensive alternative in comparison to traditional POS systems that need employees to manage a business.
  5. Having a web based system in place will cut the cost of paying for a lease to have a physical location that your customers need to visit in order to make a sale. Having an online way for your customers to make a sale will drive sales and will save you money when it comes to leasing a pricey storefront.

2. Store Your Data Safely

Instead of making your employees track your daily sales totals, customers, and invoices by hand, you can put each of these tasks in your software.

Your data is backed up on a server that is secure and will not crash like regular computers can. Security is a top priority for all businesses alike, and we take that into consideration when thinking about the pros to a web based POS system.

Theft prevention is important to consider when you own a business. Thieves are unable to take your money if you store your information on the POS system because everything is secured online.

Having your information online is better than storing cash in a cash drawer.

With more customers comes more information that needs to be properly stored. Archive this information using the web based system that can hold a large capacity.

1. 24/7 Management

80% of small business owners use their mobile devices to update and manage their businesses on a daily basis. Phones are a business owner’s best means of communication, and 55% of SBOs use their phones to schedule appointments or talk to customers.

Owning a business is a 24/7 matter, and not utilizing your cell phone means shutting off your prime connection to your business. Having a web based POS system in place will connect you to your employees and customers.

You can even check in on your business from your home.

An on-the-go lifestyle is how most people live in 2017, and you can’t stay behind the fast moving times. You can also easily log into your account because it relies on an Internet connection to work.

  1. You need to be able to pay for reorders on popular items, track where your inventory is going, and connect to your customers by hearing their feedback. All you need is an Internet connection to process many of these tasks from anywhere in the world.
  2. Make sure your business is constantly up to date by investing in a system that is web based because that is where the world is headed.

In Summary

As technology continues to expand, we at Tower Systems want to share our knowledge of web connected POS systems with you so you can grow your business the right way.

Running a successful business is now a daily task, so finding tools to improve your day to day life will ease your mind when it comes to making quick sales.

We offer you the best retail solutions for your independently owned and operated small business. Even though there are more to cover, these are the 6 best benefits to using an online POS system.

It’s important to know that understanding who your customer is can be simple with our web based technology.

Tower Systems has training programs that are built for even the most technology inept business owners.

You can easily learn how to run the POS software by participating in online group sessions that will train you to understand how the web based POS works.

Our specialty POS software will be the best addition to your business that you can buy to improve your small business sales. To learn more about our services, you can Contact Us for customer support.

If you need any help, we also have after hours support. Our e-mail is: if you also need immediate action.

Let us help you become one of our 3,500+ independent business owners who run stores across Australia today.


Tower Systems offers small business retailers help with the Petya malware attack

We published to our small business POS software customers today reminder advice on the best steps to follow to protect the business against impact from malware. This is especially relevant today because of the overnight Petya attack in the UK and elsewhere, including in Australia.

Being early with consistent professional advice helps our small business customers protect their businesses.

Here is best practice advice on which any computer user can rely:

A new malware attack on computers is sweeping the world. It has hit the UK government, big businesses (shutting down the Cadbury factory in Tasmania) and small businesses. Please protect your business. Here is our advice.

  1. Tell all who use your computers to not open any emails that look suspicious in any way.
  2. Do not click on any links unless you are 100% sure.
  3. Do not open attachments unless you are 100% sure.
  4. Make sure you have the latest Windows update running on every computer.
  5. Never connect a computer to your network unless you are sure it is clean.
  6. Advise all employees of these requirements.

The easiest way to recover is if you use a professional cloud backup.


Why retailers love the loyalty software in the small business POS software from Tower Systems

Shopper loyalty software needs to drive sales. If it does not do this then it fails the business and is of questionable value.

The only stat that matters in any assessment of loyalty facilities in any POS software is the incremental business delivered by using the loyalty facilities.

This is where the loyalty software facilities from Tower Systems come into their own. Offering a broad range of loyalty solutions, small business retailers can choose the approach that works best for them, included a blend of multiple approaches.

Most retail businesses using our specialist retail software love its points-based loyalty program that looks and feels as professional as the supermarkets’ programs. However, our software’s Discount Voucher facilities deliver even better results.

Discount vouchers are a very different approach to loyalty. They offer immediate rewards. They help shoppers spend more this visit. This is vital in businesses that see shoppers once, in tourist and similar locations. They genuinely change shopper behaviour in that visit to the business.

One of our own retail businesses reported growth of 10% in the three months. Much of the success comes down to smart use of Discount Vouchers.

Discount Vouchers don’t need a card – they print on sales receipts and offer an amount customers can spend right away. Our experience and the experience of hundreds of our customers is that Discount Vouchers drive faster and deeper engagement with the business – making a shopping visit more valuable right away.

  1. You name the voucher anything you like and can change this at any time.
  2. You set the rules on how the value of the voucher is calculated.
  3. You set the rules on what the voucher can be redeemed for.
  4. You set the rules on expiry dates.

Male shoppers are more likely to spend the voucher immediately and many customers use the voucher to purchase items more expensive than the items in the initial purchase made. Customers see the voucher as cash, often commenting that they like the direct approach better than a points-based system. They like the transparency and simplicity.

In our own retail experience, which sees us competing against major retailers in a Westfield shopping centre, several shoppers have stated they prefer Discount Vouchers over the rewards programs of our competitors.

We are confident that Tower Systems’ Discount Voucher facilities can help you:

  1. Get customers spending more in a visit.
  2. Bring existing customers back sooner.
  3. Attract new shoppers to your business.
  4. Drive impulse purchases at the sales counter.

Here is a video from us about Discount Vouchers:


Security warning for small business retailers

2017 has seen an extraordinary spike in attacks on computers and on websites. Our ability to help will depend on the care you have taken. Our advice is that you use a cloud backup service, like the Tower Backup service we offer. It works in the background, backing up without you having to do a backup. If your business is attacked, getting back to a clean and safe place is easy. Any reputable backup service should be able to offer similar to you.

Please do not put this off. Get protection for your business and your business data. You don’t want to be the person who does this after you have been attacked.

At the very least, backup every day, onto a USB stick for that day. While this is an old-school approach, it is better than nothing at all.

But let’s be clear, cloud backup is our recommendation. Our service provides you with a local backup and an offsite backup, in the cloud. This gives you two backups, excellent protection. We monitor the backups to ensure they are working. If we find an issue, we proactively call you. This is rare from a cloud backup service provider.

Here at Tower Systems we take data security seriously. We provide best-pracie advice. Our customers are welcome to use our service or another, our recommendation, however, is that they do something – to be protected.

Too often small business retailers think about data security after they have been affected. Hence this advice here and in our weekly emails and elsewhere in our touch points with customers.


More accountants join the Tower Systems POS software Xero list

We are thrilled to welcome more Xero skilled accountants and bookkeepers to our list of professional resources, listed on our website. This is another service for our small business retail friends. We are grateful to our customers for their feedback on the usefulness of this service. What you can see below is only a fraction of the list.


Inspiration for small business retailers

Retailers are loving the merchandising and management tips that we include in our weekly emails. We are grateful for their support and encouragement. Here is one we recently included:


Tower Systems offers small business retailers POS software rental option

Established small business specialty POS software company Tower Systems offers its software4 on a rental and hosted basis to retailer.

The rental option makes accessing th software easy and fast.

It eliminates the need for purchase.

Rental terms run for thirty days with easy get out for customers.

The company has offered the rental solution since 2015 with retailers able to select what they want when they want.

This approach to acquiring access to POS software is another way Tower Systems makes it easy for small business retailers to connect with its POS software.

We think the important choice for retailer is to find the right software. If we are that right software, and only the retailer will know, then we want it to be easy for the retailers to acquire and install our software. Flexibility is the key here.

In choosing to rent the software there is no delay, no cumbersome sign up process. It is simple and easy, and fast. This is another way Tower Systems demonstrates flexibility to its small business retail customers.

It is another Tower AdvantageTM.


Warning for small business retailers on website development

Too many small business retailers are paying too much for poor quality websites.

Here at Tower Systems we partner with Shopify, magento and WooCommerce to create elegant, beautifully functional and commercially successful ecommerce sites for small business retailers.

We think it is a mistake for any retailer or software company to use a lesser known platform for any ecommerce site. You only have to look at the successful small business ecommerce sites to understand how using a respected international platform as your base is the smart move.

With many successful websites under our development belts and many ranging as the highest Google result in a search, we have terrific runs on the board.

There bottom line advice for any small business retailer looking for a website to be developed is caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. Get all the promises in writing, along with all costs.


Welcoming more newsagents to the Tower Systems community

We are kicking some terrific goals with the Tower Systems software for newsagents with strong sales to businesses switching to our software.

While newsagents love the newsagency specific facilities in the software, it is the optional software support fee that attracts people. Newsagents can use our software regardless of whether they pay a support fee or not. This use includes being able to use XchangeIT for magazine returns – at no locked-in annual cost from Tower.

Our latest software update enhances the facilities for newsagents even further. The feedback from our customers about the update is inspiring. We are grateful for their support, and inspiration.


NEXT WEEK: Free software & e-commerce workshop for regional QLD small business retailers.

We are looking forward to briefing small business retailers on the latest POS software / webstore opportunities for finding new customers, even customers 1,000s of kms away from your shop, and driving shopper loyalty that increases per-visit spend.

  1. Cairns. June 26. 2pm. Novotel.
  2. Townsville. June 27. 10am. Mercure.
  3. Mackay. June 28. 10am. Mackay Grande Suites.
  4. Rockhampton. June 29. 10am. Quest.
  5. Gold Coast. July 5. 2pm. Sofitel.

Come and see how small business retailers around the world are using website connected POS software to win online sales.

We will explain how to get to the top of Google search results.

We will demonstrate the connection between social media posts (Facebook, Twitter etc) in-store sales and online sales.

At our FREE workshops near you and find out more about how you can equip your retail business to confront the changes in retail, transact online and compete with big businesses, including Amazon.

There will be no hard sell. Our goal is to share practical information to help you better plan for the future of your regional retail business.

Anyone is welcome including people on whom you rely for advice, such as accountants and mentors.

If you have sales queries prior to these events please talk with Justin Randall. 0434 365 789.

I hope to see you at one of these workshops. I am keen to share with you what I have seen and learnt in this rapidly changing space.

There will be plenty of time for questions on any topic connected with retail.

We have software for: gift shopsjewellersbike shops, pet shops,  toy shopsfishing/outdoorsgarden centres/nurseries, newsagentsproduce stores and firearms retailers.


Regional small business POS software user meetings demonstrate customer care

We are grateful to our customers and prospective customers who attended regional face to face small business POS software training and user meetings in New South Wales this week.

As we criss-crossed the north of New South Wales by plane and car we covered plenty of ground and met with plenty of small business people, from different specialty retail sectors.

Every encounter in our sessions and after in private Q&A added to our knowledge of small business retail and provided us an opportunity to preach Tower.

100% committed to only selling to small business retailers, we demonstrated through the sessions a commitment to transparency, welcoming customers and prospects to one session in each town. It was terrific hearing the blend of questions and sharing solutions that are well covered in our software today.

It is hard work putting together regional in-person user meetings like these. And expensive. These are reasons most POS software companies do not do it. That we do run these sessions is a genuine differentiator for Tower Systems. Plus, for those unable to attend, we host weekly online workshops, without fail.

Next week, we hit top far north Queensland with four sessions. We are looking forward to learning more and sharing more with small business retailers from a range of channels.


Inviting garden centres and nurseries to consider the Tower Systems software

Tower Systems is a well established software company serving garden centres and nurseries with competent and speciality garden centre management software.

We are well established in this space with loved software that is regularly enhances to serve the specialty needs of garden centre and nursery retailers.

Developed in close consultation with retail business owners and their managers, our garden centre software takes a service-first approach to delivering genuinely useful solutions to these specialty retail businesses.

Using our Garden Centre / Nursery Software you can easily:

  1. Sell products easily, with accuracy and capturing data vital to guiding business decisions.
  2. Handle customer special orders.
  3. Offer Gift Cards. we can also help with professional production of gift cards.
  4. Sell products as hampers / packs / bundles.
  5. Sell products by weight.
  6. Offer LayBys.
  7. As you re-pot plants, easily increase the retail value.
  8. Print product labels for plants outdoors.
  9. Run Sale Catalogues – based on a date range.
  10. Offer traffic-driving shopper loyalty –  $$$ off the next purchase based on rules you set. Successful loyalty offer for independent retailers.
  11. Automatically include local plant care information on receipts.
  12. Offer the more traditional points-based shopper loyalty.
  13. Import electronic invoices and stock files from suppliers.
  14. Reorder based on accurate data – reducing the cost of dead stock.
  15. Handle BOGO: handling Buy One get One Free offers.
  16. Offer MultiBuy – like a coffee card, free product over time … ideal for encouraging habit based shoppers
  17. Save time with the Xero accounting interface – cut bookkeeping costs.
  18. Link to Magento and Shopify – connect to your website.
  19. Save time & cut mistakes with EFTPOS integration.
  20. Save time on stock takes.
  21. Print professional receipts with your logo.
  22. Track product serial numbers.
  23. Age check for items with a minimum age requirement such as chemicals if you sell them
  24. Use up-sell prompts for staff.

Stock file updated for small business POS software users

Last week we released updated and tested stock files for retailers using our POS software:

  1. Big Balloon June 2017
  2. Spirit Publishing June 2017
  3. Newsink June 2017
  4. Hallmark June 2017
  5. Henderson Greetings June 2017
  6. Ancol Mid Year Promotion 2017 Catalogue
  7. GNS Officesmart May – July 2017 Catalogue

These and more stock files are accessible from ur website.


Click and collect helps small business retailers win more online sales

Tower Systems has been offering click and collect for its various developed online websites for months. It is a ripper of a success, both in terms of sales and attracting new shopper traffic.

Our POS software connected website solutions in magento, Shopify and WooCommerce deliver valuable new traffic solutions. Click and collect is one of several enhancements key to this.

Click and collect is where people shop online and visit a physical store to pick up the goods purchased. It is a major focus of big business retailers like David Jones, Myer, Officeworks, Coles and others. Offering it shows online shoppers how current you are in your online approach. It builds trust.

Customers like that they can shop online at any time, pay online, and be certain that what they purchased is set aside for them to collect at any time.

It is shop online at any time that matters in that the majority of transactions are done outside usual shopping hours. This gives click and collect businesses an advantage – they can win the sale and bank the revenue while their nearby competitors are closed.

Another benefit of click and collect is that it introduces new shoppers to a business. Two thirds of click and collect shoppers surveyed visit the shop from where they collected the goods for the first time. Half purchased other items while in the store. Close to half came back for more purchases, having discovered what the store sells.

Around a quarter of click and collect shoppers use interest-free online LayBy… meaning they buy now, pay later and get the goods right away. The retailer is paid right away less a tiny processing fee that is not much more than the usual credit card fee.

Click and collect is not a massive game changer. Rather, it is a small step in a series of steps that make up a successful comprehensive online strategy.

A comprehensive online strategy is key to competing with other online businesses as well as with other high street businesses.

The way we help our small business retail customers leverage click and collect is through offering access to absolutely current stock on hand data for sought after brands. Having this, updated every 5 minutes 24/7 is what shoppers want when shopping online. It is hard to achieve – this is a reason many small and independent retailers and retail groups have not done it.

Online is big and growing. You only have to look at data from any of the online giants to understand this.

Tower Systems is thrilled to offer leadership on this.


Major enhancements delivered in newsagency software update from Tower Systems

Tower Systems has delivered significant enhancements for the 1,750+ newsagents using its best-practice newsagency software with another major software update.

The company approaches developing software updates with care and consideration, knowing that it is spending customer money, as updates are funded our ion software support fees.

The latest update delivers enhancements in a range of areas of including online, offline, integrations and business efficiency.

Of particular value is supplier engagements of high GP value to newsagents.

As the newsagency channel continues to transition from an old-school approach to something more attuned to retail today, Tower Systems is at the forefront of enhancements thanks to close relationships with suppliers that are helping to lead newsagency business changes.

Helping newsagents be smart in how, when and where they sell is key to where the skilled POS software development at Tower Systems is engaged. This is reflected in this latest POS software update as newsagents are better positioned than ever to help evolve their businesses through the technology partnership.

Newsagent suppliers who have remained rooted in low-margin product areas and who have obligated small business newsagents to inefficient practices are not getting the same attention from the leadership team of Tower as the company is focussed in better margin and new traffic.

This is where the company sees the newsagency of the future.

The number of newsagency businesses switching to Tower reflects a shared view that the Tower Systems approach is the correct approach. We are grateful for these relationships and remain committed to helping newsagents thrive through change.


Tower Systems brings POS software / webstore workshop to regional Australia

Launching today, small business POS software company is bringing training, insights and inspiration to small business retailers in regional Australia through a series of thoughtful and interactive live workshops in towns and cities in New South Wales and Queensland.

Each session is free and each will be attended by senior folk from ur business, sharing the latest insights from Australia and overseas.

  1. Coffs Harbour. June 19. 10am. Novotel.
  2. Tamworth. June 20. 10am. Leagues Club.
  3. Newcastle. June 21. 10am. Mercure.
  4. Dubbo. June 22. 10am. Quest.
  5. Wagga Wagga. June 23. 10am. International Hotel.
  6. Cairns. June 26. 2pm. Novotel.
  7. Townsville. June 27. 10am. Mercure.
  8. Mackay. June 28. 10am. Mackay Grande Suites.
  9. Rockhampton. June 29. 10am. Quest.
  10. Gold Coast. July 5. 2pm. Sofitel.

Come and see how small business retailers around the world are using website connected POS software to win online sales.

We will explain how to get to the top of Google search results. In fact, we will show it with live search.

We will demonstrate the connection between social media posts (Facebook, Twitter etc) in-store sales and online sales.

At our FREE workshops near you and find out more about how you can equip your retail business to confront the changes in retail, transact online and compete with big businesses, including Amazon.

There will be no hard sell. Our goal is to share practical information to help you better plan for the future of your regional retail business.

Anyone is welcome including people on whom you rely for advice, such as accountants and mentors.

If you have sales queries prior to these events please talk with your local account manager:

  • QLD: Justin Randall. 0434 365 789.
  • NSW: Nathan Morrison. 0417 568 148.

We hope to see you at one of these workshops. I am keen to share with you what I have seen and learnt in this rapidly changing space.

There will be plenty of time for questions on any topic connected with retail.

We have software for: gift shopsjewellersbike shops, pet shops,  toy shopsfishing/outdoorsgarden centres/nurseries, newsagentsproduce stores and firearms retailers.


How Discount vouchers from Tower Systems help small business retailers


Online appointment software for small businesses


5 ways online appointment software helps small business retailers

Online appointment software is helping retailers and service providers in a bunch of ways. Here are the top five we hear about when we talk with people who love online appointment software:

  1. 24/7 trading. In this online and forever connected world, people what they want when they want it. In the area of personal services and anything else for which appointments are essential, businesses that offer online appointments can win businesses ahead of those businesses that do not offer such services. 24/7 trading gives you the edge, the ability to lock in an appointment when peopler want to do that. Imagine the benefits compared them having to wait to call or wait for an email response. Online appointments are fast and easy.
  2. Save time. You save time and the customer saves time. No paperwork. Auto checking of the appointment. It is wins all round.
  3. Customer certainty. With the confirmation provided to the customer in the form they choose, they have certainty and you have certainty. That builds confidence in your business.
  4. Easy resources scheduling. Thanks to also scheduling rooms, people and equipment, everything is done in the one appointment booking process. Yo are covered and the customer knows exactly what they are booking.
  5. Competitive advantage. Your business with an online appointment facility looks different, more current, to competitors without such facilities.

Available as stand-alone as well as integrated with the Tower POS software, the new appointment facility enables people to make an appointment with a business from anywhere and at any time.

Located at  this new facility offers a full suite of appointment facilities including:

  1. Easy appointment making as well as changes – from any device, anywhere.
  2. Text message and/or email notification.
  3. Send reminders of appointments.
  4. Schedule staff, rooms and equipment based on the type of appointment being made and staff and resource availability.
  5. Australian developed and supported.
  6. Data located on a secure server in a purpose built data warehouse facility.
  7. Low monthly access cost. Paid 30 days in advance. Easily cancellable.
  8. Tower Systems POS software integrated to make processing payments easy.
  9. Business management back end to see the schedule of appointments by staff member and overall and to efficiently manage resources.

Developed initially for pet groomers, this new appointment facility has been designed to serve a variety of needs including managing appointments for product repairs, professional services and other businesses.

Each business has its own public-facing landing page that can be found through search engines. There is also a website plug-in to enable appointments to be seamlessly made form your website.

Tower Systems is thrilled to release MakeMyAppointment to retailers and service providers as a genuine cloud based appointment facility developed for small businesses across a range of retail sectors.

Tower Systems is well established in the POS retailer community with high-value POS software for a range of specialty retail niche.


Electronic invoices help small business retailers save time

Here’s a short video showing how Tower Systems helps retailers save time, by importing digital supplier invoices. It’s fast, easy and accurate. Tower Systems leads in this area, helping retailers in many different specialty channels with electronic invoices.


Free POS software & e-commerce workshop for regional QLD small business retailers.

Retail is changing at a rapid rate. Changes in-store and online are making 2017 an important year.

We have see these changes first-hand at international retail conferences this year. We play with the changes in our own shops where we use our POS software and our website technology to find new customers and drive a higher average spend.

Come to one of our FREE workshops near you and find out more about how you can equip your retail business to confront the changes in retail, transact online and compete with big businesses, including Amazon.

Here are the dates for our free POS software / website workshops. Click on the city name to book your place:

  1. Cairns. June 26. 2pm. Novotel.
  2. Townsville. June 27. 10am. Mercure.
  3. Mackay. June 28. 10am. Mackay Grande Suites.
  4. Rockhampton. June 29. 10am. Quest.

We will share insights on how small business retailers around the world are using website connected POS software to win online sales.

We will explain how to get to the top of Google search results.

We will demonstrate the connection between social media posts (Facebook, Twitter etc) in-store sales and online sales.

There will be no hard sell. Our goal is to share practical information to help you better plan for the future of your regional retail business.

Anyone is welcome including people on whom you rely for advice, such as accountants and mentors.

If you have sales queries prior to these events please talk with your local account manager: QLD: Justin Randall. 0434 365 789.

I hope to see you at one of these workshops. I am keen to share with you what I have seen and learnt in this rapidly changing space.

There will be plenty of time for questions on any topic connected with retail.

We have software for: gift shopsjewellersbike shops, pet shops,  toy shopsfishing/outdoorsgarden centres/nurseries, newsagentsproduce stores and firearms retailers.


Queen’s Birthday public holiday

Today is the Queens’s Birthday public holiday in Australia. Our office is closed but our after hours network including management escalation is available for urgent matters.


Small business retail advice: how to organise your back room

The back room of a retail business is a window on the efficiency and focus of the business. This is a fair assumption because it is where the business is organized.. A disorganized back room reflects a likely disorganized business.

Organizing the back room is easy. Those who disagree are probably spending too much time thinking about it and not enough time creating an efficient and enjoyable work space.

Here are some simple tips for organizing the back room of any retail business.

Have defined areas. Separate, mark out and manage the areas for: inward goods, spare floor stock, returns, administration and employee rest space. Locate each area in a logical position.

For example, inward goods needs to be located inside the doorway away from main traffic but close enough to be convenient to delivery people. Create a defined process around this space – such as every delivery being signed for and even verified by a second person if the value of deliveries warrants this.

Administration documents and materials need to be located in an area more secure than the general back room space. It also needs to be in office cabinets and units which can be locked.

A place for everything. Pens, pencils, tape, box cutters, scissors, paper, boxes, packaging materials – everything in the back room should have its defined space. This creates a safer and more enjoyable work environment. The better organization also encourages all others in the organization to be better organized. Lead by example.

Communicate clearly. Setup a notice board or a white board onto which you can communicate with all employees. This should be located next to the door which leads from the room to the shop floor. The noticeboard can share important information about the business as well as required health and safety notices.

Don’t hoard. Retailers are notorious hoarders, handing on to everything in case they need it one day. While it is easy to say don’t hoard, the reality is different. Here is a simple tip for retailers with space available. Set aside some space, hopefully somewhat hidden – where you put anything which you are not using and don’t think you will need but are not prepared to throw out. Not the date you put it there. review this space every six months. Items you do not use in six months should be thrown out.

Structure and discipline are the keys to a good back room. get these right and the business itself will become more organized as a result.

This is an example of practical business advice we provide at Tower Systems to our retail customers, advice beyond our POS software, to help our retail business partners get more from their engagement with us.


POS software update feedback

We are thrilled with the feedback we are receiving for our latest POS software update. Here is one message we received this week.

We love the update. Thank you for acting on our suggestion. When I put it on Software Ideas and saw others voting it made me feel good, that other people using the software liked my suggestion. I love that you listen to us.

Software Ideas is a publicly accessible place where our customers can make suggestions for software enhancements and have others vote on these suggestions. This is an exclusive platform of which we are most proud.

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